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Honeymoon In Jamaica
Jamaican Honeymoon Activities And Attractions

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Honeymoon In Jamaica | Jamaican Honeymoon Activities And AttractionsHoneymoon In Jamaica | Jamaican Honeymoon Activities And Attractions

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

The perfect honeymoon in Jamaica depends on who you are as a couple. There are different locations that would be more catered to your specific requirements whether you seek adventure or just rest and relaxation just before the next phase of your journey truly begins.

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Jamaica can cater to any honeymoon whether it be casual and laid back or entertaining and adventurous. There are many hotels in Jamaica that are perfect for honeymooners, but after you choose your accommodations, what will you do here? Here are the top activities, attractions and restaurants for honeymoons in Jamaica, by location.

1. Portland

“Portie” is the dream honeymoon spot for laidback couples looking to take strolls through quaint towns, visit historical sites, row down the river on boats or on a raft, visit the mountains and have quiet romantic dinners.


  1. Blue Lagoon
  2. Blue Mountain Hike
  3. Frenchman’s Cove
  4. Reach Falls
  5. Folly Point Lighthouse
  6. Activities
  7. Visit churches and historical ruins
  8. Take an afternoon stroll through the town
  9. Go on farm tours


  1. BushBar
  2. Mille Fleurs Restaurant
  3. Portland Cliff Hanger
  4. Trident Hotel
  5. Jamaica Palace Hotel

Portland is a marine lover’s paradise and so, if you love scuba diving, snorkelling or just a simple day at the beach this is the best place for you to be.

South Coast, Jamaica

Jamaica’s south coast encompasses the southern parts of the parish of St. Elizabeth and Westmoreland. It has long since been the dream destination for couples looking for an escape filled with relaxing days and romantic evenings.


  1. Lover’s Leap
  2. Ys Falls
  3. Appleton Rum Tour

Restaurants and Bars

  1. Jake’s Restaurant
  2. Pelican Bar
  3. Nola’s

There are two places that I am not quite sure would easily fit under these categories. Yes, they are places we all go to get delicious seafood, but it is not a restaurant and it is definitely an adventure.

First, there is Border, which is located, as you would have guessed, on the border of Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth. Its claim to famed comes from having arguably the best fried or escovitch fish in Jamaica.

Watch Video! Border, Jamaica | Escovitch Fish Central

Arguably the best place for fried and escovitched fish and bammy. Here's our trip to Border!

Next, we have Middle Quarters, which is shrimp country. The brown bags filled with spicy shrimp are a must-have if you travel to the south coast.


Negril is known for being the capital of casual but it has some of the best, most romantic spots in Jamaica. From candlelit dinners in caves to sunsets by the beach after a stroll down the pristine seven-mile beach. You can begin your trip with a scenic helicopter ride into Negril from Montego Bay.


  1. Seven-Mile Beach
  2. Bloody Bay Beach
  3. Oasis Spa
  4. Negril Fun Diving
  5. Reggae Horseback Riding
  6. Margaritaville
  7. Rick's Café


  1. Catamaran Cruises (for groups or just for 2)
  2. Scuba Diving
  3. Snorkelling


  1. Rockhouse Restaurant  (Rockhouse Hotel)
  2. Le Vendome (Charela Inn)

Montego Bay

The second city offers so much that it will be difficult to narrow it down to a list for a honeymoon in Jamaica. The city offers romance, adventure, relaxation and entertainment all in one.


  1. Croydon In the Mountains
  2. Chukka Ocean Outpost
  3. Doctor’s Cave Beach
  4. Fort Montego
  5. Rose Hall Great House
  6. Montego Bay Marine Park
  7. Ras Natango Gallery and Garden
  8. Hampden Estate Rum Tour


  1. Picnic at Harmony Park
  2. Water sports
  3. Catamaran Cruises
  4. Farm Tours
  5. Golf


  1. Houseboat Grill
  2. Sugar Mill Restaurant
  3. Pier 1
  4. Uncorked
  5. Mystic India
  6. Dragon Court
  7. Bellefield 
  8. Marguerite’s


For its title as the business capital and capital city of Jamaica, Kingston is not the very first choice when you think of vacations. But there are a few gems to consider.


  1. Blue Mountain Hike and Trail
  2. Museums and Galleries


  1. Devon House Mansion
  2. Café Blue Irish Town
  3. Strawberry Hill


This smaller town is located just a drive away from Montego Bay which offers tranquillity and the convenience of experiencing the excitement of the city only when you want to. And the hotels in this area are just as grand and even more private than Montego Bay.


  1. Rafting on the Martha Brae
  2. Falmouth Food Tour
  3. Luminous Lagoon
  4. Paintball Jamaica
  5. Cockpit Country Adventure Tours
  6. Chukka Eco-Adventure Park at Good Hope

Ocho Rios

There is again, so much on offer in the resort town of Ocho Rios. The town would be perfect for couples who would like a little adventure on their trip.


  1. Dunn’s River Falls
  2. Chukka Island Village Outpost
  3. Chukka Coves and Cliffs at Llandovery
  4. Green Grotto Caves
  5. Turtle River Falls and Gardens
  6. Chukka Zion Bus Experience
  7. Mystic Mountain
  8. Seville Heritage Park
  9. Taste of Jamaica Farm Tours


  1. Stush In The Bush
  2. Spring Garden Steakhouse and Seafood
  3. Evita’s

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