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What's the most budget-friendly of Negril Jamaica all inclusive resorts? Well, we've done some research and our recommendation is...


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Are you looking to experience amazing Negril, but is on a tight budget?

Well, you'll be delighted to know that, despite Negril been the 'capital of casual' in Jamaica, it is still very much possible! And with beautiful memories too!

Thanks to the small, more affordable properties like FUN HOLIDAY BEACH RESORT

Ok fine, you won't get all the glitz and glamour of the 4 or 5 star hotels, but you may not even need it, experiencing the warm hospitality and personable and congenial service at this charming little resort, in Negril, Jamaica!

And yes, it is perched right there along the soft, spongy sands of the Negril's world's famous Seven Miles beach (pictured above)!


Rooms || Food || Beach || Entertainment || Bookings || Notes

My wife and I we were searching for the ideal getaway for our wedding anniversary in Negril, and so I reached out to our good ole' buddy, LS Rose; I call him the "Negril Man" - believe me, he knows almost everyone in, and all things, Negril. 

Well LS immediately recommended us to Fun Holiday Beach Resort

We knew that it wasn't one of the high-end 'starred' resorts, but I trusted his judgement, plus we really wanted to be somewhere in Negril this time.

And it was great!!!

Thanks again to the wonderful staff, including Carol, Camille & Marian (front office), Sameka & Mr. Munroe (Restaurant) and all the supportive housekeepers!

Of course, it didn't hurt that our backyard was one of the world's most love beaches!



Fortunate, or unfortunate, we arrived on a Thursday (perhaps not the most entertaining day) and also during a time that they were conducting the last three weeks of refurbishing work.

But we saw enough to be able to give the management and staff a big thumbs for keeping the grounds and rooms clean and the general ambiance of the property.

We felt right at home.


And the rooms? In addition to the fact that we actually got one of the Ocean Front rooms (Room D20), we were very comfortable with the offerings they had.

We enjoyed all the other basic amenities provided, including:

  • Air conditioning          
  • Cable TV                    
  • Hot & Cold Water      
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Private Patio or Balcony    

But more importantly to us, it was squeaky clean!



One of the beauties of such small properties is that you typically get an even more personalized service!

And we certainly got it here at Fun Holidays; and that included the wonderful service at the restaurant and bar! Everybody knew us!

Regarding the food, I particularly enjoyed my authentic Jamaican breakfast of baked beans + saltfish, delectably positioned beside a few pieces of boiled yam! Yummy!


My wife choose a healthy continental breakfast, but I won't share that picture with you; let's just say that (this time) her plate was a little more 'busy' than mine, lol :-)


Dinner was good! But a little birdie told me about their signature (although seasonal) "2 for 1" lobster special, and so we are already looking forward to that!

Marian (if you are reading this) please look out, I'll be there the same day the lobster season reopens :-)

jamaican couple having_dinner_at_fun_holiday_beach_hotel


Well, I don't need to mention another word about the beach... do I?


But what you might not typically hear about is their tempting fresh water pool - with a swim up bar and the invigorating hot water tub right next to it!



We might have missed their usual lively weekend activities, which includes any or combination of the following:

  • Beach Party, 
  • Live Reggae Band (Saturday nights)
  • Karaoke ( 2 nights Per week )                                     
  • Guest Performers (Fire & Limbo Dancer doing incredible Fire Acts) &
  • Jamaican Mento Band                                     

... but we were thoroughly entertained on that Thursday night!  

The DJ did a great job keeping the vibe (during and after dinner).

But we got a pleasant surprise when it was announced that a special couple was celebrating their anniversary - and that couple turned out to be us!

We were invited to dance, and of course we obliged!
I think we did a pretty good job entertaining the other guests too, lol.

Although I am happy you were not there to see :-)


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  • Fun Holiday Beach Hotel is literally across from Negril's most famous, Jungle Night Club

    And if all that is not enough, you are still free to stroll along the beach to Roots Bamboo or Bourbon Beach for more entertainment

  • Fun Holidays not only prides itself as one of the few small hotels in Negril that provides the all-inclusive plan, in addition to their EP plan, they are also the only one of same that offer meals and extras between breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  • Approximately 70% of their visitors are Canadians (interesting)

  • It is very popular for local groups in the summer

  • They also host special theme nights which includes:

    -Natural Juice Night,
    -Top Shelf Liquor shots night,
    -And the "All You Can Eat" Jamaican Nights

  • Other amenities and services are provided at an extra cost

  • The also do weddings!

It was a very short stay, but sweet!

So, in total, Fun Holiday Beach Hotel is a winner for us, and certainly one of (if not the best) budget-friendly Negril Jamaica all inclusive resorts!

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Thanks, And Bye (For Now)!
Fun Holiday Beach Resort


We'll be back!


For more information about Fun Holiday Beach Resort, including information on rates, availability, reservations, and even directions, please complete this form (below)

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fun holidays resort front office

You may also use the following to reach contact them.


Fun Holiday Beach Resort 
Norman Manley Blvd 
P.O. Box 3107 Negril 
Jamaica, West Indies


876-957-9688 or 876-957-3585
FAX 876-957-3141



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