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Did Jamaica Qualify For World Cup?
The Reggae Boyz & Girlz At World Cup

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Jamaica Qualify For World Cup | The Reggae GirlzJamaica Qualify For World Cup | The Reggae Girlz

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Did Jamaica Qualify for World Cup? Jamaica joins a few Caribbean islands in being the only ones to have ever qualified for the World Cup, where the best footballers around the world leave their international teams and for many, return to their homeland to represent their country on the world stage.

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Jamaica became the first English-speaking country in the Caribbean to compete at the world cup in 1998. Before this, our Spanish-speaking neighbours, Cuba, qualified in 1938, followed by Haiti in 1974. Trinidad and Tobago would join the list some years later with their qualification in 2006.

The Jamaican men’s team played two games at the World Cup, held in France that year. Jamaica’s third place in Group H came on the back of their 2-1 win over Japan in their first World Cup game. They did score one goal in their second match against Croatia, who won 3-1 and relegated the Jamaican team.

The Croatian team eventually finished 3rd after beating the Netherlands in the 3rd place playoffs.

The Jamaican men’s team has not yet qualified for another World Cup.

The History making ‘98 World Cup Team

The Reggae Boyz 1998 World Cup TeamThe Reggae Boyz 1998 World Cup Team
  1. Warren Barrett - Goalkeeper
  2. Stephen Malcolm - Defender
  3. Christopher Dawes - Midfield
  4. Linval Dixon - Defender
  5. Ian Goodison - Defender
  6. Fitzroy Simpson - Midfield
  7. Peter Cargill - Midfield
  8. Marcus Gayle - Forward
  9. Andrew Williams - Forward
  10. Walter Boyd - Forward
  11. Theodore Whitmore - Midfield
  12. Deon Sewell - Defender
  13. Aaron Lawrence - Goalkeeper
  14. Donovon Ricketts - Goalkeeper
  15. Ricardo Gardener - Defender
  16. Robert Earle - Midfield
  17. Onandi Lowe - Forward
  18. Deon Burton - Forward
  19. Frank Sinclair - Defender
  20. Darryl Powell - Midfield
  21. Durrent Brown - Defender
  22. Paul Hall - Forward

But the Reggae Boys are not the only ones representing us at the World Cup. The women’s team, the Reggae Girlz, has qualified for the international competition for the past two World Cups.

In 2019, again in the French Republic, the Jamaican team made its debut against Brazil but we lost 3-0. The Reggae Girlz also played Italy and Australia in the group stage but we lost all three matches and Jamaica scored only one goal. Havana Solaun scored against Australia making it a 4-1 loss.

The Jamaican Reggae Girls were incredibly proud of their achievement as the first Caribbean female team to qualify for the World Cup. This historic qualifier also made Jamaica the first country to have a men's and women’s team representing its country in the sport. Caribbean country or the world over?

Even more historical achievements were to be enjoyed by the Reggae girlz. After two years of waiting, the Jamaican team again took the world by storm in the qualifiers leading up to the World Cup.

They managed to beat Haiti (4-0) and Mexico (1-0) on their campaign to a spot at the 2023 World Cup in New Zealand and the Commonwealth of Australia. They however lost to the USA and finished second in the table on 6 points.

This is the first Jamaican team to qualify for a second World Cup and the women’s team is the only one in the region of either gender to qualify consecutively!

After securing their spot at the 2023 World Cup, the campaign for a spot in the Olympics continued. The Reggae Girl kept the dream alive by beating Costa Rica and keeping themselves in the running.

Who is this team of impressive women?

  1. GK Sydney Schneider
  2. GK Yazmeen Jamieson
  3. GK Rebecca Spencer
  4. DF Allyson Swaby
  5. DF Chantelle Swaby
  6. DFJayda Hylton-Pelaia
  7. DF Vyan Sampson
  8. DF Satara Murray
  9. MF Chinyelu Asher
  10. MF Trudi Carter
  11. MF Paige Bailey-Gayle
  12. MF Jade Bailey
  13. MF Atlanta Primus
  14. MF Drew Spence
  15. MF Deneisha Blackwood
  16. MF Havana Solaun
  17. FW Khadija Shaw (captain)
  18. FW Jody Brown
  19. FW Olufolasade Adamolekun
  20. FW Kayla McCoy
  21. FW Mireya Grey
  22. FW Tiernny Wiltshire
  23. FW Kalyssa Van Zanten

Many of these current team members are a part of well-established clubs across multiple continents including America, Europe and Africa.

I’m sure we will all be watching and supporting the 2023 World Cup and the Jamaican Reggae Girlz. Do you think this will be our first win?

Whatever the outcome we are no less proud of their accomplishments than we are now.

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Jamaica Qualify For World Cup | Written: September 23, 2022

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