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Jamaica Airport Q&A
22 Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

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Jamaican airport - MBJ

Jamaican Airport Q&A || by Wellesley Gayle

We have answered hundreds, yes, hundreds of questions here right about Jamaica, and that spans almost all aspect of Jamaican life, from history and culture, to travel and tourism.

Today I'm zeroing on tourism, and a specific area, the airports!
I'll now share with you, these, the 22 most frequently asked questions related to the airports in Jamaica.


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Frequently Asked Jamaican Airport Questions (With Answers)

  1. What is the main airport in Jamaica?

    There are three (3) international airports in Jamaica. The Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston (KIN), The Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay (MBJ), and the Ian Fleming Airport (OCJ).

    The significant majority of the arrivals (and departures) however occurs at the two main airports, MBJ and KIN. Of both, MBJ in Montego Bay is the busiest,  recording over 4.5 million travelers in 2018.

  2. What airport do you fly into for Ocho Rios Jamaica?

    It depends on your preference. Ocho Rios is almost directly between the two major international airports, KIN  (107km) and MBJ (99km).

    For many persons though MBJ is preferred, the distance is a tad shorter, its larger, and also offers more flight and destination options.

  3. Can you get to Jamaica without flying?

    Yes you can. You can arrive via the sea (cruise ship). We currently have three cruise ship ports: In Montego Bay, Falmouth and Ocho Rios.

  4. What is the closest airport to Negril Jamaica?

    The closest international airport to Negril is the Donald Sangster International Airport In Montego Bay (MBJ). Note that there is also an aerodrome in Negril. See direct flights to Negril.

  5. How far is Ocho Rios from Jamaica airport?

    We don't have an airport called Jamaica airport so I'll state the distance between the two major international airports:
    MBJ -Approximately 97.3 km (1 hr 46 mins)
    KIN -Approximately 107 km (1 hr 42 mins)

  6. What airlines fly into Jamaica?

    We have an extensive list. You can find a list of them on this Jamaican airlines page.

  7. How far from Jamaica airport to Negril?

    As noted at #5 above. we don't have an airport called Jamaica airport, so I'll state again the distance between the two major international airports.

    MBJ -Approximately 81  km (1.5 hrs)
    KIN -Approximately 240 km (4.5 hrs)

  8. How far is Montego Bay from airport?

    The distance between Montego Bay's town center and the Montego Bay airport, MBJ, is 3.6km, that is approximately 9 minutes drive.

  9. Which airport is best in Jamaica?

    Both major international airports here have first world facilities and amenities, and continues to improve. However the MBJ is the largest, not just in Jamaica but also the Caribbean. It is considered the gateway to the Caribbean. Read more here.

  10. How far is Holiday Inn Montego Bay from the airport?
    The Holiday Inn Hotel is approximately 7.7 km or 10 minutes northeast of the airport.

  11. Is it better to fly into Kingston or Montego Bay?

    As a tourist coming in the island, it depends on your final destination. However, all things equal, Montego Bay is preferred by many because of the additional options geared towards tourists. Generally speaking Kingston is known for its industry, business and commerce.

  12. What is the best airline to fly to Jamaica?

    It's a matter of choice here but Jet Blue, American Airlines & Southwest are considered the airlines that currently flies most frequently from United States to Jamaica.

  13. Which airlines fly direct to Jamaica?
  14. This information changes frequently but according to, the following are the airlines that currently flies directly to Montego Bay from the USA.

    American Airlines
    Caribbean Airlines
    Jet Blue
    Sun Country
    & United
    Those arriving from other countries include...

    Air Berlin
    Air Canada
    British Airways
    Cayman Airways
    Virgin Atlantic
    Sunwing Airlines
    & Westjet

  15. How many international airports are in Jamaica?

    There are three (3) international airports in Jamaica.

    The Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston (KIN), The Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay (MBJ), and the Ian Flemming Airport (OCJ). 

  16. Do you go through customs in Jamaica?
  17. Oh yes. 

  18. Which airport in Jamaica is the best to fly into?
    See #9 above.

  19. What items do you have to declare at customs in Jamaica?
    Please see the list here

  20. Which airport is the biggest in Jamaica?

    Donald Sangster International Airport (MBJ) in Montego Bay Jamaica.

  21. Who owned Jamaica airport?

    The Norman Manley International Airport is owned by the Airports Authority of Jamaica and operated by NMIA Airport Ltd.

    The Donald Sangster is run by a consortium called MBJ Airports Limited. The leading partner of the consortium is Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico, while another partner is Vancouver Airport Services with a 2% stake. (source)

  22. What is Jamaica airport called? 

    The two main international airports are Donald Sangster International in Montego Bay and the Norman Manley International in Kingston.

  23. What city in Jamaica is closest to the airport?

    Donald Sangster International Airport is located in the city of Montego Bay and Norman Manley International is located in capital city of Kingston.

  24. What can you take on a plane to Jamaica?

    Get the full list of restricted and unrestricted items here:

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