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Mobay Burgers
Where Do I Find The Best In Montego Bay?


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Mobay Burgers | Usain Bolt's Tracks & RecordsMobay Burgers | Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

Do you agree that burgers were invented by a mastermind? Let’s look at it, which other food gives you all the major food groups in one single bite? You get your protein from the meat, your carbs from the bread, and vegetables, plus you can add anything you want to it.
But the absolute best thing about it is that not only are they delicious (because who makes a bad burger? Almost impossible) and they are quick and easy to make. That’s why most fast food companies always have a burger on the menu. 

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No matter where you are from I am pretty sure you know of Burger King and all the burgers they have to offer and you probably have tried most if not all of them by now. So it's understandable that as a burger-lover you do not want to come to Montego Bay, Jamaica and resort to grabbing a regular burger from Burger King or KFC, even though they both taste great.

Whether you are on vacation or business or a combination of both, you might want to try some burgers that are more sophisticated and unique, some that don't focus on just the basic things but have a splash of authentic Jamaican flavours. So if that’s what you are looking for, here are the top restaurants in Montego Bay that offer you just that.

1. Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records

This is the perfect place for you if you love a great game. This restaurant is a sophisticated blend of a sports lounge and a fine dining restaurant. They serve mostly Traditional based dishes with a little twist of elegance.

Their signature cheeseburger is a favourite of many and has the following: Pimento spiced 100% beef, topped with melted cheddar, fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, and cool mayo served with coleslaw and jerk aioli.

You can also add bacon, swiss cheese, mushrooms or an extra patty, or even go the extra mile and add a few slices of ripe plantain to it. They are located at 7 Gloucester Avenue (Mobay Hip Strip).

Contact Information: Tel- 1-876-971-0000 | Email

2. Pier One

Mobay Burgers | Pier 1 - Surf And Turf Cheese BurgerMobay Burgers | Pier 1 - Surf And Turf Cheese Burger

One of Mobay’s hotspots, known not just for its great food but also for throwing amazing events as well. Depending on the day or night of the week you visit it might be a cosy spot by the pier to enjoy a quiet dinner or it might be a full-on party.

Their burger menu is anything but basic, you should definitely give their Surf and Turf Burger a try. It is a ⅓ lb burger with crumbled feta cheese and grilled shrimp, of course, you can add extras like bacon, sauteed onions, mushrooms or swiss and cheddar cheese.

Contact Information: Tel - +1 (876) 952-2452/ +1 (876) 940-5408 | Email -

3. Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville

Mobay Burgers | Cheese Burger in Paradise - MargaritavilleMobay Burgers | Margaritaville - Cheese Burger in Paradise

Known for its swinging parties nighttime events, waterslides, sunset views and much more. Margaritaville is all about having a great time. Combine that with anything from their extensive menu of local and international dishes and you are in for quite a treat.

Their B.O.B (Bacon, Onion, Bleu Cheese) Burger is something to behold, it is Layered with applewood smoked bacon, shoestring onion rings, bleu cheese dressing, lettuce, and tomatoes.

This full-flavoured burger is topped with Gorgonzola cheese crumbles and served on a buttery brioche bun. They are located on the Mobay Hip Strip.

Contact Information - +1 (876) 952-4777 | Email -

4. Peppas Cool Spot

Peppas has been the go-to spot for many “montegonians” over the years for romantic dinners, family dinners, or just a cosy spot to grab a delicious meal and drink with a friend. Their amazing wooden outdoor seating is what really sets them apart.

While their burger menu is not as extensive as others, their signature burger may be more than enough. It is a homemade 1/2 lb burger patty, freshly baked bun topped with grilled pineapple slice, lettuce & tomato served with a side of fries.

They are located at 9 Ramparts Close At Mynt Retreat & Spa, Montego Bay.

Contact Information: Tel - 1 876.433.9617 | Email -

5. DLE Café

Mobay Burgers | DLE Café - Vegan BurgerMobay Burgers | DLE Café - Vegan Burger

This café has really changed the game when it comes to providing delicious tasting healthy, vegan and vegetarian dishes in Montego Bay. what’s great also is that their menu is quite extensive so you will have many options to choose from.

Their Wild Salmon Serenity Burger made of wild Alaskan salmon, red onions, sun-ripened tomatoes, handmade dill lemon sauce, organic romaine lettuce, handmade whole-wheat burger bun is a great option.

Vegans can try their pulled jackfruit burger which is made of BBQ pulled jackfruit served on their signature vegan whole-wheat burger bun, you can add onion, lettuce and tomatoes or vegan slaw as well.

They are located in Fairview Montego bay. 

Contact Information: Tel- +1 (876) 488-7867/ +1 (876) 347-9500 | Email -

So there you have it, the top five restaurants to grab a unique and tasty burger in Mobay, you won’t be disappointed.

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