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Shipping To Jamaica
What Are The Options When Online Shopping?

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Shipping To JamaicaShipping To Jamaica

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Because Jamaica is an island that doesn’t manufacture everything we need, there are loads of imported goods. Sometimes we ship barrels to Jamaica with clothes or food to last until we make another trip overseas or, we wait until a friend is visiting the island and ask them to bring a few items for us. But, what do you do when you don’t have those options and you need an item that isn’t available on the island?

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Well, there is the post office which I am happy to report, is very reliable here. There aren’t many cases of lost, misplaced stolen or damaged packages through the post office. The only real issue might be the time it takes to get here.

Sometimes it can take weeks or, depending on how far away the order was purchased from, months to get here. Many people order items for specific events only to have them arrive months afterwards.

So what do we do? Thankfully, we have couriers and shipping companies that satisfy our needs, reliance and for some of us, obsession with online shopping. Here are some of the most reputable ones.

1. Mailpac

This is one company with which most Jamaicans are familiar, as one of the biggest package delivery services in Jamaica. The company partnered with American logistics management and package delivery company, Aeropost to provide shipping services to Jamaicans who order items online. 

To shop, you’ll receive a shipping/mailing address which includes a box office and a street address. Mailpac is unique in that this becomes your personal address in the US and can be used for all online orders.

To order, you can either input the shipping information under the address sections of the site you would like to purchase from or copy the link to the item and paste it on the Aeropost website, you’ll get the fully landed price. You would be able to pay both the cost of the item and the cost to ship it to Jamaica at once.

But, if you would prefer to use the website of the company you are purchasing from, that's fine. All you would need to do is create a pre-alert to notify them that a package is coming in for you. 

You are also able to upload the invoice for the package to your account when doing the pre-alert which makes it easier when clearing the package at customs.

Mailpac Delivery

When the package reaches your preferred Mailpac location in Jamaica, you will be notified. From there, you have two options for getting your package. You can either utilise the company’s delivery services (which have other costs attached) or collect it at the office. 

To collect the package you’ll need to present a picture ID (preferably the one used to create the account), and, if you haven’t already paid shipping and costumes fees, the money to pay for that.

If you are not satisfied with the item once it arrives, then Mailpac returns it for you free of charge.

Payment Methods

At Mailpac you can pay for your item(s) in one of three ways:

  1. Pay online using the Fully landed price quoter tool

  2. Order now and pay in the branch within 24 hours (this option is popular among persons who don’t have a recognized international credit/debit card.

  3. Mailpac financial services which allows you to take a “loan” from the company to cover the expenses of the item if you are low on funds but still need the products now. When you request a loan, you will know whether you are approved within seconds. If you are, then your order will be processed and shipped. When you go to the office to collect the package, just bring along 3 payslips, national Identification and the first instalment (if you are paying in small increments at a time.

Mailpac Shopping Support Agents

If you are not unsure about how to shop online, then the support agents are ready to help you understand how online shopping works. 

So you see, with Mailpac you have no excuses not to ship online. And with 12 locations, there is sure to be a Mailpac near you.

Tel: +1 (876) 927-7225

2. SSMC Xpress International

SSMC Xpress International has 8 locations across the island. To shop you get a US shipping address in Miami that can be used as your personal address to shop online. Your package is shipped to the address and SSMC deals with shipping and customs fees until the package arrives in Jamaica. 

When you are alerted that the package has arrived, you go to the branch to collect it and pay all outstanding fees. The cost for shipping is charged by the weight of the package per pound. Also, if you just don’t feel like leaving home, choose to have it delivered to your door instead.

If you don't have an internationally accepted card, you can still shop with SSMC, all you would have to do is take a trip to the nearest location and use the company's card.

24-hour Delivery Services

Let’s say there is a document you need urgently, but it is in the USA. If this is in Fort Lauderdale or Miami, then you are in luck. SSMC offers delivery of some items within 24 hours of receiving the package. For areas outside of these two, you would have to get the document to either location and then they would send it off for you.

Other services by SSMC:

  • Ocean Freight - SSMC does larger shipments for less than a container load and pallet barrels as well.
  • Freight Consolidation - If you have multiple packages coming in, then they can all be shipped together instead of going back and forth for one or two items at a time.

Tel: +1 (876) (876) 754-4332


TARA is known for its delivery to your door in (even rural communities) in Jamaica. In addition to delivery directly to your home or office, they have a few other services as well.

  1. Branch to Branch delivery - If you would like to have your package transferred from one branch to the other, that is facilitated for you.
  2. Trucking - There are very few things that are too large or too heavy for TARA to deliver. While they are known for the distinct yellow vehicles, they also have trucks, in the same colour, of course, that can deliver you furniture, car parts and other bulky items.

TARA is the authorised service contractor for UPS in Jamaica and so all the UPS deliveries for Jamaica are done through TARA.

International Companies That Provide Services For Shipping to Jamaica

DHL and FedEx, which might be most familiar to you, also offer shipping services in Jamaica from a few locations in major towns on the island including Mandeville, Montego Bay, Kingston and Ocho Rios.

Multiple smaller companies do shipping to Jamaica, however, these featured here have the most locations islandwide.

See Also: Amazon Jamaica

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