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Discounted Vacation Packages To Jamaica

FINALLY!  I say "finally" as this long awaited, highly anticipated booking arm of, is now a reality!

And it is fully functional to all my website visitors and Jamaican enthusiasts, including you! Your's truly is now a Certified Travel Consultant (View Certificate)!

New! Take a piece of Jamaica with you๐Ÿ’ƒ!

Savour the memories!  Now you can get your authentic Jamaican souvenir items, as well as traditional Jamaican herbs, spices and housewares on our popular e-store. Click Here to learn more.

And, if you ever need a trustworthy and knowledgeable local guide, consider booking a private tour with us!

STOP! Ready to visit Jamaica? Be sure to download a copy of the 'must have' Jamaica Insider Guide to take with you! You cannot afford not to have it!


US: 1-727-470-2030
JA: 1-876-825-2237

More Options:

  1. Email Me Your Travel Booking Request.

    Not only am I usually able to get you even better rates by contacting the vendors directly, I am privy a wider inventory of hotel and flight options in the back office!

  2. Book Online via Our Secure Reservation Engine at Paycation Travel and get great discounted rates! (link opens in a new window)


Not quite ready to book? Click Here to be among the first to get Jamaican travel specials & deals!

Why Book With

  1. We Know Jamaica!

    Outside of a few travels outside for vacation and training, all of my time has been spent in Jamaica; Yes, I was born and raised here!

    That afforded me the opportunity to explore all the nook and cranny of Jamaica, learning and experiencing the best of Jamaica! All valuable information to guide YOUR stay.

    This website is a true testimony, capturing close to 4,000 pages of insightful information, including our resourceful Q&A series.

  2. We Listen!

    Your satisfaction is our success and so it makes sense to listen to you. But above that, it is just our nature :-)

  3. Our Honesty!

    You have my word. I'll never book you anywhere that is sub-par or where I personally would not go.

  4. We Are Trusted!

    Xstream/Paycation Travel, our booking partner is rock solid and has the reputation as one of the industry leaders.

    But you also benefit from our own credibility. We are not only highly trusted, we loved! And I know from the many many email and phone call feedback we receive. Here are a few examples.

  5. Choices!

    Through our wide database options, I am able to provide you an array of options - delivered by email if you wish, prior to your booking!

  6. At Your Service!

    The hallmark of is to be of service to Jamaicans and Jamaican enthusiasts; providing insightful information that will benefit our readers.

    And that extends to our booking facility; I will not rest until you are completely satisfied.

    Email Me your travel booking request

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The Beginning & The Inspiration

In June of 2014, I learned about an exciting travel agent business

I researched it thoroughly and concluded it was a good fit for me, and in line with the objectives I set for

Yes, I was ready to monetize my site in a way that would add real value to my visitors and fans and myself.

But equally important, I wanted to make sure that the idea was feasible. So I polled my most ardent website subscribers, and asked ...


The feedback was astounding!

Listen to this...

A massive 93% of the respondents said a resounding, 'yes'; they would definitely or likely book with me in this new venture! 

I was truly humbled.

Below are some of the feedback
(And My Inspiration)

(Note: I removed the names for their privacy)

I really enjoy all the information you send and feel safe to book with your service 6/12/2014 4:52 PM

I think you are capable and you've been an excellent ambassador for Jamaica. You deserve every success that comes your way from your love of country, and your hard work. I wish you well with your efforts. 6/12/2014 2:32 PM

Wellesley my friend, by all means go for it! You know so much about our little island of Jamaica, always giving us the very best info on the in's and Out's, so heck, why not do the business aspect part of it my friend.

You are such a dear and so very much blessed. Keep up the good work. Again,  Happy Anniversary to you both. Xoxo. 6/12/2014 4:49 PM

Good Luck,Let me know when you are up and ready?? 6/12/2014 1:53 PM

I would check out the different ways to save. so I would likely book thru ur website if it is reasonable. 6/12/2014 1:20 PM

I have been looking for a good travel agent who will look out for my best interest. I will definitely support you!!!!! 6/12/2014 12:09 PM

I would also recommend to friends n family also as you are a reputable source whose work speaks volumes. Go for it my friend! 6/12/2014 4:39 AM

[See more feedback via]

But I must admit that interestingly too, that put me under a bit more pressure...  I have to get this up and running, and fast!

But I now realize that I seem to work wonders under pressure :-)

So despite the push-back in the summer because of my child's health challenge, I can now boldly announce...


I've done my training with the highly reputable and respected Paycation Travel, got my formal certification, and now ready for the world, yeah!!

Below Is A Copy Of My Travel Agent Certificate!

welleley gayle travel agent certificate

So now, you my friend, your friends, family, and indeed all my website visitors can book their hotels, flights, cruises and vacations packages to Jamaica via me... yes yours truly!

And I have two (2) options:


(Both Defined Below)

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The Benefits

This is seamless and you maintain total control over your reservation.

That means you would for example, be able to make, change, edit or even cancel your reservation at anytime - without contact me.

And by the way, while my parent company (Paycation Travel) has to remain competitive with the likes of Expedia,,  Travelocity, etc...

We calculated that 85% of the time you will get the lowest prices anywhere online! No joke!

Click Here To Book Instantly Online (via Our Paycation Page) & Save! (opens in a new window)


The Benefits

This is the traditional travel agent way, and is what most mature travelers would probably be familiar with.

I basically do the leg work for you; going above and beyond what is offered on the website; including contacting vendors directly (airlines, hotels, cruise lines, car rental companies etc) and bargaining (and re-bargaining if I have to) on your behalf.

We have great discounted rates on the website, but I usually get even better rates by calling the vendors directly!  And I get a wider array of options (more hotels, more flights, more cruises etc)

In any case, you are the winner, the options are yours for the taking!

Click Here To Contact Me With Your Booking Request

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Can I Book Other Non-Jamaica Travels Too? Yes, You Can!

Although I would consider myself to be a Jamaica Expert, our Paycation Booking engine is actually global and so, you are welcome to to book non-Jamaican travels there as well.

Basically, you can book any and all your vacations, cruises, car rentals and even theme park adventures to anywhere in the world!

And, you'll still benefit from the great rates and savings (we verified that), while I get a little commission.

A total Win-Win for both you and I!

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What If I Am Not Ready To Book My Vacation?

Not ready to book? 

That is expected too, so I perfectly understand...

In this case, I'll just ask that you:

  1. Bookmark (save) this page until you are ready to book your own travel.
    (, then

  2. Refer your friends to this page you are reading (link above),
    Or point them directly to my Paycation Booking page to book their trips ie. (opens in a new window)

Thanks in advance my friends!

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Will This Venture Take Away From Keeping Up With This Site?

I recall that one of the respondents had asked this question in the survey.

My answer... Absolutely not!

In fact, quite the opposite!

If you all support me as I hope, then I would be able to pack my day job bags and work full time on my site...

In so doing, providing more in depth research, capturing moments (audio and video too) and provide you with more rich and insightful information on or about Jamaica.

So just do your part :-)

Do You Have A Form I Can Complete With My Travel Requirements?

In fact we do, yes!

Please see the client information form below or click here to scroll down and complete it.

Booking Information Request
Client Profile

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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