Jamaican Bush Teas - Oldie But (Still) Goodie

by Wellesley
First Published January, 2015

jamaican bush teaAunt V having her favourite Jamaican Tea

Last Sunday, I was listening to a particular program on one of our local radio stations. They were talking (and reminiscing) about the good 'ole Jamaica bush teas we had back then.

Anyway, I found it very insightful and figure that I would share some of these tea bushes (plants that are used to make teas) with you.
They are good for many and varied conditions, or just for a delicious hot cup!

And make so bones about it, they really worked!
Your's truly is a testimony to a few (but just a few) of them :-)

By the way, some of some are now commercialized, I've seen them in supermarkets!

I'll list some of the most popular ones now (alphabetized), but please, feel free to add your own, using the comments link below.

You'll notice some interesting names, please don't ask me to explain where those names came from :-), lol!

Here they are (below)... are you familiar with any of them?

  1. Avocado Leaves (Pear)
  2. Bamboo
  3. Bitter Bush
  4. Bizzy, also known as Kola Nut (Added)
    jamaican bizzy
  5. Broom Weed
  6. Cerasee (Cerasie)
    jamaican cerasee
  7. Cow Tongue
  8. Dandelion
    jamaican dandelion plant
  9. Dead And Wake
    jamaican dead and wake plant
  10. Donkey Weed
  11. Eucalyptus
  12. Fever Grass
    fever grass
  13. Ganja
  14. Good Foot
  15. Jackanna Bush (Jack In The Bush)
  16. John Charles
  17. Leaf Of Live (Leaf-O-Life)
    Leaf Of Life
  18. Love Bush
  19. Marigold
  20. Old Man's Beard
  21. Papaya Leaves
  22. Pepermint
    jamaican peppermint
  23. Poor Man's Friend
  24. Puss Blood
  25. Ram Goat Dash A Long
  26. Rat Ears
  27. Red Top
  28. Red Water Grass
  29. Rice Bitters
  30. Rosemary
  31. Sarsaparilla (Added)
  32. Scorn the earth
  33. Soursop Leaves
  34. Search Mi Heart
  35. Sousumba
  36. Spanish Needle
  37. Spirit Weed
  38. Thyme (Added)
  39. Vervain
  40. Vervine
  41. White Back
  42. Wild Barley
  43. Wild Thyme
  44. Did I miss any? Please Add it Here

And, please note that we have a lot more plants for general medicinal uses, these are just the ones that we use as teas for general (or medicinal) purposes.

If you are proud of your heritage, please share this page with a friend. Tell them that these are the plants responsible for you (or your parent's) long age! lol.

For a list of the most popular bush teas in Jamaica, including their purpose, visit this page.

Note: To learn more about each of these plants, including medicinal benefits, please click here.

And by the way, we are thankful for the internet as now persons outside of Jamaica can order their their favourite Jamaican bush teas online.

One of the popular portals is here at Amazon. jamaican bizzy -commercial


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Comments for Jamaican Bush Teas - Oldie But (Still) Goodie

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Sep 22, 2018
by: vinny

what is mosi and whats it good for .thanks

Oct 24, 2016
Jamaican Bush Teas
by: Anonymous

Ariela,, lime leaf, king of the forest, the love vine, fasten pon coat, nimphel, red rasberry, senna leaves, susumber leaf,

Oct 19, 2016
Bush Tea
by: Anonymous

Try orange peel tea

Oct 17, 2016
Really Helpful!
by: Anonymous

Hi Wellesley, Happy to know all is well in Jah at this time. God is sooo good and prayer IS the most powerful of all.

This list is bountiful and as quiet as it is kept these are the beginnings of many (maybe even most) of the medicines people are paying fortunes for to be healed of what ails them. All of those meds start from a plant. Then all this other "fake" junk gets added in to make the prices go up. Sorry don't mean to be negative but this is just my take of this - no proof :)

Anyway always a pleasure to hear from you and stay strong and will be in contact again soon...


Oct 16, 2016
Thanks you!
by: Rocquel

Thanks so much for sharing. I have a herb book here at home with a whole lot more herbs! Lol.

Oct 16, 2016
Piabia herb
by: Linda

Thank you for all the info on the herbs.
I watched a video from a woman in the country from jamaica some time ago about a herb for menopause called Piabia.
I would love to know if this herb is sold in Jamaica, would like to know more about it and purchase.

Oct 16, 2016
Jamaican tea bushes
by: Anonymous

All citrus leaves

Ackee leaf

Noni leaf

Oct 15, 2016
Bush tea's
by: Carlene

I am surprised at the amount you mentioned, quite frankly I only recognized a few!

Oct 15, 2016
Tea Bush
by: Glenn

Ever hear of nunu bush?

Oct 15, 2016
Big dee
by: Denzil

Happy to hear from you my house is fine. God is good. All I drink is bush teas. Will be in Jamaica next week God bless.

Oct 15, 2016
Good info
by: Juliet

Loving you page and your info.
Keep up the good work.

Jun 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

The bushes here will work. It has been proven.

Nov 04, 2015
More tea
by: lata ramsay

Thyme tea very goodness

Feb 11, 2015
by: Jennifer

What about neem or neam? (not sure of the spelling). It is good for cancer

Feb 09, 2015
by: Valerie

You forgot Bissy.
Didn't like it at all.
Fever Grass was the only one I liked. Really never heard of many on the list.

Thanks for the education.

Feb 09, 2015
A Good Bush Tea to keep around.
by: John Blenkiron

Some ground up bissy is always good to keep on hand as a medicinal bush tea. As well as a good tonic to help with digestion it seems to work as a real good remedy for severe stomach upset from food poisoning. Many Jamaican food stores abroad carry it.

Jan 05, 2015
Jamaican Roots Herb
by: Anonymous

What about Sarsaparilla?

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