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The Maroon Celebrates
On The 13th Annual Charles Town Maroon Conference & Festival


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maroon_celebration_jamaicaCharlestown Maroon Celebrates

Remember the Charles Town Maroons?
I featured them some years ago in this article.

Well they are having their 13th annual Charles Town Maroon Celebration & Festival, June 23 and 24!

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Although a virtual affair, the hub of the event will be at the ASAFU YARD, their home, rooted right there in Portland.

The Asafu yard is where the maroon warriors in the past would gather to strategize, dance and commune with ancestors in preparation for battles.

UPDATE | WATCH LIVE | Day 2 - 13th Annual Charles Town Maroon Conference & Festival

DAY 1 - 2021 Charles Town Maroon Conference & Festival

According to Dr. Marcus Goffe, it evolved from the vision of former colonel Frank Lumbsden, who wanted an annual event to celebrate maroon independence and to highlight and recall the struggles and success of the Jamaican maroons.

It promises to be insightful affair with presentations from individuals and other maroon communities around the world, including, New Zealand, Haiti, Surinam, Sierra Leone etc.

This year, the focus will be on Quao, the second behind Nanny, and the main ancestor for the Charleston Maroons.

Of course, there is the traditional blowing of the abeng, dancing drumming and dancing but also...

  • presentations from the Taino community, 
  • presentations on the history of the maroons and the treaties, 
  • drum tributes, 
  • academic discussions, as well as 
  • presentations on research and reasonings from University of Colorado, RMIT in Australia, University Of Rhode Island, University of Virginia, and more.

The event will be done on Zoom on both days but will be streamed via YouTube. 

For more on the event, you can watch the preview here:

PREVIEW | 13th Annual Charles Town Maroon Celebration & Festival

For more on the Jamaican maroons, please read this full article.

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