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The History of Hanover


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History of Hanover | Lucea HarbourHistory of Hanover | Lucea Harbour

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Hanover, Jamaica, is not spoken about much, but just as with the rest of the island, this small town is rich in history.

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The northwesternmost point of the island is rounded off by Hanover. It is located north of Westmoreland and west of St. James. The country's capital, Lucea, is halfway between Montego Bay and Negril on a stunning harbour 25 miles west.

Birch Hill (1810 ft, or 550.2 m) and Dolphin Head are the highest points (1789 ft or 543.8 m). Hanover's coastline is dotted with bays, coves, and numerous caves.


On November 12, 1793, part of St. Elizabeth and Westmoreland amalgamated to form the parish. It was given that name in honour of George I, the British monarch and member of the German House of Hanover at the time.

He held the dubious distinction of being the country's first king who was unable to speak the language. The parish was even contemplated to be named after the King's mother.

The parish’s capital, Lucea, is located on the western side of a horseshoe-shaped bay and is one of the island's safest ports.

One can see a broad view of the bay from the hills that surround Lucea Harbour. Similar to that, the view from Dolphin Head Mountain offers a wide-ranging panorama of the other parishes on the island's western side.

Hanover is frequently eclipsed by the nearby tourist hotspots of Montego Bay, despite having its own beauty and charm.

However, it shares the Negril strip with its southern neighbour Westmoreland, and many of the famous and wealthy enter the parish through the Round Hill Hotel and the Tryall Beach and Country Club believing they are still in Montego Bay.

Main Towns

Green Island- A small town called Green Island is close to Orange Bay on the west coast, halfway between Negril and Lucea. When sugar was king, it used to be a bustling market town.

Sandy Bay- The seaside community of Sandy Bay is located in the parish's northern region. Between Hopewell and Sandy Bay in Hanover, on the main road, is where you'll find the renowned Tryall Estate.

Hopewell- A settlement and fishing community called Hopewell is situated 15 kilometres west of Montego Bay. Round Hill Jamaica, a resort located on the eastern side of the community's beachfront, is its primary tourist draw.

Capital Town - Lucea

It is the parish's capital and main town, and it is a coastal community built around a natural harbour. This small town used to be among the most significant in this area because it supplied the majority of the produce for Jamaica. However, until the 1960s, its primary export was bananas.

Hanover narrowly missed being named St. Sophia but the council would not hear of it. The capital city has gone by many names over the years, including Sant Lucea, St. Lucia, St. Lucea, before they finally settled on the current name, Lucea.

Heritage Sites to Visit in Hanover

History of Hanover | Hanover Parish Council OfficeHistory of Hanover | Hanover Parish Council Office
  • Fort Charlotte
  • Tryall Great House
  • Blenheim
  • Kenilworth Ruins
  • Lucea Town Hall
  • Hanover Parish Church

Story of the Lucea Clock Tower

Like all other capital cities in Jamaica, Lucea has a clock tower in the middle. However, Lucea was not the original intended use of this clock. According to the legend, the clock was intended for the eastern Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

The clock was a gift from Germany to the people of St. Lucia, but the ship's captain mistook both locations and "landed" it in Lucea, Hanover instead.

The residents of the town would not let go of the clock. A German landowner in the parish offered to build the tower for the price of having complete creative control over its design. In 1817, the clock was put in place.

The clock, whose tower's top resembles the helmet worn by the German Royal Guard, is still a well-known landmark in Lucea today.

If you too have only viewed the parish of Hanover as a means to get from Montego Bay to Negril, next time you are passing through, take a quick stroll through the town, you might be surprised at what you may find.

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At 110 years old, Ms. Lea is the oldest person in Hanover and one of the oldest living Jamaicans.

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History of Hanover | Written: September 19th, 2022

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