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Whether you are looking for exciting, historic or adventurous places to visit in Jamaica, rest assured we have them all!

"If I could find a way to live in Jamaica and still make the money I make in the States, I would be gone before you could read this!" -CADG, Aurora, CO
chukka - places to visit
Among them includes some of the best in the Caribbean & indeed the world! I have been to a number of them; Many are great, but still, there are many more for me to venture.

So from my own experience, and/or popular local sentiments, I now present you my top (5) five; best of the best!

Drum roll please...

  1. Chukka Adventure Tours

    chukka_adventure_tours_buggy_ride There are a lot of good reasons why they were crowned the top adventure tour company in the Caribbean. I have first hand experience!

    The company operates twenty-eight (28) amazing tours at Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and St. Mary in Jamaica, Belize City in Belize, Half Moon Cay in The Bahamas and Grand Turk in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

    You can't miss our Chukka Adventure Tour Summary here.

  2. Bob Marley's Nine Miles

    Nine Miles Jamaica Zion Bus Nine Miles is the birth place of our late great reggae superstar, Bob Marley and is also his final resting place.

    But more than that, the trip also takes you through various villages where you can learn quite a lot about rural Jamaica- the real Jamaica!

    More on Nine Miles here

  3. Mystic Mountain

    Mystic Mountain Jamaica For Adventure, Thrills, & Breathtaking Views!

    Set entirely in a lush, tropical rainforest, atop a mountain, the natural surroundings of this unique 100-acre theme park provides the perfect backdrop for the exhilarating bobsled, zip line, and chairlift rides guests can experience.

    A must do - for those who dare :-)

    More on Mystic Mountain Adventure here

  4. Dunn's River Falls:

    The beautiful Dunn's River Falls

    Truly, no trip or vacation to our beautiful island is complete without climbing this majestic waterfall!

    Led by experience guides, you can climb the falls with other visitors in a human chain. This hidden treasure was made famous by Tom Cruise's movie, 'Cocktail'! [Phone:876-974-5944].

    Visit my page on Dunn's River Falls here

  5. Dolphin Cove Attraction

    Visitor Swimming with the Dolphins The largest maritime attraction in the Caribbean, this is a family fun day for all.

    You can interact with our amazingly friendly dolphins by choosing either a touch, swim dorsal pull or foot push program.

    You can also wander the trail in the lost jungle and interact with birds, snakes, iguanas if you wish. This attraction is adjacent to the world-famous Dunn's River Falls. [Phone: 876-974-5335].

    Visit my page on Dolphin Cove Attraction here


  6. Negril's Day and Sunset Tour

    Negril's beautiful sunset Magic, pure magic! If you hear anyone mention any three of Jamaica's attractions, chances are the famous Negril Sunset, viewed from Rick's Cafe will be one.

    And this is where you get to lavish on one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The 7 miles of beautiful white sand beaches!

    More on Negril Beach Here [Ricks Cafe: 876-957-0380]

  7. My Visitors top picks!.


Regardless of whether you are are local or visitor, safety, security and reliability for me, are the hallmark of any Jamaican excursion.

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