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Do Jamaicans Need A Visa For
Puerto Rico?

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san_juan_puerto_rico_hotelsDo Jamaicans Need A Visa FOr Puerto Rico | San Juan, Puerto Rico (Photo:

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Jamaicans need a visa to visit. As an unincorporated U.S. territory in the Caribbean, it is neither a state nor an independent country. While Puerto Ricans are American citizens, they are not allowed to vote in elections or elect senators to congress.

Puerto Rico also uses American currency, passport and Citizenship.

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Can I go to Puerto Rico if I am not a US citizen?

Yes, you can visit the island of Puerto Rico but you will need to have the required travel documents to be allowed entry.

Do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico for non-US citizens?

Yes, you will. Puerto Rico has the same entry requirements as the United States.

Can I travel to Puerto Rico on my Jamaican passport?

Holders of a Jamaican passport will need a US Visa to enter Puerto Rico’s borders. Visitors to Puerto Rico must possess one of the non-immigrant visas or immigrant visas issued by the United States embassy or consulate in your country.

In Jamaica, the United States Embassy is in Kingston, Jamaica.

Contact Information

Address: 142 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica, West Indies
Phone: 876-702-6000
Fax: 876-702-6348

Can I travel from Jamaica to Puerto Rico?

Currently, there are no direct flights from Jamaica to Puerto Rico or vice versa. To enter either country, you first must travel to the United States or a neighbouring island and catch a connecting flight.

Can I bring a firearm to Puerto Rico?

Jamaicans are not permitted to bring weapons to Puerto Rico. But Americans are allowed to since Puerto Rico is an overseas territory.

What currency will I use in Puerto Rico?

You will need American currency for your Puerto Rican trip. It is the official currency on the island.

Are there vaccination requirements for Puerto Rico?

There are no vaccination requirements to enter Puerto Rico, but in the case of an ongoing epidemic in your country of birth or a country you have transited through, then you may need proof of vaccination to enter the island.

Do Americans Need a Visa to Puerto Rico?

American citizens do not need a visa or passport to visit Puerto Rico as it is not considered international travel. All that is required is a recognised form of ID. A Driver’s Licence is mainly used.

If as an American citizen you plan to visit another country, that isn’t a US territory as well, for example, the US Virgin Islands, then you will need your American-issued passport and visa where necessary.

Do Puerto Ricans need a visa to visit America?

Much like Americans when visiting Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans as American citizens do not need a passport to enter the USA.

If I have an American Visa Do I need a Puerto Rican Visa?

If you have an American visa, then you are all set for your trip to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico does not have its own passport and visa. As an overseas territory, it uses the American passport and visitors who are required to have a visa to enter mainland America will also need it to visit Puerto Rico.

How to get around in Puerto Rico?

The simplest way to around Puerto Rico is by land however, there are multiple airports to facilitate travel between the multiple islands.

There are multiple options to travel by land from the very reliable public transportation system to the luxurious limousines for charter with many car rentals and transportation services in between.

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Do Jamaicans Need A Visa For Puerto Rico | Written: September 29, 2022

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