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Waterfalls Jamaica
Fun Facts And Top Attractions

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Waterfalls Jamaica | Dunn's River FallsWaterfalls Jamaica | Dunn's River Falls

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

We can go on forever about the beauty of Jamaica, its rivers, beaches, mountains, and so much more. But one wonder we simply cannot get over is the many cascading waterfalls on the island.

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How many waterfalls does Jamaica have?

Jamaica has well over 40 known waterfalls. I must stress the “known” part of my statement as there are, we believe, other hidden gems yet to be discovered.

What is the most famous waterfall in Jamaica?

This is hands down the Dunn’s River Falls, St. Ann. Usually, the “shine” wears off attractions for Jamaicans because we have visited them so often, but the Dunn’s River is always a marvel for us. The Ys Falls in St. Elizabeth on the South Coast is also quite popular.

What is the tallest waterfall in Jamaica?

The most popular and the tallest, Dunn’s River Falls is 180 metres tall. Climbing to the top in a hand-linked chain is popular at the falls.

Waterfalls to visit in Jamaica?

Well, I have already mentioned Ys and Dunn’s River but these are other waterfalls you can visit.

Waterfalls Jamaica | Blue Hole, WestmorelandWaterfalls Jamaica | Blue Hole, Westmoreland
  • Blue Hole - meet up on more than one “Blue Hole” in Jamaica, it just depends on where you are. The most famous two are Island Gully Falls in Ocho Rios and Blue Hole Negril.

  • Tacky Falls - Near Port Maria in St. Mary is where you’ll find Tacky Falls. It is uncommercialised off the beaten path, with no facilities or a clearly outlined trail. If you are a seasoned Jamaican visitor or have a Jamaican companion, this trip might be a little more enjoyable. If you are looking to be away from the packed tourist hotspots, this is the complete opposite as you might not see many locals even due to the remoteness of the falls.

  • Laughing Waters Falls - One of our “James Bond Attractions” (a little sidenote for ‘007 enthusiasts), the beach this falls flows into is where Honey Ryder met James for the first time. They then went up and hid under the Laughing Waters falls. Now, you won’t need to worry about anyone or anything trailing you here. You can’t just show up though, Laughing Waters can be rented for up to 250 persons. Many take advantage of this for weddings especially. However, others rent it just to have exclusive use of the falls, beach and expansive beachside which is great for cookouts and sports.

  • Little Dunn’s River - The smaller waterfall is located near the original. You’ll see way more locals here as this is free to the public. It is not as tall or expansive (hence the name), but it is a great way to experience Jamaica for its natural beauty and enjoy the company of its people at the same time. Remember it is free which means no lifeguards, security guards or facilities are around.

  • Reggae Falls - It is quite the journey to the falls but it is worth it. And you will meet up with a few Jamaicans having a leisurely time. The otherwise quiet community has slowly awakened to the frequency of guests in their community and now you can purchase drinks and snacks while visiting there.
Waterfalls Jamaica | Benta River And FallsWaterfalls Jamaica | Benta River And Falls
  • Benta River and Falls - The Dunn’s River is easily my favourite waterfall in Jamaica, but the Benta River in Westmoreland is a close second. Just 35 minutes out of Negril is where you’ll find it tucked into a corner in a laid-back community. The cost of entry is very affordable and though the waterfall, river and natural jacuzzi are the main events, you can have a picnic, cookout, or family or friendship gathering of considerable size on the grounds.

  • Konoko Falls - The Konoko Falls is part of the Konoka Falls and Park experience, but it isn’t just a part of a series of activities you are forced to do if you wish not to. You can pay your admission fee and head straight to the fall if you want to or you can take the tour of what was once a Taino settlement. The choice is yours.

If by some chance you have already been to these waterfalls, pick from this list instead:

  1. Roaring River - Westmoreland
  2. Nanny Falls - Portland
  3. Reach Falls - Ocho Rios, St. Ann
  4. Scatter Falls - Port Antonio, Portland
  5. Cane River Falls - Nine Miles, Bull Bay
  6. Somerset Falls - Hope Bay
  7. Nonsuch Falls - Port Antonio, Portland
  8. Mayfield Falls - Westmoreland
  9. Johnny Falls - Highgate

And there's more! See: Waterfalls in Jamaica

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Waterfalls Jamaica | Written: September 02, 2022

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