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Volunteerism In Jamaica

by Teresa

volunteer opportunities in Jamaica

What volunteer opportunities are available in Jamaica?

Actually there are quite a few! Thanks so much to Teresa in Canada for asking.

Here's her question with my answer (including a recommendation) below.

I am a Canadian citizen and I am looking for authentic volunteer opportunities in Jamaica.

I have visited Jamaica all of nine (9) times as a tourist.

I truly love the island and the Jamaican people. The culture, food, music and warm hearts make me thrive to come back but in a helping capacity.

I am a cake decorator by trade and am nearing retirement.

My goal is to retire and spend as much time as I can helping and volunteering where my heart leads me and that is Jamaica!

Any information you can provide to help with my mission would be very much appreciated!

Peace and harmony!

RESPONSE: by Wellesley Gayle

Hi Teresa,

First, thanks for visiting my website, and above that, thanks for stopping to submit your question, truly appreciated.

Thanks too for choosing Jamaica! And nine times? Wow!

I believe you earn the right to call Jamaica your next home now and volunteering here would just top that off.

Truth be told there are a host of volunteering opportunities in Jamaica.

And yes, some might have scaled down because of the pandemic, but generally speaking, the opportunities still remain.

These include...

  1. Orphanage & Child Care Programs
  2. High School Projects
  3. Volunteer Teaching
  4. Volunteer Coaching Sports
  5. Volunteer Building Projects
  6. Conservation and Environmental Volunteer
  7. Elder Volunteer, and even
  8. Agriculture!

You did indicate you were into food, cake decorating to be exact, but I'm sure you haven't limited your options, am I correct?

Good! I have a detailed article on volunteering opportunities in Jamaica which captures much of the opportunities listed above, but also the benefits of volunteering, I suggest that you take a quick look at it.

It is titled how to volunteer in Jamaica.

A few months ago though I ran into a volunteer opportunity and was captivated by the work these folks are doing.

It's a Christian based organization called the Jamaica Relief Ministry, based in Montego Bay.

It is really more like an orphanage but they do even more, including building houses for the indigent and parents who are unable to care and provide for their children.

I was privileged enough, not only to speak to the managers there, but also to visit with them on a house handover ceremony in Lucea!

Again, I am not sure if you have preferences, but I think you might also like this one. And yes, they provide housing and accommodation to their volunteers on property!

If interested, I'd suggest that you read more on them in this article.

Their contact information is included as well.

So go ahead and check on both resources my friend. Between them I expect that you will find something you like, good luck!

Here's a YouTube video (below) of me interviewing the guys at Jamaica Relief Ministries, take a look!


P.S. See also: Missionary Work Jamaica.

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