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17 Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Jamaica


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Moving to Jamaica by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Jamaican Ladies Celebrating at an Event

People relocate for many different reasons, education, work, their family you name it. Sometimes their reasons are as simple as just wanting to be closer to the beach or sometimes the country they live in is no longer safe for various reasons. Others would like to move to another country after they have retired.

You might be thinking of moving to another country sometime in the near (or distant future) but you haven’t chosen the country yet. Jamaica should be one of your options. I think these 17 reasons will further convince you that moving to Jamaica is the best option.

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Our friend, Cherri Avery Black has successfully relocated from America to Jamaica and is now a proud business owner. She shared her story with us and I think it would help you to make your decision too.

You can watch her video below

Weather, Nature and Attractions

1. Tropical Climate

If you love a tropical climate all year round then you will love Jamaica. Our island is in the Caribbean and so summer is not a season, it's a lifestyle that we live all year long. While it does get a little cold from December to the beginning of January, that’s about it. You’ll never have to worry about it snowing ever.

2. Access to the beach and other attractions 

Jamaica is a country built for those who enjoy the beach and the great outdoors, no matter how simple or extreme your tolerance is for outside there will be something for you to do. If all you enjoy is going to the beach or river, then there are countless options available for you. If you prefer something a little more extreme, then you can tackle climbing the Blue Mountains or the cliffside at Lover’s Leap.

Oftentimes when we have visitors in Jamaica, they are here for a limited amount of  time. They usually only have enough time to visit the major attractions in and around the major tourist spots like Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. If you decide to relocate to Jamaica, you will get to traverse the island as the locals do and find out about some hidden gems all around the island. 

3. Little to no poisonous plants and animals

There are some countries where as soon as you mention them, people’s first thought is, will I be eaten by this animal or what if I accidentally come in contact with a particular plant? In Jamaica, that is hardly an issue. We are not a country filled with deadly animals or worrying plants.

Work, Education and Travel

Jamaican School Children Running

4. Education

Jamaica’s Education System has always been one that is highly respected. The Ministry of Education has oversight of the various levels of education even if the school organization is private. Children have a feel of school from the daycare they attend and are placed in the formal education system at approximately 3 years old.

Students in public schools receive free education from four years old until the end of high school. Opportunities for further education range from universities, colleges and community colleges to skills training at the HEART/NSTA Trust at  sites islandwide.

5. Work

As with most other countries, it will be easier to find work in some sectors than others. Tourism, Entertainment and Agriculture are usually the easiest sectors to work in. Jamaica has many entrepreneurs as well. So if you would like to start your own business and operate from Jamaica then that is doable.

6. Travelling around the island is easy

The main way to travel around the island is by car or bus, through the route taxi system. There are also efficient privately owned travel services such as Knutsford express or you can do car rentals if you prefer driving on your own.

You are free to travel around the country without any issues and being a small island, it only takes about 3 to 4 hours from our easternmost point to the westernmost point.

7. Access to the world

You need not worry about moving to Jamaica and being cut off from the world. With two major airports conveniently located in Kingston and Montego Bay, it is easy to get in and out of the country. 

There are also direct flights to the United States, Canada, England, Germany, the Caribbean, Switzerland, Netherlands, Mexico, Belgium, Panama, Mexico and China. 

For other countries, you’ll have to get a connecting flight; however, with frequent flights to the US, Canada and England you can go to other countries quite easily from Jamaica.

Food, Health and Safety

Jamaican Roadside Jerk Pan

8. Food

Jamaica has food in abundance. Most of our fruits and vegetables are grown locally and it is relatively cheap to get these items. Farmer’s markets are accessible and they sell various local produce on a weekly basis. There is no shortage of new foods to try at home or at one of the many local restaurants and eateries.

9. Water

It was quite strange for me to learn as a child that some countries cannot drink the water from their tap. In Jamaica, our water is completely safe for drinking and cooking right from the tap and for that, I count us among the lucky. The local water company National Water Commission is responsible for giving the citizens access to piped water. 

However, it is more common especially in the rural areas for residents to have their own water tanks in their homes or get water from the many water tanks in the area. There is also no shortage of rivers on the island that are used for domestic as well as recreational purposes as well.

