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How Many Days Do You Need In Jamaica?

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jamwest_motorsports_adventure_park.jpgHow Many Days Do You Need In Jamaica?

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

It is always so exciting to book a trip for vacation, isn’t it? If only we had unlimited days to experience as much of the country as possible. But seeing that we don’t all have that luxury, what is a considerable number of days to vacation in Jamaica?

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Are 2 weeks in Jamaica enough?

Well, you won’t see it all in 2 weeks. But, that is a lot of time to visit a good number of our favourite spots and sneak in a few rest days as well.

And if you wish to skip the rest days, you will have enough to keep you occupied all ten days of your trip. You can start at one end of the island and end your trip at the complete opposite end visiting attractions and connecting with locals on the way.

The average vacation to Jamaica is 10 to 12 days so you are right in line with the rest of the vacationers.

Is Jamaica expensive to vacation in?

Jamaica is one of the cheapest places to vacation in the Caribbean and you can definitely get the most of the money you spend here. The average hotel cost is between $300-$500 per night depending on the level of luxury you require.

Most hotels in Jamaica are all-inclusive, meaning after you pay for your room for the duration of your stay, there is nothing else you’ll need to pay for unless you leave the resort. No need to worry about food, drink or entertainment as long as you are at the resort. There are some hotels that are specifically certain groups for example family or adults only resorts. There are also many hotels that cater to more budget friendly vacations.

Eating out, excursions and trips across the island aren’t that expensive either and you can definitely have the most incredible time on a budget.

Are 3 days enough for Jamaica?

Well, you won’t be able to do a lot, and I suggest staying close to the resort areas if you only have 3 days. Montego Bay is the best option in this case since that is the airport you’ll most likely be close to.

But if you would rather not stay in Mobay, I would suggest not going more than 2 hours away as travel could cut into your vacation time if you aren’t careful.

Ocho Rios, Falmouth and Negril are just under 2 hours away from the airport.

You can still fit at least one trip off the resort into your trip but ensure that these are close to where you are based. Or if there is a trip you would love to do some distance away, try to fit it into your second day as best as possible so you’ll have your third day to relax.

The truth is whether you have 3 days or 2 weeks in Jamaica, you will have the most amazing time.

Now, what will occupy you for 2 weeks in Jamaica?

Brace yourself there is a lot to do here, let’s start with the basics.

mannings_reunion_benta_fallsBenta River

You can visit the beaches, the most popular ones are in Negril and Portland but, as long you are along the coast there will be a good beach nearby.

Waterfalls are a must and usually where there is a waterfall, or a river is close by. I’m sure Dunn’s River immediately comes to mind, but we have a few gems such as Benta River in Westmoreland and the Blue Lagoon in Portland.

For the more adventurous ones among us, you can take to the skies by ziplining over the trees and rivers in the hills or parasailing above the Caribbean Sea down by the coast in Montego Bay or Negril.

mystic_mountain_ocho_rios_jamaicaMystic Mountain

Also, adventure parks are just as fun, Mystic Mountain's most iconic ride is the bobsled ride or you can head down to JamWest in Negril for ATV rides. I bet you didn’t know camels were in Jamaica. Well, there aren’t many, but if you head to the Yaaman Adventure Park, you can do this and many other fun activities.

Most people tend to visit the more thrilling attractions before those with historical importance. But these can be fun as well, not only will attractions like the Rose Hall Great House give insights into what past Jamaica was like but the architecture is absolutely stunning.

giddy_house_earthquake_in_jamaica.jpgGiddy House, Port Royal

The Giddy House in Port Royal is another great trip. Or if you are in Montego Bay, you won’t need to go very far, right in the middle of the town is the historic Sam Sharpe Square where the Montego Bay Cultural Centre is located.

Watch Video! Escovitch Fish and Bammy At Border

Take a road trip up down the South Coast and stop at some of our favourite food stops along the way. You can make your first stop at Border, for escovitch fish and bammy before stopping in Middle Quarters for peppered shrimp.

Since you are in St. Elizabeth, you can visit Ys Falls, Appleton Rum Tour, Lover’s Leap or have a drink at the Pelican Bar out in the sea.

friends_at_white_river_raftingRafting on the river

I haven’t even mentioned rafting down the Martha Brea, Rio Grande or Lethe yet. Take a leisurely stroll down the river on the bamboo raft with your captain. Or if this is too slow for you, try exhilarating white water rafting instead down the rapids.

This just barely scratches the surface of what you can do in Jamaica but it’s a good start for two weeks. When you decide to extend your trip, or if you can squeeze more into your two weeks, here are a few more fun trips to take.

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How Many Days Do You Need In Jamaica? | Written: November 14, 2022

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