Jamaica, My Home Away From Home!

by Janet
(Toronto, Canada)

On my first trip to Jamaica, I stayed inside the resort, enjoying the food and the beautiful

My 2nd trip I ventured off the resort, but just across the street to the little market- more out of curiosity.

My 3rd trip to Jamaica was for my Father's wedding. Jamaica has always been his favorite Caribbean destination, and he encouraged me to see the sights, so off we went to fit in as much sight seeing as we could in the few days we were there.

And this is where my love story begins!

I met a few people who shared their stories of their lives in Jamaica. They were some of the most honest, generous and colorful people I have ever met and I couldn't wait to go back just so I could see more and meet more

The following year, I returned twice to the island with a girlfriend who also travels quite frequently.

She has made some great friends on her visits, and after a quick introduction, we spent 4 of our 7 days traveling around the island, seeing sights most tourists don't get to see!

We spent time in a Rasta compound, saw some incredible pools of water and waterfalls, and even visited a school where we handed out some school supplies and treats to the children.

We ate food that you don't get to eat on the resort, and we even managed to watch the final soccer game between St. Ann and Kingston.

It was so exciting to be in the midst of that game. It truly because about the people for me.

Everyone I met seemed genuinely interested in ensuring I was having the best possible time in Jamaica.

I had invites to come back with my family, and remained in contact with a few people via email and text messages.

I work in healthcare and wanted to somehow find a way to give back so I found an organization that helps Jamaicans in many different facets, being eye care, dental, and in schools, and quickly enrolled as a volunteer!

Since then, I have returned to the island 2 more times, and I am returning for my 3rd year in October as a volunteer helping with eye examinations in different parts of the country.

What better way to get to experience the Jamaican culture, than to spend 8 hours a day helping the people?

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Jul 24, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing.

Jun 15, 2013
One Love
by: Brenton

All I can add is! Out Of Many One People, One Love Jamaica.

Jun 13, 2013
Janet's story
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful stories... I'm so thrilled to learn about Jamaica and it's people. I can't wait to visit..

Jun 10, 2013
Need some assistance to compleye this project
by: veronica from canada

I am a Jamaican living in Canada,I became a regular returning Jamaican for the pass 4 years trying to help the less fortunate in what ways i can.

I am presently trying to built a 10x10 room for a pregnant 20 years old young girl who is expecting om September. I have 70 blocks, materials for the roof some ply, (need about 8 more ply) i have someone who will cut some lumber for Ja$5,000.00.

I am presently in Canada but am getting someone in Jamaica to see the project done.I need sand, gravel, a used door and window.

Please if you can help in any way it would be very much appreciated. Together we can change a young person life that can change a future.

About Ja$50,000.00 can complete this project but will accept materials if feels unsure about helping with money.

I have volunteers who will help to built this room. Thanks for your support.Veronica

Jun 10, 2013
Jamaican love
by: Anonymousjulie

I have been coming to Jamaica for over 20 yrs! The Jamaicans are the most welcoming and loving people ever! We have been to houses of our friends in Jamaica, and I don't think they had money to feed us, but we never knew that😉 we have always stayed in Negril and loved its beauty!

We have never had a bad experience .

The people are just so welcoming and open! I want to come back and volunteer but my husband says we already are, since we leave all our clothes, beauty products and money for our friends.

I love Jamaica and it will always be my second home! I would move there but I have kids and grand kids here, so I am torn.

Ok, if you get the chance, visit Jamaica! You won't be sorry!!!

Jun 10, 2013
Vacation to Volunteering
by: Caramel

My first visit to Jamaica was on a crew ship, so you know I didn't get to see much. I met a few people on that short & feel in love with Jamaica.

The same year I returned in Aug. & Oct but stayed at Ocho, Rio Riu. My friends took me to so many places both times.

I met a whole family and now I have family in Jamaica. Some of the local guys had us a beach party at St Ann's beach. the best time i've had un a long time.We are so blessed here in America that I would like to do some volunteer work at least twice a year.

I would live some information in doing volunteer work. I am a nurse, with my specialty in Hemodualysis, education, and public health nurse ( TB & infectious Diseaes).

I tell everyone Jamaica is the best place to vacation. What better place to blow money. I can't to return this year.

Yea man Caramel

Jun 06, 2013
Jamaica...the land of my birth
by: Brenda

Hi I was born in Grange Hill in Westmoreland, Jamaica. I moved to England to join my parents at the age of 8, I am now 51 so you could say I am more English that Jamaican....although I remain a Jamaican all the way.

I visited Jamaica last month with my English partner, I asked him if he wanted to visit all the usual tourist parts of Jamaica, he told me that he wanted to see the real Jamaica.

I took him to grange hill where my family took him fishing Jamaican stylie, showed how to climb coconut trees, how to catch crab and prepare and cook it outside.

He told me that he learnt so much from people who are very poor but have so much to give to him.

Before we left we visited all of the family and all the new friends we had made and offerred them all a drink, cigarettes and anything else that we had to give.

We are told to stay in the resorts and are told a lot of scare stories but you cannot help but fall in love with Jamaica.

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