2017 Ranking Of Jamaica's Best High Schools

by Wellesley Gayle || Posted May 2017

campion college school dancers 2011 at campanaCampion College Dancers At Campana 2011 - Jamaica Gleaner photo

It's finally here, ...the 2017 ranking of Jamaica's best high schools.

Question is... is YOUR favorite school listed?
Scroll down to find out :-)

Last year we had an amazing time talking, watching, reading and justifying the rankings.

But if you think last year was contentious, watch this one.

But before I share, let me first express my sincere gratitude to the team at Educate Jamaica for the fantastic work they have done putting this together.

Not only is this very well done, it took great courage in a climate where we Jamaicans are so passionate about out high schools. (Share your school memories here)

How Were The Schools Ranked?

Well, Educate Jamaica responded this way:

What we have done at Educate Jamaica is to look at each school and calculate the percentage of students, at the end of grade 11, achieving a minimum of 5 CSEC subjects (including Mathematics and/or English) and based on the percentage obtained they are ranked.

The percentage of students is calculated based on the cohort and not sittings. Schools reflected in our ranking have 50% or more of their CSEC cohort passing with 5 or more subjects Mathematics and/or English.

And YES, I've categorized them nicely for you again

And now we begin with...

jamaican school ranking 2017 - top 10

  • Yes, the great Campion College would argue that they took back what is rightfully there's, after losing first position to Immaculate last year. Immaculate will probably say they just switch to give them another taste :-)
  • Montego Bay High remains extremely strong and consistent in 3rd place again though.
  • Westwood has jumped three places since last year
  • The biggest movers in (to) the top 10 though is St Andrew High School for Girls amd Mannings High, who was at #11 and #14 repectively last year, but who are now at #6 and #9!
  • Note also that all the "Prestigious 10" (I call them), have averages of over 95%!
  • Very Well done to you all.


jamaican school ranking 2017 - next 36

  • Did you notice that the biggest mover here is Belmont Academy? They jumped 19 places from #32 last year (which was pretty good for a new school) to #13 this year - amazing!
  • Notice also that Meadowbrook and St. Mary High have slid the biggest, losing 15 and 11 positions to rank 34 and 41 respectively - but still in the top tier!


jamaican best all girls school 2017

  • Watch those top 2, boy or girl, they are right up there in the top 5, almost every year!
  • Note also that the first 10 are boasting averages of over 90%, which includes Mount Alvernia High


jamaican best all boys school 2017

  • Wolmers Boys sits pretty comfortable at the top, same as last year.
  • The great Munro and Kingston College seems to be battling for second place, but at this point, Munro rules.
  • Did you notice that only Wolmers Boy had averages of over 90% though, wouldn't you say that this is a cause for concern?
  • Share your thoughts here.

Pretty interesting huh?
I hope this was insightful to you.

By the way, do you know someone who might be interested in this ranking?
Here is the link to send to them (Just copy and send it):

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As usual, I welcome your comments on these rankings.

Wellesley Gayle

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P.P.SAnd while we are talking about schools, remember the 'good ole' school days? Join the rest of us and share memories of your Jamaican school here.

Comments for 2017 Ranking Of Jamaica's Best High Schools

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Feb 11, 2018
Coed schools.
by: Anonymous

What's the ranking of the best coed school's?

Jan 14, 2018
by: Anonymous

I am completely in agreement with Dean of Discipline. Students from low income areas and those with learning disabilities are often left behind and never given the necessary or right opportunities to succeed.

We love to give accolades to kids who were born with a gift from God and forget about those who are struggling. Many of these students will thrive and succeed with love understanding and strong teacher support.

Dec 23, 2017
Herbert Morrison Super.
by: Anonymous

Herbert Morrison Technical High School is really doing well ahead of cc now for two years.

Nov 15, 2017
Need clarification
by: Anonymous

I would love to know how many students from each school sat and passed the CSEC exams. After all, if 70 students from one school sat the CSEC and all passed, that school would record 100%. This however, should not be used as an indicator that this school is better than the one that sent 300 students to sit the same exams with 280 passes.

What I know is that many of the so called Ivy League schools stream their students only allowing the very bright ones to take CSEC under the school's name thus the results are skewed.

Oct 20, 2017
Wolmers the leader of the pack consistently.
by: Anonymous

Wolmer's Boys' have always been at the top and continue to soar by far to be the caribbeans top boys' school, great teachers, quality education, disciplined students, all rounded school community ( as they also came second in the top sports ranking). best rated school by the Ministry of Education in Jamaica along with Wolmer's Girls', an amazing school. Wolmers Boys'. The school of choice for our future male generation. They alone above 90% by far.

Sep 09, 2017
Kingston College???
by: Anonymous

What happened to Kingston College? Their position is much, much lower than I expected; 22? They were one of the top schools in the 1980's

Sep 08, 2017
by: Dean of Discipline

I applaud the efforts to rank schools. However there needs to be analysis beyond CSEC results.

The top performing high schools get the top performing GSAT students with parents who are committed to their children's education, strong past students, strong network.

On the flip side the schools that get the students who are reading below the grade one level are the one deemed to be failing. they get the worst students and are measured with the same stick as the top schools. These schools have entire classes of students reading lower than the grade three level, negligent parents, poverty stricken households and crime ridden communities.

Yet the teacher/student is the same for all schools across the island. How many teachers at the top ten schools have students who are seasoned criminals, as is the case with the 'other schools'. Yet when these 'other schools' carry their grade one reading students to read at the grade 9 there is no applause or commendations.

We are a society that is blind to the realities of our education system. Happy for the top schools, they are doing what they need to do. But the other schools are being given "basket to carry water".

Aug 25, 2017
by: Anonymous

I am very surprised at Cornwall College' ranking, this was a good school back in the 70s.

Aug 24, 2017
Congrats to the High Achievers
by: Anonymous

Very informative! Well done!
Congrats to the high achievers, concern about the top schools not performing that well this year...is there more focus on 'Athletics?'.

Jun 26, 2017
Schools Performance
by: Anonymous

I'm proud of the children and their schools and the great teachers who put the effort out to teach. Name brand schools have nothing to do with performance. Sometimes it's the teachers not doing their job.

May 30, 2017
by: Anonymous

very interesting, some of the name brand school's not performing at all.

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