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Jamaican Pot Still Rum

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Jamaican Pot Still Rum | Image Source: K&L Wine MerchantsJamaican Pot Still Rum | Image Source: K&L Wine Merchants

By Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Rum is a major part of the Jamaican culture and culinary experience. We don't only use rum for drinks, but we also use it in our dishes and for some traditional home remedies as well. One kind of rum that I have always heard about (maybe you have too?) is the Jamaican pot still rum. But what is it and what makes it special?

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What is Pot Still Rum?

Pot still rum, crafted through the art of distillation using traditional pot stills, boasts a complexity that most rum drinkers thoroughly enjoy. These classic onion-shaped copper stills provide a nuanced, flavorful distillation process, resulting in rums that are robust and full-bodied.

How Does it Differ from Other Rums?

What makes the Jamaican pot still rum different is simply how it is produced. 

1. Fermentation Magic: Jamaican pot still rum undergoes a lengthy fermentation process, often lasting weeks. This extended period allows for the development of higher ester counts, leading to the rum's rich fruity and floral notes.

2. Artful Ingredients: Local cane varieties and specific yeast strains are the stars of the show, adding unique character to the rum. These carefully chosen ingredients influence the final flavour profile, creating a symphony of tastes.

3. Small Batch Distillation: Pot still rums are distilled in small batches, ensuring meticulous control over the process. This attention to detail enhances the quality, resulting in rums that are truly one-of-a-kind.

How is the Jamaican Pot Still Rum Crafted?

  1. Sugar Cane: Sugar cane is the heart of rum production. Here in Jamaica, molasses, a thick, sticky residue from sugarcane juice extraction, forms the base of this exceptional elixir.

  2. Fermentation: Molasses undergoes a patient fermentation process, allowing natural yeasts to transform sugars into alcohol. This slow dance of flavours is essential for the rum's complexity and depth.

  3. Distillation: The fermented liquid finds its way into pot stills, where it undergoes a meticulous distillation process. The careful heating and condensation capture the essence of Jamaica, encapsulating its flavours and aromas.

  4. Aging: Post-distillation, the rum is lovingly aged in oak barrels, allowing it to mature and develop further complexity. This ageing period, ranging from several years to decades, results in a spirit that tells the tale of time and craftsmanship.

Noteworthy Brands:

Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Black Rum: This particular rum is a blend of extra light, light, and heavy pot still rums from the Worthy Park Estate sugar mill. Aged up to five years, it offers aromas of coconut husk, hay, and allspice, with hints of espresso on the palate.

Smith and Cross Pot Still Jamaican Rum: This 100% pot still, high-ester rum is known for its heavy and reminiscent-of-19th-century Jamaican rum character. It's a bold choice for those seeking a powerful and authentic Jamaican rum experience.

Hamilton Gold Jamaican Pot Still Rum: The Hamilton Gold is a blend of extra light, light, and heavy pot still rums distilled from fermented molasses, creating a rich and complex flavor profile

What does it taste like?

Our pot still rums often boast notes of tropical fruits, spices, caramel, and molasses. 

How to Enjoy: While some enjoy it neat to savour its intricate flavours, Jamaican pot still rum also shines in cocktails. Consider classic concoctions like Mai Tai, Rum Punch, or a simple Daiquiri to experience its versatility and depth.

And there you have it, a flavorful glimpse into the world of Jamaican pot still rum! Whether you're sipping it neat or mixing up a cocktail, this rum is sure to add a taste of Jamaica's spirit to any occasion. Each sip is a journey of tantalizing flavour that will have you reaching for another bottle.

Want to learn more about our Jamaican rums? Check out this article and then grab a copy of our ebook, Jamaican Sweet Treats, for interesting ways you can incorporate the Jamaican pot still rum in your desserts.

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