jamaican food and drinks - What to expect if I go to Jamaica?

by Cathy

QUESTION: Hello. My husband and I are planning an anniversary get away In May and are considering Jamaica but have a couple concerns,

as we visited a resort in Punta Cana 10 years ago & was disappointed with the taste of the food and the taste of the pop, as for the pop tasted flat/uncarbonated & for the food it was left out at room temp, even the shrimp& other seafood.

If we do choose Jamaica, we were considering either the Grand Palladium Resort & Spa, The RIU Tropical Bay or the RIU Montego Bay resort & was
wondering if the food & pop/soda would be like what we are used to in the U.S. or if it would taste flat/uncarbonated in Jamaica as well??

Also, if you could tell me the better choice of the resorts, as far as food/drinks & cleanliness??

--Cathy from WV.

ANSWER: by Wellesley Feb. 04, 2012

Thanks for your question Cathy.

While I cannot provide an assurance that your personal expectations will be met, I'll quickly, gladly and boldly tell you that Jamaica is world renown for, not just it's great beaches, hospitality, sun, music and sports, but also it's great food! Yes food! and drinks!

Believe or not, some people who came here, couldn't wait to get off the plane to get some local jerk chicken, some fried fish and bammy, or even fried-roasted breadfruit.

You should try them when you get here :-), as I'm sure you'll choose Jamaica :-)

And do consider getting some food outside the all inclusives, after all, that's where you get it, 'real Jamaican' style. Iris attests to this.

I'll suggest you take a quick peek at my Jamaican Food Page for some insights into Jamaican food my friend.

And by the way, if you are having soda, it should be carbonated, regardless of where in the world you are! - although I don't expect that you'll be having much here. Why should you though, when we have some great drinks?!

If you are staying away from alcholic drinks, then we have some great natural juices, or even some 'sweet' coconut water, check my Jamaican Drinks Page for some options.

Here too are some stories from visitors to Jamaia! Make sure you read a few.

Also, if you've never tried it, make sure you get a crunchy
Jamaican Patty.

Regarding the resorts, I won't say, all those you mention are great resorts in my opinion :-)

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Feb 04, 2012
jamaica food
by: Carol

i want to try jerk fish, i only heard about it, i did have the chicken and yes it is great!! i love fish, and would like to have some jerk fish. where to get it? or where is , or who has the best jerk fish??

Feb 04, 2012
Choosing Jamaica
by: jamaica jewel

All three resorts that you have mentioned are AI, run by the Spanish. I have my doubts that the Jamaican foods served there are authentic in flavor. Most AI resorts serve "Americanized", watered down versions of the real thing (although I have heard that the jerk chicken is sometimes good)

I would suggest choosing a small, Jamaican owned "boutique" hotel where you have an option to get off the grounds to explore off the beaten track adventures & sample REAL Jamaican meals from the roadside stands & small restaurants. You won't be sorry you did.

Most Jamaican meals main courses are very tasty, flavored with fresh seasoning & fresh herbs, usually served with "food" (boiled yam, green banana, dumplings & breadfruit) or rice & peas, cooked with fresh coconut....lovely combinations. Most N. Americans LOVE the highly flavored & spiced "jerk" chicken or pork. Beef, chicken or veg. patties make a reasonable & tasty lunch. Most all tropical fruits are available for breakfast or snacks....enjoy...

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