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Nurses association of Jamaica

Nurses Association of Jamaica
4 Trevennion Park Road
PO Box 277
Kingston 5

Tel: 876 929 5213/ 876 926-6585
Fax: 876 968 2200

I found that a lot of my fellow Jamaicans (including nursing students and professional nurses) are researching information on this noble institution but without much luck.

So I mandated myself to seek and provide much of this information for their benefit.
Thanks again the helpful folks at the entity's head office in Kingston.

The following are extracts from a presentation prepared by Mrs. Iris Wilson, President in October 2003.

Here we go …

The Nurses Association of Jamaica came into being on July 19th, 1946.
The organization was then known as the Jamaica General Trained Nurses Association (JGTNA).

The birth of the association was a result of the vision, determination and hard work of a small group of nurses who recognized the urgent need for improving standards of nursing education and service in Jamaica.

The association aimed to obtain state recognition of nursing as a profession at to advance the status of nursing.

The main objectives came to be known as the three “R”s

1.       Registration
2.       Reciprocity and

Registration of nurses was achieved on December 15, 1951 when the nurses Registration law was passed. In early 1952, the regulations were made. The General Nursing Council of Jamaica was established and the law was proclaimed.

Reciprocity of basic nursing education with the General Nursing Council of England and Wales was achieved in May 1952. Nurses who wished to continue their nursing education were accepted by the Royal College of Nursing in England to pause Ward Administration and nursing Tutor courses.

Recognition as a professional organization for nurses in Jamaica at the national, regional and international levels. The association was admitted as a member of the international Council of Nurses (ICN) at the Quadrennial Congress in Brazil in 1953.

The association became a member of the Caribbean Nurses Association (CNO) in 1960. The association is a member of the Commonwealth Nurses Federation (CNF), Jamaica being a member of the English-speaking Commonwealth.

Over the years, it was recognized that the Social Economic Welfare of nurses needed to be addressed more forcibly hence the fourth “R” of Remuneration which deals with the Conditions of Life and Work of Nursing personnel was established.


  •  In 1947 the Association recognized the need for continued educational development of nurses in Jamaica and started the FIRST SUMMER SCHOOL with a variety of programmers.
  • On November 23. 1960, the Association’s Headquarter, Mary Seacole House was opened at 72 Arnold Road, Kingston 5.

    This building was erected on Crown Lands through the permission of the Government. The auditorium is named The Julie Symes Auditorium in memory of Miss Julie Symes, the first Registrar of the Nursing Council.
  • In 1961, the Association launched its official journal, THE JAMAICA NURSE, which was published twice yearly up to 1964. It is now published three times per year and is subscribed by individuals and organizations worldwide.
  • 1966 (June) the name was changed to Nurses Association of Jamaica to accommodate all categories of trained nursing personnel.
  • 1971. A “Nurse of the Year Award’ was agreed on; the first award was made in 1974 to Public Health Nurse, Sarah Hamilton.
  • 1972 (October). NAJ published its Position Paper, “Blueprint for Progress”.
  • 1974. NAJ became the official bargaining agent as well as representational body on nursing matters in Jamaica.
  • 1974. The NAJ Co-op Credit Union was launched after the NAJ consulted with the Jamaica Cooperative Credit Union League.
  • On March 7, 1978 the Association bought premises at 4 Trevennion Park road, Kingston 5. This is known as Mary Seacole Annex and comprises the following entities:

       ·         The Secretariat of NAJ with               
              o   The Mary Seivwright Boardroom               
              o   The Gertrude Swaby Library               
              o   The second floor for general rental
    The Leleka Champagnie Hostel        
    The NAJ Cooperative Credit Union        
    ·        NAJ Outreach Center for Counseling

  • In 1984, NAJ Logo was created.
  •  In 2001, the Association acquired premises at 24 ½ Seymour Avenue, Kingston 6.  A retirement home was dedicated on January 23, 2003


  1. In 1977, the NAJ successfully negotiated a 40 hour work week inclusive of meal break;
  2. Increased tailoring and accessory allowance and involvement in choice of uniform materials
  3. Exclusion of Saturday and Sunday in computation of vacation leave in keeping with other in public sector
  4. Seasonal pay for work done outside of regular work time for all levels of nurses.
  5. Supper and Travelling Allowance for nurses on the 2 to 10 pm and 10pm to 7am shifts, and supper allowance when worked after 7pm.
  6. Housing allowance in lieu of quarters for Matrons whose residence, were taken away.
  7. Where and officer dies in execution of his/her work, an amount of $4m to be paid to her /his estate.
  8. NAJ acquired houses form the National Housing Trust (NHT) for its members in some housing development e.g. Cumberland, Greater Portmore and some rural communities.
  9. Incentive Allowance for working between 7 pm and 7 am. (inconvenient hours)
  10. Rural Incentive for working in certain areas.
  11. Location Incentive for working in certain locations.
  12. Specified Clinical Allowance
  13. Maintenance of Equipment Allowance to Tutors and Nurse Practitioners
  14. Payment of additional increments on completion of course without promotion and payment of additional increments on successful completion of degree
  15. Supervisory Allowance and
  16. Stand By /On Call Allowance


  • Nurse Of The Year
  • Sangster Award For Excellence In Practice
  • Senior Administration Nursing Group (SANG) Award (Institution Alternate primary and Secondary)
  • Radio Jamaica Award For Clinical Practice (Nurse)
  • Founder Day Awards to nurses who have given outstand services to the profession and the organization


  • Order of Jamaica
  • Commander of the order of Distinction (C.D)
  • Officer of the order of Distinction (O.D)
  • Medal for Dedicated Service
  • Governor General’s Award
  • Normal Manley Award for Excellence
  • ICN/3M International Fellowship
  • Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) Interntional Distinghished Leadership Award

"Achievements of the Nurses Association Of Jamaica", Mrs. Iris wilson, October 2003


For more information on the Nurses Association Of Jamaica, click this link to get their address, phone number and fax information (above).
The NAJ does not currently have a website.

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