The Best Spas In Jamaica?
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What are the top spas in Jamaica?
I have a cherry list for you, and a lovely recommendation on Jamaica's north coast.

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As a preferred destination in the Caribbean, you can imagine that, along with prestine beaches, top rated hotels, alluring reggae music, delectable food and a captivating culture, we also have some of the best spas anywhere. And we do!

I did some research and came up with these, an alphabetized list of the best spas in Jamaica, and perhaps the Caribbean!

And yes, it includes some that are housed in the resorts as well.

  1. Above & Beyond Beauty International, Mandeville (876) 449-9381
  2. Adam & Eve Day Spa, Kingston (876) 754-6018
  3. Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa (876) 703-4539
  4. Bella Day Spa,  Kingston (876) 906-6937
  5. Bella Oasis Day Spa, Kingston (876) 946-2649
  6. DayStar Spa Solution, Montego Bay (876) 783-7946
  7. Diva salon and spa, Kingston (876) 978-3388
  8. Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa, Kingston (876) 946-3336
  9. Edenic Day Spa, Kingston (876) 450-1124
  10. Escape To Exhale Day Spa, Montego Bay (876) 953-8316
  11. Fern Tree Spa, (876) 953-2211
  12. Gillians Escape Luxury Spa, Kingston (876) 754-4185
  13. Isabelle's Day Spa, Kingston (876) 970-0025
  14. Jackies on the Reef, Negril (876) 957-4997
  15. Jencare Skin Farm & Day Spa, Kingston (876) 946-3494
  16. Kevitaah's Spa & Cosmetic, Montego Bay (876) 589-2427
  17. Massage to Paradise, Negril (876) 854-9267
  18. Milk River Hotel & Spa,Milk River (876) 610-7745
  19. MJ Body Concept Spa, Kingston (876) 906-8599
  20. Montego Bay Ocean View Massage Centre, Montego Bay, (876) 940-7417
  21. Negril Massage Service, Negril (876) 586-3746
  22. Pandora Day Spa Limited, Kingston (876) 787-6333
  23. Rejuvenation Day Spa, Kingston (876) 978-3544
  24. Renova Spa - ClubHotel Riu Ocho Rios, Ocho Rios (876) 426-8722
  25. Renova Spa - Riu Montego Bay, Montego Bay (876) 426-8722
  26. ROXBOROUGH BEACH SPA, St Ann's Bay (876) 334-7469
  27. Secrets Wild Orchid,  Secrets Montego Bay (876) 953-6600
  28. Shades of Elegance Jamaica, Old Harbour (876) 983-6652
  29. Shays Day Spa & Beauty Clinic, Kingston (876) 755-9515
  30. Spa AESTHETIQUE, Kingston
  31. SPA ONE, Kingston (876) 906-9324
  32. Splashing Rivers Day Spa, Montego Bay (876) 864-8743
  33. The Face Place Spa, Kingston (876) 754-3923
  34. The Spa Retreat, West End Negril 855-843-7725
  35. Totally Male Club Spa & Salon, Kingston (876) 946-2454

But there is a little one (#26 on the list above) located outside of Ocho Rios, tucked away in tranquil beach side ambiance, just across from the St. Ann Examination Depot (yeah, you'd never guess).

It's name... Roxborough Beach Spa!

Roxborough At A Glance


Click Here

To Send A Quick Note/Question to Janice right now!

It was a casual walk. Actually, I was attending a function next door and wandered away (I might need to stop that), when I noticed the activity on the beachside.

One one thing led to another and before I knew I was interviewing Janice Lugg-Kalynuik, the proprietor - a real sweetheart.

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Why Roxborough Beach Spa?


But why did I rate them so high?

Leave the warm Jamaican hospitality for now (very nice lady), all reputable Jamaican companies have that.

For me it was simple, its basically the natural, unadulterated beach side ambiance - yes, right on the beach!

In my opinion, no high-end spa in a hotel beats this authentic feel.

In fact, Janice said that parents sometimes bring their kids to beach while they enjoy their treatment.

And both locals and visitors alike are welcome. Janice noted that up to 50% of her clients are local business people from the Kingston area. Some travel down every weekend!

Services Offered


I glanced at her brochure and was stunned at the number and types of treatment. Chances are if is is done in a spa, she does it.

The list was lengthly but includes the standard and more detailed massages, including:

  • Swedish
  • hot stone and
  • deep tissue

They also specialize in: 

  • stress therapy
  • manicure
  • pedicure
  • reflexology
  • waxing
  • exfoliating 
  • and wraps

And from $2,500JMD for massages, their prices has to be among the most competitive.

By the way, if you have a nagging ingrown nail problem, check her first! She has been getting some raving reviews on how she fixes these problems!

I Should Tell You...

  1. Janice runs the operation with her staff but her husband Joseph - a Canadian, lends his support too. They met while she was working on a cruise ship.

    But listen to this, her husband spends more time in Jamaican than he does on the cruise ship or in Canada now. In fact, he has only gone back to Canada a few times on visit :-)
  2. I also quizzed Janice on what makes Jamaica special?
    Her response, "Everything! I've been all over the world during my cruise ship experience, and there is no place like Jamaica".

    So cool!

Contact Roxborough Day Spa

Simply complete this form (below the picture) and Janice will get back to you within 8 business hours, usually much earlier.


Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Back To Top of Spas In Jamaica

You may also use the following information to contact them. If you do, just remember to tell them I sent you and ask for your special rate :-) 


AGR Byfield highway (Across from Vehicle Examination Depot)
St. Ann's Bay,
St. Ann
Jamaica W.I. 

Even Better


1 876-562-6633
1 876-334-7469



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