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10 GREAT Reasons To Stay At  Villas & Guest Houses In Jamaica

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villas and guest houses in jamaica - ivy's cove villa in white house, Jamaica

Villas & Guest Houses In Jamaica
by Wellesley Gayle

"No matter how nice a hotel is, it's not home." Bill Kreutzmann

Whether travelling on business on pleasure, there is a noticeable shift in visitor preferences in relation to their accommodation here in Jamaica.

Grand resorts and hotels are still great, especially the all-inclusives. They have some of the most convenient facilities a guest can ever imagine, but in many cases, there is still a void, something is missing. 

What is that?

Exactly, it is that intimacy, 'homely', authentic feel.

That's where small B&B's, lodges, villas and guest houses here in Jamaica are unparalleled. 

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And the distinguishing features of the resorts hotels which speaks more to convenience are all blurring in relation to them.

For example, the provision of meals, engaging guest in activities, and even the all inclusive packages, are increasingly provided by villas and guest houses here in Jamaica!

So what else is there about villas and guest houses in Jamaica? What should you as a guest consider the option these days?

Here they are...

10 GREAT Reasons To Consider At A Villa OR Guest House In Jamaica

  1. Often Cheaper!

    Hands down, you can stay at a guest house for a fraction of the cost of a resort.

    I did quick comparison check and found that on average, guest houses can be as cheap as just 20% of hotel prices! Which allows you to save more money for other activities.

    And cheaper, does not necessarily mean less luxurious, many local operators have stepped up their game and have made their rooms and offerings just as impressive!

  2. More Flexibility!

    Bye bye to the days when you only sleep over at a guest house; today, not only does breakfast /meals are commonplace, proprietors now have customized offers for you, which includes extra meals, fun activities, excursions and more at your preference! In other words, where you want, when you want!

  3. Usually Bigger Rooms

    In most cases, a villa or guest house offers more space than traditional hotel rooms which are typically standard sized.

    A guest house is usually a typical home, made or converted for guests. 

    Also, in many cases, the entire house is available, which makes it ideal for friends or family trips.

  4. Not as busy as hotels

    Well that said for obvious reasons.... and that means less sharing of the facilities too!

    Was that ever a pain point  for you at the big resorts?

  5. Local Food

    Oh yes, local food! And may I dear say, FRESH food as well?

    Local, organic, healthier foods from the local community, prepared by local hands, the way locals do it!

    It doesn't get (and taste) better than this!

  6. Never Crowded
  7. Don't worry about standing in lines for food nor waiting on someone else to finish before you are able to.

    Typically the only crowd is you and your friends/ family.

  8. Rich Community Experience
  9. No need to pay for that at an additional tour/ cost, you are there!

    Community tours are encouraged but most guest houses in Jamaica are typically right there in the local community.

    At the least, you can see the real Jamaica from your balcony!

  10. Perfect For Special Occasions
  11. Most hotels do offer facilities for weddings, vow renewals, etc. But what when you want to have a baby shower, birthdays etc. and want to invite friends without spending an arm and leg?

    Villas and Guest Houses offers that at a fraction of typical resort prices.

  12. Less Rules
  13. It's understandable that hotels have rules to protect their guests and property, but in many cases, they impede or restrict with your personal taste and comfort.

    At a guest house or villa your comfort is first!  And finally, the real essence...

  14. More Personal Experience With Staff
  15. Not only will you know EVERY staff by name, in most cases, they become your genuine friend.

    And yes, they are waaaaaay more personable than some of those you might have come in contact with at the other places :-)

In all, guest houses and villas are typically more romantic, intimate, cozy, relaxing, and yes, less expensive!

So you see, a villa or guest house here, offers much, much more than you probably would have other wised imagined.

Promise me you'll at least consider one next time :-)

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New! I Found A Gem!

Located in beautiful Ocho Rios, termed the Center Piece Of Jamaica, is a highly secured, little guest house, a haven for relaxation and intimacy... that is aptly named HARMONY HAVEN

guest_houses_in_jamaica_ocho_riosHarmony Haven Guest House, Ocho Rios

I journeyed there, did a walk-thru, then later, an interview with the owner, Maureen Evans, and was impressed with their offerings. 

New! I now have the video!
Scroll down and watch the video of my walk-through of the property.


But WAY More Than A Traditional Guest House

As I indicated above, not only do they offer the basic guest house services, which includes tight security, you have the option to customized your stay with a myriad of offers and experiences!

Yes, they'll host you comfortably, and even provide cooking lessons, but the hallmark of their operation is their exciting tours and excursions, including:

  • Unique, off the beaten path, tours
  • Community tours
  • Beach Tours
  • Food Tasting Tours
  • Wellness Tours
  • Adventure Tours 
  • Multi Day Tours
  • even Children's Home Tours and Volunteering!

I was impressed! But even more impressed when she told me about this secret plan...

Video: Watch The Walk-through Below

A Special Offer For You!


Maureen has graciously offered to give you and the rest of my readers, a huge 25% discount on two, already special, winter deals on offer (read instructions below!)

Both heavily discounted packages cover accommodation, breakfast, dinner AND activities for for the entire stay! (5 days or 8 days) for a minimum of 2 persons (normally 4 minimum). 

IMPORTANT Instructions

  1. Simply follow the links above to review the packages on their website (
  2. Select the expected arrival date only
  3. Select the number of persons, THEN
  4. Click the PROCEED TO BOOKING button.
  5. You can sign up on the next page or just click CONTINUE AS GUEST
  6. IMPORTANT: On the next page enter my special coupon code, #myislandjamaica.

    Be sure to include the hashtag! That will automatically discount the total by the 25%! Please don't forget that!

The only caveat is that she asked that I tell you:

  • Book by the end of January (January 31, 2020)
  • And redeem by June 30, 2020

By the way, if you have any further questions regarding this offer, please don't hesitate to contact me here.

Please enjoy, and remember to share pics with me :-)

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