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Royalton Blue Waters Vs White Sands

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Royalton Blue Waters vs White Sands | Royalton Blue Waters | Photo: Royalton Resorts)Royalton Blue Waters vs White Sands | Royalton Blue Waters | (Photo: Royalton Resorts)

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Royalton Resorts has 4 all-inclusives in Jamaica. Namely the Royalton Negril, Hideaway at Royalton (their adult-only offering) and our main focus for today, the Royalton White Sands and Royalton Blue Waters resorts.

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There is some confusion as to whether they are two separate hotels or 1 large hotel. So I am here to clear that and I hope, any other source of confusion.

So let me start by saying they are in fact two different hotels, however, they are side by side on a horseshoe beach in the relaxed parish of Trelawny. Yes, Blue Waters Montego Bay is, in fact in Trelawny.

With no actual partition between the two resorts and shared areas, it is difficult to tell when you are on which property.

But there are a few distinct differences concerning cost, accommodation, dining and privileges.


Royalton Blue Waters has 228 Suites while Royalton White Sands has 352 suites. White Sands is a property that changed hands (it was previously a Breezes and Starfish resort), which means the rooms are smaller and a bit more “weathered” than the newly built spacious rooms of the Blue Waters.

Royalton Blue Waters, being the smaller of the two resorts has fewer rooms and thus, fewer options. In fact, they have 5 types of room accommodations, 4 of which are included in the Diamond Club. But the rooms at the Blue Waters are more modern and are better suited for families and large groups.

The White Sands is more suited for rooms that will have less traffic. However, it does have more room options with 7 rooms options 5 of which are included in the Diamond Club.

Both hotels have oceanview options but the Blue Waters has more suites that do. Blue Waters also has garden view and swim-out suites which lead to the Diamond Club Only Pool. White Sands has oceanview, pool view and swim-out rooms leading to the Diamond Club Only pool.

All rooms either have a patio or terrace.


A stay at Royalton Blue Waters will cost more than booking White Sands.


The Blue Waters and White Sands have shared restaurants based on my understanding. The 11 restaurants are open to everyone from both resorts.

The culinary experience (which comes at an additional cost), is open to everyone from the age of 12.

The restaurants are:

  • Gourmet Marché - International Buffet (Resort Casual)
  • Armadillo - Tex-Mex Cuisine (Evening Casual)
  • Calypso - West Indies Cuisine (Resort Casual)
  • Jade - Asian Cuisine (Evening Casual)
  • Hunter Steakhouse - Authentic Steakhouse (Evening Casual)
  • Grazie Italian Trattoria - Lunch: Resort Casual - Dinner: Evening Casual
  • Jerk Hut - Jamaican Snacks (Resort Casual)
  • Score Sports Bar And Lounge - Pub & Grill (Dress Code: Resort Casual)
  • Taj - Indian Cuisine (Evening Casual)
  • Zen - Teppanyaki & Sushi Bar (Evening Casual)
  • Scoops Gelato And Caffe Lounge - Dessert And Coffee (Resort Casual)
  • C/X Culinary Experience - Chef’s Table (Resort Casual)

Of all the restaurants, only the Zen Tepanyaki restaurant requires a reservation.


Royalton White Sands | (Photo: Royalton Resorts)Royalton Blue Waters vs White Sands | Royalton White Sands | (Photo: Royalton Resorts)

White Sands has 5 bars, which it shares. In addition to the shared bars, Blue Waters has 3, bringing the total bars for persons staying at that resort to 8.

These bars are at both resorts

  • Lobby Bar
  • Martini Mix
  • Diamond Club Lounge
  • Diamond Club Beach Bar
  • Dips Swim-up Bar

The Sands Beach Bar is only at the Royalton Blue Waters.


The Entertainment playing field is level in my opinion as everyone has the same level of access to the pools, slides, beaches and the kiddies' playground, not counting the Diamond Club-only areas.

The Pirate-themed beach though is on the Blue Waters property. The slide deposits into a large pool with varying difficulty levels to account for children of all ages and capabilities.

If adults would love to avoid the splash zone, then the adults-only pool also has a few slides that the older children must also use.

There is way more when it comes to entertainment; kids and teens clubs, the Royal spa, lazy river, watersports (non-motorized), fitness centre and of course the cabanas by the pool.

White Sands has the Entertainment Plaza which means of the two resorts this one has more of a party scene than the other.

There are daily and nightly shows in the open-air theatre which has family-friendly entertainment until well into the night when it switches to a more mature audience.

Diamond Club

Both resorts have Diamond Club-only access areas for example the pool connected to Diamond Club rooms and the two bars.

Have I answered all your questions on Royalton Blue Waters vs White Sands? I hope so. Happy vacation!

Contact Information

Royalton White Sands

  • Address: Highway A1, Mountain Spring, Trelawny, Jamaica
  • Phone: Reservation Toll-Free Number - 1-855-744-8371 | Hotel Number - 1-876-632-7401
  • Email: Information - |

Royalton Blue Waters

  • Address: Highway A1, Mountain Spring, Trelawny, Jamaica
  • Phone: Reservation Toll-Free Number - 1-855-744-8371 | Hotel Number - 1-876-632-7401
  • Information: |

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Royalton Blue Waters Vs White Sands | Written: August 30, 2022

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