10. Safety

It is common for persons to have qualms about visiting Jamaica. Jamaica has long been listed as one of the more dangerous countries to visit in the world. While I do know there is an issue with crime on the island. They are usually gang-related crimes and not crimes against citizens and visitors of the country.

As with all other countries in the world, there are unsavoury areas that even locals will go to great lengths to avoid. We all just apply the same level of caution we would in every other country in the world.

11. Health Care

Jamaica has a good health care system with capable and well-trained health care persons who are ready and willing to help. Health insurance is also common and very easy to get to help in the unfortunate event that you get a life-threatening illness. 

Most workplaces also offer health plans accessible through a card. The card is issued and underwritten by a health insurance provider. Through the card, you will be assisted with doctors visits and medication not just for you but for your dependents as well. However, the terms and conditions vary by workplace and insurance provider.

Racism, Democracy, Women’s Rights and Religious Freedoms

12. Racism

The fact that we must address racism even this far into human history is quite unfortunate but it is something that exists and must be discussed. It does play a huge role in where people decide to raise their families. 

I am happy and grateful to report that racism will not be an issue if you move to Jamaica. There are no issues with crimes and prejudices related to race or culture. Out of Many, One People is not only our motto, it is something we live by on the island. Most persons, regardless of their race, are first and foremost Jamaican and are treated no differently. Our population though mainly of African descent is a generous mix of other races as well and it is quite common to meet someone with mixed ancestry.

13. Women’s Rights

Women are most times the backbone and breadwinner’s of their families in Jamaica. Women are not considered inferior to males or paid less just because of their gender in Jamaica. In fact, Jamaica has more women in managerial or supervisory roles than males, especially in tourism and finance.

Even for traditionally male roles for example construction or politics, many Jamaican women work alongside the men just the same. In some cases, it is the women who own some of these companies.

14. Religion

While Jamaica is predominantly a Christian nation, the wide variety of backgrounds and culture of our people means that religious freedom is important. There are no issues with allowing people to worship and dress in accordance with their belief systems regardless of what it is.

Most workplaces are closed on weekends to facilitate worship and family time. If you work in a company that operates on a day you worship it is usually not difficult to request that day as your day off. All religions are respected equally.

15. Democracy

Jamaica has a parliamentary system, with our two major parties being the Jamaican Labour Party(JLP) and the People’s National Party(PNP). Jamaicans have the right to vote (or not to if they decide to avoid participating in the exercise) without fear of being targeted or ridiculed by their choices. The press also has the freedom to report on the social issues of the country honestly, unbiased and without censorship from one organization or the other.

Sports, Music and Entertainment

16. Sports

Sports is very important as I think you already know based on our track record. Track and field, football and cricket have the largest following. However, there is also netball, swimming, tennis, rugby and every other sport you can think of. I mean Jamaica, a tropical country, has a bobsled team!

Sports is also very much encouraged in school, especially at the high school level. There are countless competitions where youngsters can showcase talents. Competitions such as Issa Schoolboy Football and Milo Relays are heavily supported by both citizens and corporate Jamaica.

There are opportunities for scholarships for many young athletes who have now gone on to play their sport at an international level.

17. Entertainment

The entertainment scene in Jamaica is thriving, fuelled by the widely popular and influential Reggae and Dancehall genres. We have legends such as Bob Marley and Toots Hibbert who are well known and revered stalwarts in the music industry not just locally but internationally as well.

Beenie Man, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Shensea and Spice are just a few of the other internationally known talents from right here in Jamaica who are focused on driving Jamaica forward through music.

Even during the pandemic, the versus battle between Beenie Man and Bounty Killa revolutionized the platform and concept of the show. This versus battle remains one of the most-watched in the series to date.

Now that I have shared these convincing reasons moving to Jamaica is the best option I think I can confidently say Jamaica is on your list. We look forward to seeing you on the island of your dreams.

Our friend Maura has shared some tips on how to live in Jamaica for 6 months! You can see her tips on moving to Jamaica and living here for 6 months on My-Island-Jamaica's YouTube channel.

Watch Maura's Video Below:

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