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Daytime Excursions In St Ann
What Can I Do On My Trip To Ocho Rios?

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venesha_dolphin_coveDaytime Excursions In St Ann | Dolphin Cove

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

When I think of the perfect daytime excursion there are a few things that I like to take into consideration while planning where I will be going.

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The destination must have fun activities for everyone and every age group.
There must be multiple activities or at least other activities within proximity; after all, who wants to spend the entire day doing 1 activity only?

The facilities must include dining and decent restrooms and changing rooms.

These very reasons are why St. Ann is always my go-to parish for a fun-filled day, regardless of if I am travelling with children, adults or both.

Whether you are a visitor or local, looking to enjoy a day of fun, here are my top 7 daytime excursion destinations in the parish of St. Ann.

Dunn's River Falls

dunns_river_falls_kadry_samuels_tripadvisorDunn's River Falls

Let’s kick off the list with Dunn's River Falls, which is arguably the most famous location in Jamaica, and has long been a must-see attraction in Ocho Rios.

The falls are the tallest in Jamaica, standing 180 feet tall and 600 feet wide. You can also enjoy the beach where the enormous waterfalls meet the Caribbean Sea in addition to hiking the waterfalls with a guide and other tourists on a wet or dry hike. Together with Chukka, you can zipline over the falls for an even more singular encounter. The small children are not left out either as there is also a splash pad, slide and water drop buckets for them to enjoy. There’s a restaurant as well, plus well-placed mini snack shops and bars.

Contact Information

Address: Main St, Ocho Rios
Phone: (876) 974-4767

Dolphin Cove

dolphin_jumping_up_with_crowdDolphin Cove Show

Are you fascinated by dolphins? At Dolphin Cove, you not only see them perform tricks for you but you may even join the gentle animals for a swim on their backs, or even better, get a kiss from them.

However, Dolphin Cove has a lot more to offer. Parrots and the native Jamaican Iguana are just two of the many different creatures in the park. Bring your swimwear because you can enjoy the water just as much as the dolphins do.

No need to worry about food either because a restaurant is available. You may even choose to leave your cameras, as their photographers will capture every moment for you.

Contact Information

Address: Belmont Road, Ocho Rios
Phone: +1 866-393-5158

Puerto Seco Beach

puerto_seco_st_ann_facebookPuerto Seco Beach

The 10-acre beach park in Puerto Seco has everything you could want for a beach vacation all in one location. The primary attraction is a white sand beach, but there are also plenty of opportunities for water sports such as kayaking and scuba diving. Your hunger and thirst will be satisfied by the two restaurants and bars, and you can hire a cabana for a relaxing day in the shade.

You'll depart the beachside spa feeling more rejuvenated than when you arrived because it is the mecca of relaxation. The floating water park offers trampolines, water slides, and a variety of other things to elevate your beach experience.

Additionally, there is also a Dolphin Cove location on site for you to interact with the dolphins. A day at Puerto Seco Beach is much more than your typical beach day.

Contact Information

Address: Discovery Bay, St. Ann
Phone: 876-913-5655

Mystic Mountain

mystic_mountain_ocho_rios_jamaicaMystic Mountain Bobsled

At Mystic Mountain you will experience what it is like to truly be in a rainforest. Including the Sky Explorer, bobsled, zipline, ATV, and rock wall, among other sky activities. There is so much to do and your biggest decision will be where to start. There is a restaurant, and an infinity pool as well for when you are ready to have a meal and cool off.

Contact Information

Address: Ocho Rios, St. Ann
Phone: (876) 618-1553

Chukka Adventures

horseback_riding_in_sea_in_jamaica_chukkaHorseback Riding At Chukka Ocho Rios

Although Chukka has many sites, the main one is in Ocho Rios. There are numerous activities available at their two sites in Ochi. It is truly run by Chukka, who also runs zip lines, ATVs, horseback beach excursions, cliff jumps, power snorkelling, climbing, river tubing, and the Dunn's River zipline that I mentioned earlier.

Contact Information

Address: Richmond Ocho Rios
Phone: +1 876-972-2506

What I love most about these 6 locations is that you can easily spend the entire day, without ever getting bored. While you're there, you'll probably be hungry, so here are a few restaurants in Ocho Rios to try.

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Daytime Excursions In St Ann | Written: March 10, 2023

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