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Jamaica History Quiz
How Much Do You Really Know Our Heritage?


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jamaica_history_quiz_trivia - aliana gayle

Jamaica History Quiz || by Wellesley Gayle

Our fun Jamaica trivia questions was extremely well received, everyone loved and appreciated it!

But that was just the beginning! It provided the inspiration to do yet another! And this time we are testing your knowledge more specifically on Jamaica's history.

I really hope you like it. If you need a bit of quick preparation, click here :-)

Ready? (1 point each || Scroll below )

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And yes, the answers are at the end of the page BUT!!!

Jamaica History Quiz Questions

  1. Who were the first inhabitants of Jamaica?

    (Caribs, Tainos, Aztecs, Romans)

  2. Approximately how many native persons were here in Jamaica when Christopher Columbus reportedly discovered the island?

    (4500, 300,000, 60,000, close to a million)

  3. In what year did Christopher Columbus first visit Jamaica?

    (1492, 1494, 1655, 1852)

  4. In what year did the English capture Jamaica from the Spanish? 

    (1499, 1565, 1645, 1655)

  5. Sligoville was the first Free Village established in Jamaica .

    (True/ False)

  6. Henry Morgan served as Lieutenant Governor Of Jamaica.

    (True/ False)

  7. Port Royal was famous for its _____________.

  8. In what year was Port Royal destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami?

    (1629, 1692, 1734, 1738)

  9. Which national hero led the Christmas rebellion in Jamaica?

    (Nanny Of The Maroons, Sam Sharpe, Paul Bogle, George William Gordon )

  10. Which national hero led the Morant Bay rebellion?

    (Nanny Of The Maroons, Sam Sharpe, Paul Bogle, George William Gordon )

  11. Who brought breadfruit to Jamaica? ____________

  12. The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) was the first political party formed in Jamaica.

    (True/ False)

  13. Norman Manley was Jamaica's first Premier?

    (True / False)

  14. Universal Adult Suffrage was granted in 1944.

    (True / False)

  15. The People's National Party (PNP) was formed in 1938.

    (True/ False)

  16. In what year was Emancipation granted to slaves in Jamaica? _______

  17. In what year was slavery fully abolished? __________

  18. Who was Jamaica's first Governor General? _________.

  19. Who was Jamaica's first native Governor General? _________.

  20. Which of these were not brought to Jamaica by the Spanish?

    (Cassava, Sugar Cane, Oranges)
  21. Which of these were introduced by the British?

    (Irish Potato, Breadfruit, Sugar Cane)

  22. How many heroes/ heroine does Jamaica have/ recognize? _______

Ok, great! Ready for the answers? ... scroll down to here

ANSWERS To Jamaica History Quiz

  1. Tainos
  2. 60,000
  3. 1494
  4. 1655
  5. True
  6. True
  7. Piracy and buccaneering
  8. 1692
  9. Samuel 'Sam' Sharpe
  10. Paul Bogle
  11. Captain Bligh
  12. False, it was the PNP
  13. True
  14. True
  15. True
  16. 1834
  17. 1838
  18. Kenneth Blackburn
  19. Sir Clifford Campbell
  20. Cassava
  21. Irish Potato
  22. Seven (7)

How Successful Were You?

  • 16-20 points - Excellent (You know 'yuh' stuff)
  • 11-15 points- Good (You have a basic knowledge, looks like you paid some attention in class)
  • 6-10 points - Average (Just enough to show you were exposed)
  • 0-5 points - Poor (Sorry, you need some history lessons urgently)

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By the way, we've answered hundreds of questions about Jamaica, visit this page to learn even more about our beautiful island.

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