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Restaurants In Falmouth
Experience Jamaican Cuisine Through Mouth Watering Creations

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Restaurants In Falmouth | Pepper's Jerk CentreRestaurants In Falmouth | Pepper's Jerk Centre

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

One of the easiest ways to dive into a country's culture is through its food. No surprise then that the cruise port town of Falmouth is a delicious beginning. There are many restaurants to try while on your vacation if you are in the Falmouth area. Even if you aren’t, consider your trip to Falmouth a little adventure.

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Where should this adventure take you? Let’s find out the best restaurants in Falmouth, Jamaica.

1. Pepper’s

Jerk chicken is “The” Jamaican dish that most people who visit must try. Falmouth’s Pepper’s Jerk Centre is the go-to place for delicious Jerk meals Bar and grill has a welcoming, laid-back environment which will make your meal much more enjoyable. Jerk isn’t the only item on the menu though, it is actually pretty extensive.

Other Jamaican classics such as Curried Goat, Escovitched Fish and Curried Shrimp are also on the menu. Not to be left out are the delicious sides; plantain, festival rice and peas plus many others.

The restaurant usually operates from 9 AM - 10 PM, however, on “Ship Days” they open an hour early. Those in the immediate town of Falmouth can request delivery as well, unfortunately for the rest of us, we’ll have to make the trip to the restaurant but it will be worth it, trust me.

And if you think the mouth-watering selections at Pepper’s could elevate the menu at your event, you can utilize their budget-friendly catering service as well.

Contact Information

  • Phone: 1 (876) 617-3427

2. Donna’s Caribbean Restaurant

Donna’s gives you a taste of what authentic Jamaican homestyle cooking is like. The homestyle mac and cheese and potato salad are must-haves here at Donna’s Caribbean Restaurant. You might have had Donna’s in the USA as there are many locations in Florida. Don’t worry it is just as delicious (if not more so) here as it is back home.

From flaky Jamaican patties, rich red peas and goat soups, to even more criminally underrated Jamaican dishes like cow foot and beans, tripe and beans and kidneys Donna really does provide a homestyle taste of Jamaica for all to enjoy.

Contact Information

  • Address: 23 Market St, Falmouth
  • Phone: +1 876-617-5175

3. Spicy Nice

Restaurants In FalmouthRestaurants In Falmouth | Spicy Nice Patties

Patty, as you’ll quickly learn is a national treasure here in Jamaica. And while the rest of Jamaica might not have the chance to agree (or disagree) since its only location is in Falmouth, Spicy Nice is the best place to get your patties.

They also sell buttery coco bread, sweet potato pudding and other age-old pastries that we simply can’t get enough of.

Contact Information

  • Phone: (876) 954-3197

4. Juici Patties

Yes, I know I have already mentioned one place for Patties, but you can never have enough. Juici has a wide variety of patties from classic beef to vegan options like ackee or callaloo.

Not only that, early mornings at Juici Patties mean grabbing a serving of that day's porridge, be it hominy, cornmeal, peanut or plantain or swap that for a hearty Jamaican breakfast of ackee with boiled provisions or fried favourites.

In the afternoons you can get fried chicken combo meals, soups, more patties and chicken sandwiches as well. It is customary to wash this down with orange juice, but any drink you decide on is totally fine. Hot beverages are also available.

5. Drip Lagoon

The menu offers everything and then some. The classics are there, oxtail, jerk and fried chicken, you get the gist. But, they also serve a mean sweet and sour chicken, barbequed pork and quite a few other dishes.

The sides, soups and done-to-order seafood menu deserve to be explored as well. You might find a new favourite. They are open 11 A.M - 7 P.M from Mondays to Saturdays, which I think is more than enough time to visit.

Contact Information

  • Address: Rock District, Falmouth, Trelawny
  • Phone: 876-347-9151

6. Rock Wharf Luminous Lagoon

Rock Wharf Luminous Lagoon might be a good place to stop for a romantic dinner along the Luminous Lagoon in Rock, Trelawny.

One of four places in the world to have this geographical phenomenon, the Luminous Lagoon is home to millions of dinoflagellates thriving on the mixture of fresh water from the Martha Brae and the Caribbean Sea.

They cause the water to illuminate and this is seen especially at night. Now, imagine eating a classic Jamaican meal while the glistening water is lit a bright blue in the dark. Can you see it yet?

Contact Information

  • Address: Florence Hall Village, Rock, Trelawny
  • Phone: (876) 617-2074

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After your trip to Falmouth, you’ll be filled with gastronomic delight! You might even find yourself booking your next trip to Jamaica before this one has even ended.

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Enjoy the learning, tasting, and eating of a wide range of Jamaican foods; fruits, pastries, jelly coconut, jerk, red stripe, etc. etc. but was also enlightened on this chilling history of Falmouth Jamaica.

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