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Tourism travel to Jamaica since Covid19

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Another great question about what he/she termed 'tourism travel to Jamaica' during Covid19! Yet again, the asker didn't leave a name, but I don't mind; I love it as, in many cases (as one of my former lecturers said) 'if 1 person has an issue or question, chances are at least one more does'.

And so, my associate jumped on it with a fulsome answer.
Here below is the question, followed by her response.

Hi Wellesley,

Thank you for the updated travel info regarding Coronavirus and entry to Jamaica. Who is making low or high risks assessments when entering the airport? What specifically are the criteria for low or high risk determinations.

Are children being assessed also? I am returning to Negril, Jamaica with my 10 year old grand-daughter from 7/17-8/17:2020. Please advise.

RESPONSE: by Wellesley

Hi Anon,
In our previous articles (links here, and here) we mentioned that you can expect to see and experience a variety of changes at the airports when you arrive.

As a matter of fact, you are required to do a mandatory application for travel authorization at, if you are not a Jamaican national. Jamaican nationals on the other hand, will apply at to get clearance to travel to their homeland. Please note that you will not be allowed on a flight without this document.

By the way, I was surprised to learn that since we opened to visitors on June 15th, over 6000, persons came in!

Anyway, back to the original point...

One thing to keep in mind as well is the presence of the health authorities at the airports. The Ministry of Health and Wellness has been playing a lead role in the battle against COVID19 in Jamaica. As such they are on hand to conduct health screening and risk assessment of all arriving passengers daily. This means that you may very well experience some minor delays as you transition to your eventual location.

To help allay your possible fear let me tell you some of what you can expect as part of the screening process.

  1. Temperature Checks- this is where passengers are screened for elevated temperature
  2. Observation of other symptoms relevant to COVID19. This includes coughing or sneezing excessively and shortness of breath.
  3. An interview by a health officer.

Risk assessment will also be done using information obtained from the health screening as well as consideration of risk factors including:

  • The country from which you are travelling
  • The city from which youโ€™re travelling
  • Your travel history

Well who will be screened for COVID19 you ask? Its everyone, including your grandchild.
Screening is mandatory regardless of age or other demographic factors.

In addition, you will undergo a sensitization session by the health authorities. The sensitization is aimed at facilitating your awareness with regard to the COVID19 prevention protocols which are in current practice here. You can expect to hear about:

  1. Hand Hygiene

    • Hand washing
    • Hand sanitizing

  2. Mask Etiquette

    • Wearing of masks in public access areas
    • The types of masks recommend
    • How to care for fabric masks
    • How to dispose of single use masks

  3. Social Distancing Protocols. It is presently recommended that individuals remain 6ft apart from each other in public

  4. Gathering Restrictions

    This restriction limits the number of people who may gather at a single location. For instance, a hairdresser is only allowed to have two waiting clients with social distancing. No parties, dance or stage shows are being held. There are specific numbers accommodated in food establishments, supermarkets, convenience stores, banks, at ATMs and so on. Most places will have obvious signs regarding their COVID19 prevention protocols such as safe social distancing markers.

  5. Curfew Hours

    One restrictive but necessary measure is the island wide daily curfew which runs from 5:00am to 9:00pm daily. It is often reviewed.

While it is not stated which specific health officials you may encounter at the airports I will just share with you some of the health workers in Jamaica.

  1. Medical doctors
  2. Nurses
  3. Health Inspectors
  4. Community Health Aides.
  5. Other trained health professionals

The presence of the personnel and the implementation of the protocols are all aimed at managing the impact of the COVID19 pandemic. Everything is done to ensure that both visitors and nationals are safe. The more we control the spread of the disease, the better it will be for everyone. Of course we could even see some of the measures such as the daily curfew, being relaxed.

With that said, let me encourage you to cooperate with the authorities so that visitors and our returning families can continue to travel safely. Together we can keep everything IRIE.


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