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Curry Jamaican Food
How To Make The Perfect Jamaican Curry
(+ 10 Dishes to Try!)

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Curry Jamaican Food | Curry ChickenCurry Jamaican Food | Curry Chicken

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

With a motto like โ€œout of many one peopleโ€, it is no surprise that Jamaican cuisine draws from many others and when combined with some of its own original dishes, creates one of the best cuisines in the world.

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One such cuisine that we have taken from is the Indian cuisine, of course, you can tell because so many of our Jamaican dishes are based around curry.

Donโ€™t confuse the two though, as you can definitely tell the difference between an Indian curry dish and a Jamaican one. The Jamaican curry powder that is traditionally used on the island is unique because of the addition of other spices, especially pimento seeds.

Tips For Preparing Jamaican Style Curry

Here are some tips for preparing any curry dish Jamaican Style:

Curry Jamaican Food | Popular Jamaican Curry Powder BrandsCurry Jamaican Food | Popular Jamaican Curry Powder Brands

You can either purchase it from the supermarket or make your curry powder at home!

Curry Jamaican Food | Homemade Jamaican Curry PowderCurry Jamaican Food | Homemade Jamaican Curry Powder

Curry powder alone is not sufficient to properly season your meat. You need to add fresh herbs and seasonings such as onion, garlic, scotch bonnet pepper and thyme. Additional all-purpose seasonings are a great addition as well. These donโ€™t only make the dish more flavourful, but they tend to bring out the flavour of the curry as well.

If you are new to cooking curry or using Jamaican curry powder it might take you a while to master the amount of curry powder you need to use in a dish. Using too little will make your dish pale and unappealing while using too much might leave a grainy texture in your mouth, be too overpowering or might send you on a long trip to the bathroom.

Always season your meat with curry powder, unless you are preparing seafood.

One of the most important steps to preparing curry in Jamaica is to burn your curry. This simply means you add a small amount of oil to the pot, allow it to get hot then add your curry powder. Mix the curry powder in the oil for around a minute or 2. You will know itโ€™s time to add your meat to the pot when the curry becomes a darker shade of orange. Do not allow it to burn too much or become black. Burning the curry is the first step in preparing any curry dish in Jamaica whether meat or seafood.

Final tip, never adds curry powder to your pot once you have already added it and started cooking your meat.

The Most Popular Curry Dishes in Jamaica

These are the 10 most popular curry dishes in Jamaica, follow the links for a recipe you'd love to try!

Curry Chicken

Curry ChickenCurry Chicken

Curry Chicken is one of the most popular curry dishes on the island. You can even consider it the go-to curry dish in most households. You can find it on the menu at most restaurants as well. It is one of those dishes that is served throughout the day, whether for breakfast lunch or dinner.

Curry Goat (Mutton)

Curry GoatCurry Goat

Curry goat is one of those dishes that are most times reserved for Sunday dinners and special occasions. Most meat shops will ask you if you rather local or foreign mutton. Local mutton means traditional goat meat and foreign mutton is sheep meat which makes a good substitute for the more expensive goat meat.

Curry Chicken Neck & Feet

Chicken necks make a tasty curry dish even though there isnโ€™t much meat. The necks are sometimes chopped into bite-size pieces but some persons rather leave them whole. The feet are prepared in the same manner, toenails are removed. Some people even combine the two.

Curry Turkey Neck

Curry Turkey Neck | (Photo Credit: Turkey Neck | (Photo Credit:

This one might require you to grab your pressure cooker. Because turkey necks are very big you will find that you will get a lot of โ€œmeatโ€ from this compared to the chicken neck. It is mostly a homemade dish but is sometimes found on the menu of a few restaurants.

Curry Fish

Curried fish is usually prepared by frying the fish first then burning the curry, adding water, seasonings and herbs, and then adding the fried fish. However, the fish does not have to be fried first.

Curry Lobster

Curry lobster is one of the most popular seafood dishes. For this one, the lobster meat is usually completely removed from its shell.

Curry Shrimp

Curry ShrimpCurry Shrimp

Curried shrimp is the go-to preparation for shrimp in Jamaica. It is quick and easy to prepare and most will add coconut milk to it while cooking.

Curry Beef

Curry BeefCurry Beef

Beef is most times made in a stew but is a suitable substitute when one canโ€™t afford mutton or goat meat for your curry as well.

Curry Crab

Cooking Jamaican CrabCooking Jamaican Crab

A very popular street food. Watch out though, because this one can be quite spicy.

So there you have the top 10 curry dishes in Jamaica. Hereโ€™s a fun fact before you go. While in many other countries many persons would say chicken curry, some may even say curried chicken. But in Jamaica, grammatically correct or not, it is always Curry Chicken, nothing else is acceptable.

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Watch Video! Curry Jamaican Food | Homemade Jamaican Curry Powder

The key ingredient in curry Jamaican food, is curry powder of course. Would you love to learn how to make your own batch at home? This is how it's done.

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Curry Jamaican Food | Written: August 14th, 2022

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