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21 Fun Jamaica Trivia Questions & Facts for Kids
Let's see how much you know :-)

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jamaica trivia questions for kids - jamaicans celebrating

Hey kids! And kids at heart! Here are some fun Jamaica trivia questions to test your knowledge of our country and also to impress your parents, friends, and even teacher!

Can I tell you something though?

I was grinning from ear to ear while putting this together. I totally enjoyed it.

I really hope you like it.

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The answers are at the end of the page BUT!!!
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Jamaica Trivia Questions

  1. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, measuring 235 km long and approximately 4,411 square miles (10,992 square km). The island is slightly smaller than which state in the U.S.A?

    (Florida, Connecticut, California or Arizona)

  2. Jamaica is located 90 miles south of which Caribbean country?

    (Barbados, Spice Island, Soca Land, Cuba)

  3. The capital of Jamaica is which city?

    (Montego Bay, Portmore, Kingston, Gaza)

  4. The Jamaican flag consists of how many _____ colors? 

    (13, 1, 3, 31)

  5. The original Indian inhabitants of Jamaica were said to be exterminated by the Spanish. The name of the original Indian inhabitants is which of the following?

    ( Lucayans, Caribs, Tainos, Or Yaadies )

  6. The head of government is elected by the Jamaican people and is called which of the following?

    ( Governor General, Prime Minister, ManAYard Or Member Of Parliament )

  7. A major agricultural crops grown in Jamaica is which of the following?

    ( Sugar, Wheat, Soy or Veg Patties )

  8. Over which (3) parishes does the Blue Mountain stretch?

  9. The Mico University College sits on the Liguanea Plain.

    ( True Or False? )

  10. The Jamaican Maroons were the second negro group to gain freedom from their masters in the New World?

    ( True Or False? )

  11. Bauxite is the ore, mined in Jamaica, from which ___________ is made.

    (Aluminum, Steel, Cricket Ball, Iron)

  12. The team of men who plays football (soccer) for the Jamaica national team, is called __________.

    ( Poco Eagles, Gerreh Trumpets, Toots & The Maytals, Reggae Boyz )

  13. A cruise ship  passenger terminals is found in Spanish Town?
    ( True or False? )

  14. The following are the names of two (2) mountains in Jamaica

    a) OverRiver Mountain / Bearsheeba Hills or
    b) Blue Mountain / JohnCrow Mountains
    c) Whistlings Hills / Wild Boar Mountain

  15. Jamaica was the first country in the Western world to construct a railway, even before the United States!

    (True or False?)

  16. The Manchester Golf Club in Jamaica, the oldest in the western hemisphere, was established in the year _______.

    (2000BC, 1973, 1868, 1938)

  17. Bob Marley was born in Jamaica in the year _______.

    (1494, 1509, 1111, 1962 or 1945)

  18. Edward Seaga, PJ Patterson, Portia Simpson and Bruce Golding, at one point was  Jamaica's __________ .

    (Governor, President, Prime Minister, DPP)
  19. Which parish in Jamaica is the athletic track star Usain Bolt from?

    (St. Ann, St. Mary, St. Aloweeshous, Trelawny)

  20. The famous  Green Grotto is a  _______________ in Jamaica.

    ( Special Mineral,  Cave Attraction, Traditional Bread, Famous Dish )

  21. If Jamaica was 'born' in 1962, how old is Jamaica today?

Ok, great! Ready for the answers? ... scroll down to here

ANSWERS To Jamaica Trivia Questions For Kids

  1. Connecticut
  2. Cuba
  3. Kingston
  4. 3 colours  (Black, Green, Gold)
  5. Tainos
  6. Prime Minister
  7. Sugar
  8. St.Thomas, Portland and St. Andrew
  9. True
  10. False, they were the first!
  11. Aluminum
  12. Reggae Boyz
  13. False
  14. Blue Mountain /John Crow Mountains
  15. True
  16. 1868
  17. 1945
  18. Prime Minister
  19. Trelawny
  20. Cave Attraction - on the north coast.
  21. The answer is arrived by ... taking away 1962 from the current year.

Glad you made it here!


Now how many did you get correct without looking at the answer?  Be honest with me :-)

Never mind, it was all just for fun.

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