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MS The World Makes Historic Arrival In Jamaica

by Deon Clarke | Associate Writer

November 7, 2021, will go down in history as the date when the infamous MS The World graced the shores of Jamaica with 90 passengers and about 280 crew members. What am I talking about? Have you ever heard of this MS The World? Well, here’s a cool fact for you! This is actually the largest residential cruise ship on the planet – a very interesting concept indeed!

This is truly a dream experience inspired by Knut Utstein Kloster, who first came up with the concept of a residential ship. He was a Norwegian shipping magnate whose family successfully runs a number of cruise ships under the Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line.

The ship docked at the Ken Wright Pier in Port Antonio, Portland much to the pleasant surprise of the grateful ground staff and tour operators as this pier had not seen a ship for a very long time (over two years).

Truth be told, though I know of persons having private yachts, I was not aware of this concept of cruising that MS The World provides. Here’s why:

About MS The World

This is a Bahamian-registered ship all of 644 feet long and weighing 43,524 tons. It is designed to provide an ultimate lifestyle that combines a private yacht and a luxury vacation home. Interesting, isn’t it? And it gets even more interesting. Their website indicates that it has 165 homes that are individually owned by residents from 40 different countries! They collectively own the ship and their objective is to ensure that experiences both onboard and off the ship far exceeds currently luxury travel standards. Some homeowners even live on the ship full-time.

Since launching in 2002, it has navigated the globe spending extensive time in the most well-travelled and exotic locations around the world, allowing passengers to wake up in a new destination every few days. Whew! Talk about world travel! Before calling on Jamaica, the ship had visited the Dominican Republic.

The Amenities

The amenities are many as one would expect for a life of exploration on the high seas. Along with the residences, they are spread across 12 decks and six elevators. Let’s check them out:
  1. A grocery store
  2. A deli
  3. A boutique
  4. A showroom
  5. A golf simulator and putting screens
  6. A full-sized tennis court
  7. A jogging track
  8. A swimming pool
  9. A Spa
  10. A billiard room
  11. A fitness centre
  12. Cocktail lounges
  13. Six restaurants
  14. A movie theatre
  15. A library
  16. Internet access in each residence

The Cost Of Living On MS The World

So, if money is not a problem and you are not prone to sea-sickness then all it takes for you to get a minimum condo is $825,000 US. These go up to 7.3 million US dollars depending on your taste and preferences! Of course, you’ll first have to prove that you have a net worth of over 5 million US dollars.

It is definitely a lifestyle that passengers or homeowners are truly grateful to live daily- a lifestyle that some never even thought was possible, a dream for many.

Brief Exploration Of Jamaica

Jamaica is no doubt honoured to be graced with the presence of the magnificent MS The World as its passengers make their way to enjoy the island’s attractions before leaving the following day on November 8, 2021, to their next destination.

Hmmm, I wonder if I will be able to purchase one of those condos one day. It would be awesome to wake up to a new destination with ever-changing sceneries every few days! What do you think? Coming back to reality, for now, I could settle with just a tour of this amazing cruise ship! I really hope Jamaica will be a frequent destination going forward. Until then, bon voyage!

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