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Magical Ricks Cafe Jamaica
In Pictures & Video!

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Rick Cafe JamaicaRicks Cafe Jamaica | In Pictures

Can I take it that you already know that Ricks Cafe Jamaica was voted among the ten (10) best bars in the world?

Well did you know that among USA Today Travel, The Travel Channel, Travel Wise, Caribbean Travel Life and others, it was also:

  1. Voted a top 1000 place to visit before you die?
  2. The best of the Caribbean? 
  3. The Best Beach Bar?
  4. Best Bar For Sunsets?
  5. 21 Hottest Caribbean Escapes? &
  6. One of the sexiest bars in the Caribbean?

Well now you know my friend :-)

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We've already written about Ricks Cafe in this article, capturing the ambiance, the sunset and the cliff jumping, and so today I'll be sharing some captivating pictures as well as  the video of my recent trip with you.

Watch! YouTube Video Of Ricks Cafe Jamaica

Click Here to scroll down this page and watch the video.

My Trip Notes

It was the last leg of my Negril Day trip with Cherri & JahB and our guests, Amber (from DC) and Eduardo (from Brazil).

Now everything needed to be out of the way so we could make it in time for the sunset at Rick's Cafe.

And that was done!

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Unfortunately it was an overcast day, almost all day, and so I was concerned, deeply, that we were not going to get some great sunsets.

Well, it seems that the cloudy, overcast conditions had little (if any) to do with the beauty of the sunset. It was awesome!

Of course, even while admiring the sunset, I was captivated by the electrifying energy in the venue; people who were not dancing to the reggae music, were busy greeting, laughing, chatting, taking photos and enjoying their drinks!

And all that was independent of the breath-stopping cliff jumps - amateur and professional, taking place at the same time!


So yes, have the photos! Let's start with pictures of...

The Venue


Next, my favouite...

The Sunset At Ricks Cafe Jamaica

This was magnificent!

You should have been there to hear the applause when the sun apparently kissed the sea (and then) disappeared behind the ocean!

Here are raw pics, unchanged, unadulterated - all taken as it descended (yes, in that order).


Are you noticing that the sun is getting smaller as it descends?

This was also when everyone had their phones and all manner of photo devices out!


At this point, the place went wild with thunderous applause! Click Here to Watch The Video!

Meanwhile.... Pictures From The Cliff Side

ricks_cafe_jamaica_nervousCan't take the fire? Stay outta di kitchen :-)

See this exact cliff jump (live action) in my YouTube Video of Ricks' Cafe!


Food, Fun & Lyming


Awesome! Remember read more about Rick's cafe in this article.

And whatever you do, don't forget to watch the video (below) to get an even greater insight into the experience at magical Ricks' Cafe!

Video: Magical Sunsets & Jaw-Dropping Cliff Jumps at Ricks Cafe

Contact Information & Directions To Rick's Cafe Jamaica

Address: One Love, West End Road, West End Negril, Westmoreland, Jamaica WI
Phone: 876-957-0380

Direction From Sangsters Int'l Airport In Montego Bay

Ricks Cafe Jamaica FAQ's | The Questions That Are Regularly Asked

The following are the frequently asked questions about Ricks Cafe Jamaica, answered!

  1. What is Rick's Cafe?

    Rick's Cafe is a multi award-winning bar and restaurant in Negril, Jamaica.

    However, most patrons visit there for the magical sunsets and jaw-dropping cliff jumps.

  2. Who owns Rick's Cafe?

    Ricks cafe was founded in April 1974 by Richard Hershman (aka Rick) after he bought the one-and-a half acre property (with stony cliffs) from Dr Winston Campbell.

    Dr. Campbell was the son of Sir Clifford Campbell, Jamaica's first native Governor General.

  3. How far is Rick's Cafe from Montego Bay Jamaica?

    Per Google Map, Ricks Cafe is approximately 1 hr and 33 minutes from Montego Bay.

  4. How high's the cliff at Rick's Cafe? According to the owners, there are cliff levels at Ricks Cafe; a 10ft (3m), a 25ft (7.6m) and a 35ft (10.6m) jump.

  5. How deep is Rick's Cafe?

    I take it you mean, how deep is the water you jump into right? If so, the depth of the water is 15 feet or 4.5 meters deep.

  6. How far is Rick's Cafe from Negril?

    Is this a a trick question? lol.

    Ricks Cafe is actually in Negril, just 7 minutes from the roundabout at the town center, near Burger King and Popeye's in Negril.

  7. What is Ricks Cafe Entry Fee?

    Admission is actually free! And they are open daily between 12pm and 10pm. 

  8. What is Ricks' Cafe Contact Number?

    Their number is 876-957-0380. They also have a website at

So what do you make of these pictures, and your general impression of Ricks Cafe Negril? I welcome your comments below.

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  • Rick's Cafe FAQ's,,, Accessed January 21, 2020

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