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What Should I Avoid In Jamaica?
7 Helpful Tips For A Great Vacation

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ricks_cafe_jamaica_patrons_walkingWhat Should I Avoid In Jamaica?

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

A visit to Jamaica can be one of the most exhilarating and memorable occasions for any tourist. There is so much to see and do; your most challenging task might be trying to fit all you would like to do into the few days you might be spending here.

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While there are many โ€œdoโ€™sโ€ to make your trip to Jamaica as smooth as possible, there are quite a few โ€œdon'tsโ€ as well.

Here are 7 things you should avoid doing in Jamaica.

  1. Avoid Public Transportation and Taxi services- Most visitors to Jamaica opt to use taxis or shuttles, if available, to navigate around the island. This option is more suited for guests who plan on staying at their resort for the majority of their stay and only make a few trips off the property.

    Those who wish to travel extensively over the island will discover that taxi services are highly pricey. Buses are a lot more affordable option, but they don't travel everywhere, and public transportation can be quite uncomfortable and inconvenient in Jamaica. That is why renting a car is worthwhile. Anyone wishing to drive to several cities or go sightseeing will have much more flexibility with a car.

  2. Avoid walking around Kingston at Night - Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, is one of the busiest and most populated areas. The National Gallery of Jamaica and the exquisitely conserved 19th-century Devon House are just two of the many attractions that may be enjoyed here during the day.

    But at night, these places turn into a haven for criminal activity. The inner-city regions of Kingston are infamous for having high crime rates. It is preferable to visit Kingston during the day if you want to prevent becoming a victim of these crimes. If you must navigate Kingston after dark, make sure to go in groups and stay in well-lit, densely inhabited places.

  3. Relax! Do not be a stickler for time- The laid-back attitude of the people makes Jamaica a great place to go on vacation. But it also makes them known for being late because of this! It is challenging to anticipate punctuality in Jamaica, especially from professionals like a restaurant or tour group personnel.

    Island time is a reality here. Predicting this, planning activities before, and ultimately just learning to be a little more relaxed about it might be the best course of action. It would be preferable for you to adjust to the slower pace while you're here.

  4. Avoid non-local seafood- Jamaica is abundant in fresh and delectable seafood in addition to having gorgeous coasts! It may be tempting to try every seafood dish on the menu, but it's best to know what is readily available locally and what must be imported.

    It is advised to stay away from seafood that has been imported because it tends to be less fresh and more expensiveโ€”you'll wind up spending more for seafood that is of inferior quality! Salmon, tiger prawns and other non-local seafood should be avoided. Even though it can be found locally, lobster should also be avoided from July through March because it is prohibited to catch them at that time.

  5. Avoid Robot Taxis- Robot taxis in Jamaica, are vehicles that are not registered or licenced to operate as public vehicles. These carry a plain white plain like all regular vehicles while registered taxis carry a red plate and some even have a sign on the top in bright yellow that says Taxi.

    Public taxis can be a great way to travel, and less expensive than chartered taxis. However, you must know your route and do some research on how to get to your destination by public taxi before heading out.

  6. Purchasing Drugs- Some people might find it odd that marijuana is prohibited in Jamaica given how closely it has been associated with Jamaican culture over the years. You may face arrest in Jamaica for marijuana possession.

    The majority of the time, though, possession of little amounts are compared to a minor offence, but just be careful, you won't want to be seen strolling about with an illegal substance. You will sometimes find sellers strolling the beach and discreetly offering to sell you a small portion of weed, you should decline. The better option is to visit a dispensary to purchase medicinal marijuana products.

  7. Reckless Driving- Jamaica is not the place to go for a high-speed joy ride, no matter how much you love your rental. Not only do you run the risk of getting a ticket, but Jamaica roads tend to be narrow, winding, and have a lot of potholes, all of which can lead to an accident.

    Never speed regardless of how excited or late you are. Avoid driving at night and during rainy weather on unfamiliar roads that can be hard to navigate. Also when driving on busy streets, watch out for street vendors as they tend to line the streets.

There you have it, seven things you can avoid to make your stay in Jamaica incident-free.

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What Should I Avoid In Jamaica? | Written: October 29, 2022

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