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Jamaican Soup Recipes
Which Is Your Favourite?

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Jamaican Soup | Pumpkin SoupJamaican Soup | Pumpkin Soup

by Venesha Johnson  | Associate Writer

Saturdays are soup days! In almost every Jamaican household on Saturdays, a big pot of soup is prepared for dinner. Of course, soup is had right through the week as well. So here are the most popular Jamaican soups.

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1. Fish Tea

Actually, fish tea is a flavorful, light soup. Although that is up to you, it can also be hot. Carrots, chocho, Irish potato, green bananas, pumpkin, and yam are some of the most crucial ingredients to keep on hand when brewing fish tea. A variety of fresh seasonings such escallion, garlic, and thyme are also required.

Making a nice fish tea involves lightening the soup by consuming less food. It should resemble broth. It is advised to use a bag to place the fish in before adding it to the boil to lessen the risk of choking on bones. You have two options: either fillet the fish or select a fish with few bones. Doctor fish, tilapia and snapper are some of the most popular fish to use

2. Pumpkin Soup

This soup is usually rich, thick and very flavourful. It is the go-to soup for most Jamaicans and makes the perfect one-pot meal. It is made up of pumpkin, of course, any meat kind or combination of beef, pork or chicken, root vegetables such as yam, sweet potatoes and Irish potatoes, dumplings and so much more.

3. Manish water

Jamaican Soup | Mannish WaterJamaican Soup | Mannish Water

Goat meat, notably the head and belly (the goat's intestines), is used to make mannish water. Before being put in the saucepan, the goat parts are rinsed and roasted over a fire, giving the soup a faintly smoky flavour.

It also has a tangy flavour because of the scotch bonnet. It is loaded with yam, green bananas, carrots, spinnaz (mini dumplings), and coco mashed into crumbs. Goat soup is sometimes referred to as Mannish Water for a variety of reasons.

One, despite the fact that cooking is often done by women around the world, males in Jamaica actually don't mind doing it. An aphrodisiac for men, Mannish Water is a dish that is typically prepared by males.

4. Pepperpot Soup

Pepper Pot SoupPepperpot Soup

It is traditionally a vegetarian dish prepared mostly with callaloo, yet adding some salted pigtail or beef only enhances the flavour if you are a meat enthusiast like many people. Even though you can adjust the amount of pepper you add to the dish and it will still be tasty, this is one of those dishes that doesn't have to be spicy.

However, in true Jamaican fashion, it is typically made with a significant amount of scotch bonnet pepper because everything tastes better with a little more heat.

5. Red Peas Soup

The Jamaican red peas soup is one of the most popular soups you will find on the island. Much like the other popular soups like chicken soup and pumpkin soup, it contains a variety of vegetables and ground provisions such as yam, chow chow, Irish potatoes and even dumplings.

Along with meats such as beef or chicken. The main difference however is the main ingredient, red kidney beans. These are cooked until they are soft before the other ingredients are added.

6. Sip

Rastafarian SipRastafarian Sip

Jamaicans love meat and most Jamaican soups require a generous amount of meats and various proteins. This soup, the Rastafarians sip, is very different. Rastafarians lead a vegetarian and ultra-clean eating lifestyle, so any form of meat is a no-go.

So their Sip is essentially much like the regular Jamaican chicken foot or pumpkin soup, minus the chicken or beef. Some even refrain from using salt but add other ingredients such as peanuts to their dish.

7. Chicken Soup

For those who are unwell or recovering, babies, or adults who would just enjoy something warm and soothing, Jamaican Chicken Soup is ideal. It is a delicious supper that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Every family in Jamaica has a unique recipe for chicken soup that is typically passed down from generation to generation. There are, nonetheless, a few necessities: vegetables and ground supplies, such as cho cho, okra, yellow yam, Irish potatoes, and carrots; also, dumplings, whether whole or in small pieces, are a requirement.

The chicken is another essential ingredient; otherwise, it wouldn't even be chicken soup, right? Even so, there are several kinds of chicken soup.

For example, chicken back soup only uses the chicken's carcass after the legs, thighs, breasts, and wings have been removed. Chicken foot and neck soup uses the chicken's neck and feet.

Which is your favourite? I donโ€™t know about you but I definitely cannot just choose one. There are many Saturdays in the years, you can try them all. And guess what, you don't even have to wait until Saturdays if you don't what to.

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