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How To Get Around in Negril Jamaica?

How to get around in Negril Jamaica? || Answered by Aneisha Dobson, Associate Writer

Now, I have written a number of articles pertaining to the Negril, the Capital of Casual. You can find a few of them here.

I also spoke about how to get to Negril, but today I want to focus on how you get from one place to another, once you are here in Negril.

The Good news?

Negril isn’t as complex as the other resort destinations in Jamaica as so, its just a few streets, literally, so getting around isn’t difficult.

Still, here are a few tips on how to get around Negril - like a real Jamaican!


Though a stroll down the street seems very old fashioned in an age where everything seems so fast and automatic, walking is a great way to experience the magic of Negril.

It strips away all the glitz and glamour and leaves you with nothing but true Jamaican vibes.

You can get a chance to hold a conversation with the locals and roam around like a real Jamaican. Once you travel smart you’re assured to have a nice, safe stroll in Negril.

My first advice for you is to only visit places where you are familiar with so you’ll know the exact route to take.

This will alleviate any anxiety that you may have about walking. Also, don’t walk to destinations that are too far away from where you are staying, and don’t walk alone.

You also want to watch the weather as well. Currently, with the increase in heat, Jamaicans are being encouraged to limit their heat exposure as excess heat stress is known to be harmful to health.

Other than heat, we do experience rainfall throughout the year, some months more than others. Another thing you’ll need to consider is safety, so avoid walking late at nights.

Simply put, its best that your walks should just be a nice, short stroll.

And how about a stroll along the seven mile beach?
Walking along the 7-mile beach is usually on the to-do-list of most Negril vacationers, and it probably should be on yours too.

As you stroll along the white, sandy beach you’ll see gorgeous hotels, beach bars and may very well encounter a vendor or two.

Public Transportation

This is by far the most common mode of transportation for many Jamaicans, and this holds true for Negril as well.

These vehicles are known as route taxis or Public Passenger Vehicles (PPV). They can be easily identified by their red license plate, black and white checkered sides, yellow TAXI sign on top of the car and the route is marked on the front doors.

Compared to other means of transportation, route taxis are relatively cheap. They usually cost between US$1 and $3 US (or equivalent), in Negril, depending on the route.

The disadvantage, however, is that you might have to take several taxis before you reach your destination. Also, as with every form of public transportation passengers are usually packed.

In regards to price, my advice is that you negotiate the price BEFORE you enter the vehicle. Also, ensure that you have small Jamaican denominations ($100, $500 or $1000). It is very uncommon to give a taxi driver a $5,000 JMD note. There are some drivers that are willing to take small US dollar notes as well.

Another option that you can utilize is chartering a taxi. Many visitors make arrangements with PPV operators to carry them anywhere they want to go.

Just note that this will come at a higher charge, since you’ll be the only passenger. Price will vary based on the driver, duration of time for the charter and the distance.

Car Rental

I spoke about car rental in Jamaica here, basically outlining things that one should consider before making the decision to rent a car in Jamaica, and that includes Negril.

A few of the key points highlighted however were:

  • Make yourself familiar with the route
  • Know the costs you will incur when it comes one to
  • Be aware of the requirements for renting a car

Bike/ Scooter rental

If you love the freedom that comes from renting a car, you may also consider renting a bike or scooter. Similarly to renting a car, you need to take similar things into consideration, such as making yourself familiar with the route and Jamaican (and Negril) roads.

Here are a few popular scooter and bike rental companies in Negril:

  • Gas Bike Rental – (876) 957-4835
  • Jah B’s Bike Rental – (876) 957-4235
  • Elvis Bike Rental (876) 957-4835

I hope this helps!

By the way, be sure to read these Top 17 tours and activities in Negril.

Have fun!


P.S. If you are interested in getting our personal recommendation on local tour guides, be sure to contact us here.

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