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What are some popular worship songs sung in Jamaica?

by Matt
(New Jersey)


Can I be brutally honest with you? I never knew what an acoustic guitar was until I got this question.

So yes, that's another reason I love this Q&A series, the more I pour out, the more I get / learn :-).

Here's Matt's question...

I have the privilege of going on a mission trip to Jamaica this summer, and I was wondering what some popular worship songs are, that can be sung with just an acoustic guitar to accompany it.

Even non-English songs would do.

RESPONSE: by Wellesley

Hey Matt,

Congrats again on your trip!

First my apologies, I think I overlooked your question and is now just getting to it.

Just in case you have not gotten your answer as yet, I've done some research and put together some of the songs for you.

The first criterion, to your point, was the one I think can be played on acoustic guitar.

Please understand that I don't know a lot about the technicality of guitar and music, but I think I know that the acoustic guitar is the non-electric one, and so you'd need songs that are easier to play on same, right?

So here are the ones I came up with, 17 of them as a start.

They may not be trending today, but are still highly popular and loved here as well.

  1. Take Your Burden To The Lord - Grace Thrillers
  2. He Can Be Found - Sanchez
  3. Lest I Forget (Lead Me to Calvary) - The Grace Thrillers
  4. Too Much to Gain - The Grace Thrillers
  5. Amazing Grace - Sanchez
  6. Bring Me Down - The Grace Thrillers
  7. Did You Stop To Pray - Sandra Brooks
  8. Hold My Hand Today - Glacia Robinson
  9. A Change is coming -Glacia Robinson
  10. I Found The Answer Down On My Knees" - Sandra Brooks
  11. Road is Rough - Sandra Brooks
  12. Can't Even Walk - The Grace Thrillers
  13. You Carry Me By Glacia Robinson
  14. Thank you Lord For one more year - Grace Thrillers
  15. The Answer - Sandra Brooks
  16. Fill My Cup Lord -Grace Thrillers
  17. It's Not Over Now - Glacia Robinson

Just do a YouTube search for them individually and listen each yourself.

You'll notice that a number of them are by Grace Thrillers (a gospel group), for good reason; all, if not most of their songs seem to fit this type of music.

I also included songs by Glacia Robinson as well. She is famous for singing with her own acoustic guitar.

I hope this help, all the best on your trip!

When you are through, take a look at these, Jamaica's Reggae Music Gospel Artistes


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