Jamaica Vacation - Life Away From The Resort

by Seantay Walker

Chenoghetts Restaurant & Grill

Chenoghetts Restaurant & Grill

Chenoghetts Restaurant & Grill

Contest Entry #046 - Jamaica Vacation - Life Away From The Resort

I have visited the beautiful island of Jamaica three times, most recent March/April 2013.

I’m actually heading back December 2013 to celebrate my birthday. Jamaica has become my home away from home.

Everyone always asks WHY are you going back to Jamaica there are so many other islands to visit – but like the board of tourism campaign says “Once you go, you know” and that is what I tell everyone.

Each trip to Jamaica has been different – but something thing that each trip has in common is 1) meeting great people 2) great music (I’ve become a diehard reggae & dancehall fan) and last but not least 3) an opportunity for charity work - whether it’s volunteering at an orphanage or donating school supplies to a school.

When I first traveled to Jamaica in 2011, I didn’t know what to expect everyone from family to TSA agents at the airport had me terrified.

Can you believe that they advised me NOT to leave the resort – unless it was to travel to/from the airport? I am soooo glad that I didn’t take their advice because then I would have missed out on everything that I previously mentioned!

If you don’t leave the resort you miss that authentic, "true to Jamaica" Jamaican flair.

I took these photographs while riding around the beautiful island of Jamaica; they show parts of Jamaica that you wouldn’t get to see if you are too afraid to leave the resort.

I am a walking build board for Jamaica, when people are looking for a place to travel to - my first answer to them is "try Jamaica, you will love it"!

I love Jamaica, I love the people of Jamaica, and I pray for Jamaica daily. Jamaica will always be my "home away from home".

Wellesley, your website has so much information and I thank God for placing this gift inside of you – for it is truly beneficial and has been a blessing to me.

I love my copy of The Jamaica Insider Guide; it has helped me tremendously in my trip planning.
~ God bless

-Seantay Walker

P.S. anyone that reads this, that hasn’t been to Jamaica - make sure you go! It will be a life changing experience!

You can view my other photos at: http://www.my-island-jamaica.com/sweet-jamaica-land-we-love.html

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Aug 23, 2013
Beautiful Jamaica
by: LaTasha

We kicks it in JA everytime babygirl. And you are a true walking Jamaican buildboard and i love it. I was watching House Hunters International last night with my husband(Jamaican from Kingston) and they were in his city, Kingston, in uptown looking at beautiful homes and i told him, baby i want a vacation house like that over there......Can't wait to go back and everybody saying "It's dangerous" where are you safe at in 2013 so don't let fear keep you away from enjoying good food and good people. I mean we're all brothers and sisters........

Aug 23, 2013
by: Tiffany

Seantay you were very brave to venture out and explore. Glad you did, and were able enjoy your trip to the fullest!

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