Twins At 17 Years Old!

Interview With Makalia Carter, Twins At 17!
by Admin || November 5, 2017

With the fastest man on earth, the oldest living person (back in April) and perhaps the strongest man - with his teeth! (story here), only few would argue against the fact that Jamaica is blessed with amazing talents (or genes).

And today I have another special mention!

Meet Mikalia Carter, the 16 year old who became the mother of twins at 17!

I met Mikalia, who is from Hague, Trelawny, in Montego Bay with her friend. And was I fortunate? She actually took the babies out, as part of her celebrating their first year.

Here is my brief Q&A with Makalia!

  1. Can I be honest with you, you look extremely young, I thought that you were the sister of the children.

    She smiled

  2. What did you do when you found out you were pregnant?

    I didn't tell my mom, I thought she would have a fit. The nurse did for me.

  3. And that you were having twins?

    I was surprised but I wasn't scared.

  4. Does you family have a history of twins?

    Not my immediate family, but my mother's family (last name Graham) has several twins. They are from Hague here in Trelawny.

  5. Boy and Girl right? What are their names?

    Yes, Reya and R'quan, they are loved everywhere I take them.

  6. One child is a handful, but you have two- as a teenager! How is the experience so far?

    It's tiresome, but great. I also have strong family support, including my mother and the babies daddy. I love my kids very much.

  7. It's one full year now (and a day) since their birth, what is the best part to date?

    Funny enough, the most exciting time was when they were born. I was delighted to see they were finally here!

  8. Any regrets?

    Oh No. Not at all.

  9. At 17 years (barely), you must be one of the youngest mothers of twins in Jamaica, the Caribbean or perhaps the world! Are you aware of anybody younger than you? Did anyone mention anyone younger to you?

    I am guessing not in Jamaica, everybody I talk to has suggested that I must be one of the youngest.

  10. Still a teenager, what's next for you?

    They just turned one now. By next year, when they are two, I plan to go back to school. I would like to be a pediatric nurse.

  11. Thanks for your time Mikalia. It was nice talking to you. All the best with you, these lovely babies and the rest of your family. Good luck with your plans with school as well.

    Thank you. You are welcome.

What I didn't tell you is just how adorable the twins were. They are truly a bundle of joy. I actually met with Mikalia's mom who permitted me to share her story with you.

Now, do you know anyone with twins at such an early age. What do you think of Mikalia' story? Any advise to her?

Please share your feedback below on the comments button.

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