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Family Resorts In Montego Bay The Best Resorts For Family Vacation!

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Family Resorts In Montego Bay | Hyatt Ziva Rose HallFamily Resorts In Montego Bay | Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

When planning a family vacation the most difficult thing may be finding a resort that is family-friendly and family-oriented. You want to ensure that no matter the ages of your family members that are travelling with you, even toddlers, they all will have something fun to do to make their experience one of a kind and worthwhile.

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You are also going to want to find somewhere that even if they have activities for all age groups, they also have activities that you can do together as a family, right?

Is Montego Bay Good For Families?

Yes! It absolutely is. And not only because of the many family resorts in Montego Bay. One of the best activities for any family vacation is visiting the beach, and Montego Bay has some of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica.

Besides going to the beach, there are tons of other activities you can do as a family in Montego bay like visiting the park, going snorkelling (depending on the age of the children) or deep-sea fishing, glass-bottom boat riding, race car driving and much more.

So, if Montego Bay Jamaica is your destination, you are guaranteed to have a blast. There are quite a few all-inclusive resorts here that will be perfect for any family vacation. So here is a list of the top family resorts in Montego Bay, Jamaica and why they would be a great option for any family vacation.

Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort And Spa

This resort come highly recommended by both locals and foreigners as one of the best family resorts in Montego Bay. You are bound to run into quite a few locals at this resort during your stay. If you are travelling with children one thing that might appeal to you about this resort is that they have a variety of suites and villas that come with up to 3 bedrooms and full kitchens.

They are a beach resort so you can enjoy many motorized and non-motorized water activities, they also have two amazing outdoor pools, so you can play water ball games. One of the best aspects though is their kids' club and teen lounge, filled with fun activities for all age groups such as a ping pong table, electronic bikes and cars, jungle gyms, blocks and much more. There is also a lounge nearby for parents who just want to relax.

Contact Information: 1 (876) 953-8000 | Email:

Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

This is another resort in Montego bay that is a great option for family vacations. They provide many fun activities for the family to indulge in together, as one unit. Enjoy taking dance lessons with your entire family, or participate in chef-led cooking demonstrations.

There are other games to be played as well such as shuffle, beach volleyball, water ping pong, corn hole, or watch theoretical performances with your family. A kids club is also available for kids between the ages of 3 and 12 where they can enjoy arts and crafts and beach sports and other activities during the day, and Pajamas or disco parties at night.

The teens also have a club for themselves where they can hang out with others their age, play foosball, air hockey and video games.

Contact Information: 1 (876) 618-1234

Half Moon Resort

So you have a large family and donโ€™t want to be too packed into the same room but you also donโ€™t want to be too far away from each other? Donโ€™t sweat it, the Half Moon resort has villas with up to 7 bedrooms! That is a lot of space.

These villas come with a full staff too, a butler, housekeeper and a chef. And the activities? There is so much to do here your only concern will be how to do it all during your stay. Beach and watersports, an equestrian centre for pony and horseback rides, beach BBQs and much more. However one of the most notable features is their Anancy Children Village for children ages 3 to 12.

The kids get to play a variety of games and engage in many activities while they are supervised by activity coordinators and nannies. Now, the Half Moon resort is not an all-inclusive resort in a general sense, but, they do offer a range of packages, and you can even customize or combine packages for the best experience for you and your family.

Contact Information: 800-626-0592

Holiday Inn Resort

This resort is one of the most affordable options in Montego Bay for a family vacation. Even with how affordable they are, there are still many activities to be done here to provide enjoyment for the entire family such as water polo, treasure hunting, ping pong and lunch hour live entertainment.

They also have a kiddies corner and nanny services available. Another major plus is that up to two children under the age of 12 can stay for absolutely free! Oh and if you are travelling with an infant, no need to worry about if you might roll over on them during the night, there are cribs available.

Contact Information: 1 888-465-4329.

SeaGarden Beach Resort

This charming resort is family owned and operated. They have a family room accommodation option that has two full-size bedrooms. There is a kid-friendly pool, and loads of day and nighttime activities to participate in as a family such as board games, tennis, dance classes, and Karaoke Night.

If you and your family enjoy watersports you will not be disappointed as they also offer aqua-fitness classes, snorkelling and kayaking. Contact Information: 1 (844) 742-7778/1 (876) 979-7761, email -

Keep in mind that there are many, family resorts in Montego Bay to choose from. These are just 4 of the top choices for many.

Always bear in mind when choosing your accommodations how large your family is, your budget and if you intend to explore Jamaica or just enjoy a resort vacation, it will definitely help to make your decision easier.

Also here are some attractions that a great for visiting Jamaica with kids.

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