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Jamaican Food In Mobay
The Top Places For Authentic Jamaican Dishes


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Juici Patties Store | Discovery Bay, St. AnnJamaican Food In Mobay | Juici Patties Store - Discovery Bay, St. Ann

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

When we talk about Jamaican food, we are talking about the dishes that are unique to us. With Montego Bay being one of the main tourist attraction cities in Jamaica, many restaurants (especially those on the popular hip strip) have been becoming more westernized with their menus and have very little if any authentic Jamaican options.

So, here are some restaurants where you can get authentic Jamaican food in Mobay.

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1. Juici Patties

Of course, the best patty company has to be the first on the list. Where else can you possibly get patties with so much filling on the insides and so crisp and flaky on the outside? Patties are a big part of our Jamaican culture and you simply can’t visit the island without giving one a try. While there are other patty companies you can try, Juici Patties is unanimously agreed on as the best.

So whether you try a beef, cheese, vegetable, or soy patty, you will be guaranteed to enjoy every bite. But Juici Patties don’t sell just patties, it is also one of the most popular places (besides a street vendor) for locals to grab a steaming cup of porridge in the mornings. Sometimes it's peanut, plantain, cornmeal or the crowd's favourite, hominy corn porridge.

There are currently three Juici Patties located in Montego Bay:

  • St. James Street - 876-979-3733
  • Trinity Mall, Barnett Street - 876-971-2274
  • Fairview Shopping Centre - 876-684-9234

2. The Pelican Grill

This restaurant has been in operation for over 50 years and is still today considered one of the best restaurants in Montego Bay. What’s great about The Pelican Grill is that over the years they have managed to keep their menu consistently made up of primarily traditional Jamaican dishes.

So whether you are feeling for some curried goat, oxtails or simply some brown stew chicken, you will definitely be able to get that at the Pelican Grill.

And fortunately for us, unlike most formal or semi-formal dining restaurants, the Pelican grill opens early so you can go in for that breakfast of boiled bananas, yam and dumpling with the callaloo on the side and a generous portion of ackee and saltfish, that you have probably been thinking of since the night before.

The Pelican Grill is located on Jimmy Cliff Boulevard (the Hip Strip).

Contact them at

  • Tel: +1 876-276-3745
  • Email:

3. Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records

This is one of Montego Bay's most hip/current restaurants. what you can expect is to get a taste of Jamaica in every single dish on their menu, and that is what makes them stand out. While the menu consists mostly of what can only be described as a fusion of western and Jamaican cuisine, you can still find dishes that are traditionally Jamaican.

On their menu, you can find dishes like curried goat, Janga or red peas soup, jerk pork and you can even grab some saltfish fritters (stamp and go) for appetizers. They are located on the Hip Strip.

Contact them at:

  • Tel: 1-876-971-0000
  • Email:

4. Chill Out Hut 

When you think of Jamaican food, one of the first dishes to come to mind will be Jerk Chicken. It has been around for decades and is one of the go-to spots in Montego bay for amazing jerk chicken and pork. Of course, you can get other great options such as steam and escovitch fish as well.

Many visitors have said it has been a must-stop for them every time they visit Montego Bay Jamaica. The Chill Out Hut is located in Greenwood, St. James.

Contact them at:

Tel: +1 876-620-8720

Here are some other great restaurants in Montego Bay to get authentic Jamaican dishes:

  • Peppas cool spot- +1 (876) 433-9617
  • Nyam N Jam - +1 (876) 952 1922
  • Island Grill - +1 (876) 931-9869

Jamaican food in Mobay isn't just limited to restaurants. While you are out and about having fun, you won’t even need to step foot inside of a restaurant if you don’t want to.

Street vendors are very popular here and the sidewalks are always lined with vendors selling jerk chicken, roast fish, escovitch fish, soups and so much more. Your options are not limited.

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