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My Favorite Joan Andrea Hutchinson Poems

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Joan Andrea Hutchinson Poems Jamaica - by Arriel Bullock

“You’re the ackee in my saltfish Condensed milk in my tea, The patty in my coco bread. Without you there is no me”

“Jus becaw mi tell one man say him teet look like Dem a go gi di dentist lockjaw An mi tell one ooman say her mout a ratten teet Should a punishable by law”

After reading those two excerpts, the face of one individual instantly comes to mind - that of Joan Andrea Hutchinson, “The next Miss Lou”, “Dat Bumpy Head Gal”.

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joan andrea hutchinson poems

Whichever name you may know her by, one thing stands out at all times: she is Jamaica’s cultural ambassador.

Following in the footsteps of Amina Blackwood-Meeks and the late Dr the Honourable Louise Bennett Coverley (the original Miss Lou), Joan has embraced her culture, with a passion for ensuring it is preserved and kept valid and current at home in Jamaica, as well as in the Diaspora.

The essential “jack of all trades” when it comes to the imparting of the Jamaican culture, Miss Hutchinson is an author, storyteller, actress, language trainer, motivational speaker and cultural educator.

A firm believer in the saying, “kin teet kibba heart bun”, she utilizes wit and humour to bring across essential themes and aspects of the Jamaican culture.

Her riveting stage presence allows Joan to communicate her thoughts and ideas in any setting, to any audience, and it is received with the same level of awe and understanding.

Her storytelling style is effective to capture the attention of children all over, and her enthusiasm and vivacity will spell-bind adults regardless of the socio-economic status. That is the effect of Joan Andrea Hutchinson.

One poem, one performance, even one quotation is enough to have even the skeptic salivating for more.

Her unique talent brings the Jamaican culture into perspective, through practical, everyday Jamaican experiences and proverbs, expressed in the authentic, inimitable Jamaican dialect.

She has a vast repertoire of Jamaican poems, which are compiled in audio/visual cd’s and books.

Her most famous works, and incidentally some of my favourite include, but are not limited to:

  1. “Mi Let Yuh Down”
  2. “Workaholic”
  3. “Ward 21”
  4. “Dat Bumpy Head Gal”
  5. “Playgroun”
  6. “Love Cyaan Done”
  7. “Madman Power”
  8. “It Hot But Hush”
  9. “Lion Heart Love”
  10. “Ef Ooman Strike”
  11. “Dat White Witch Henny”
  12. “Di Hog Name Crowd”
  13. and her tribute to Louise Bennett: “Tenky Miss Lou Tenky”.

Regardless of whether you are Jamaican-born, a Jamaican-at-heart or simply in love with the Jamaican culture and lifestyle, Joan’s work will appeal to your sense of cultural pride and broaden your appreciation for the Jamaican people.

It matters not if you are a fan of “Bredda Anancy”, in love with the intricacies and rhythm of the Jamaican dialect, or curious regarding the meaning behind the proverbs or “old people sayings”, there is a Joan Andrea Hutchinson poem to “whet your appetite”.

So the next time you want a taste of some authentic Jamaican culture, just pick up a work from Joan Andrea Hutchinson and “tek kin teet kibba heart bun.”

Joan Andrea Hutchinson Poems

Looking to purchase/download Joan Andrea Hutchinson poems? Sure! Amazon now has them at great prices. Click here and visit Amazon to see them!

READY FI LOVE YUH - by Joan Andrea Hutchinson ©2007

Mi no come offa no high table Mi no have no university degree Mi no boasy and pretentious bout life But what yuh see is me But yuh see mi … mi check fi yuh

Mi kyaan carry yuh go a no expensive spot Mi kyaan stomach fancy food Mi kyaan tek yuh hypocrite kin teet friend dem But wah mi can do is treat yuh good An yuh see mi … mi will love yuh right

Unlike mi, yuh have gold spoon inna yuh mout Yuh no short a nothing But from wah mi see, yuh look like yuh coulda do Wid a lickle loving So see mi yah … ready fi kill yuh wid love

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YUH MI WAAN FI DEH WID - by Joan Andrea Hutchinson ©2007

Even if yuh put on fifty pound Even if yuh sick an mawga down Even if yuh bleach di black fi fayva brown A yuh mi waan fi deh wid

Even if yuh foot shape like afoo yam An yuh hand look like song of di banana man Even if yuh claim rasta but a quietly lick di ham A yuh mi waan fid eh wid

So even doah yuh behaving like a clown An yuh name a call all over town A yuh mi still waan fi be around A yuh mi waan fi deh wid

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NO ROSES NO POSES - by Joan Andrea Hutchinson ©2007

Fi di whole year yuh treat mi floops Den braps, mi get red roses Yuh think say chocolate an wine can compensate Mi no waan no valentine poses

Mi no waan no dinner a no fancy restaurant Keep yuh red an white teddy bear Unless yuh a go love an treat mi good Every day of di year

Love a one full time wuck, more dan nine to five A no just di one day poses So if mi kyaan get consistent love from yuh Keep yuh wine an roses

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THUG NO SHOW LOVE - by Joan Andrea Hutchinson ©2007

Baby mi love yuh and yuh done well and know But a guy can’t too meck him feelings show Yuh feel mi love and dat suppose to enough But man a man and man haffie flex tough So no expect mi fi come wid no lovey dovey love Cause man a thug, an thug no show love

Mi will tidy house an help yuh wash plate Change baby diaper, iron cook an bake Wash yuh hair an massage yuh body all night long Hug up an dance like grandpa when mi hear love song But outa street mi no eena di smoochie smoochie love For man a thug, an thug no show love

Most people no know say mi have a romantic side Mi will give yuh sweet an tender loving till yuh clide At home mi will bow, cause yuh control di remote An mi ready fi go front a parson go teck oath But John Public no haffie know bout mi romantic love For man a thug … an thug no show love

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KIDNAP - by Joan Andrea Hutchinson ©2007

Dem say kidnapper and thief a criminal An criminal go to jail But mi think if one day mi kidnap yuh Love an passion gwine prevail

When mi thief yuh way, yuh mighta fight at first But when mi ketch yuh in di sack An show yuh how good loving go Yuh nah go waan go back

Yuh a go waan mi an beg mi no fi stop An heng on pon mi tight Yuh a go waan lay down inna mi bed From night until daylight

When mi finally release yuh mi already know Di note yuh a go send ‘Why yuh tecking sooo long Fi kidnap mi again?”

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GI MI DI BLIGH - by Joan Andrea Hutchinson ©2007

A long time mi a watch yuh, but mi don’t know What fi say or how fi do So slow down lickle an gi mi a chance Meck mi chat to yuh

Mi nuh have no bag a lyrics fi fling down Mi clueless bout romance But wah mi really waan fi say to yuh is Just gi mi a chance

A chance fi ‘deh’ an create union Fi fill yuh life wid happiness Fi love yuh an treat yuh like royalty Yuh deserve di very best

Mi a go show yuh things yuh never know Believe mi, mi nah stop try So if yuh ready fi a bonify ol fashion love Do … gi mi di bligh

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