How I Did it...
How I turned my passsion into a profitable web business.

How I did it? It wasn't easy, but much simpler than you could imagine!

I love my country, so I decided to put of a web site to share my thoughts and knowledge about Jamaica.

But I didn't just build a website, I got a simple but proven internet business building guide to show me exactly how to do it- step by step.

Traffic started to hit my site almost immediately- in small amounts, but it steadily grew and now I have in excess of *960 unique visitors per day in addition to 660 returning visitors, yes, per DAY!]. [* as at Mar-25-08]

Based on simple instructions I got in the guide, I used a variety of ways to monetize my traffic:
  1. I approached Google and gained immediate approval to put their ads on my site.

    They are called Google Ads, you will see them on most of my web pages. When someone clicks on any of the ADS, [yes, just a click] Google pays me!

  2. I created and sell a small 24 page e-book.

    This is a very simple but informative book. I titled it 101 Intriguing facts about Jamaica.

  3. I also added Kontera and Infolinks, both qualified in-text advertising models.

  4. I incorporated the affiliate marketing model.

    This is where I promote a few, yes only a few products that other persons/companies are selling. I receive a commission from each sale; some as much as 50%. And finally...

  5. I provide a local Finder Service.

    Here, I direct my visitors to local Jamaican businesses. Those companies in turn pay me a fee for that, eg. a wedding business, a car rental business, a bus tour/sightseeing company, and a local tour operator.

These different income streams created stability to my online business.

But there is oh so much to tell you!

For specific information on exactly HOW I implemented the entire process, step by step, feel free to request My Free Report.

Along with it, I will give you a free subscription to my monthly newsletter My Island Jamaica Digest which will help you use the report to its full potential.

You will discover how surprisingly simple and straightforward it actually is when you do the right things, at the right time.

I'm not a writer by any means, but I believe my success is one certainly worth telling.

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