Locals staying at all inclusive resorts in Jamaica


Hi Wellesley

I can't believe I am even asking this question but I just returned from Negril two weeks ago and making another trip with friends and to see my boyfriend (local) again in like five weeks.

I want to stay at an all inclusive with my boyfriend so we can just chill out and be pampered.

My friend who is now married, was turned away from a hotel approx 10 years ago as her husband, boyfriend at the time was a local and they wouldn't allow him to stay even though everything was paid for.

I was in shock when she told me the story. Please tell me that this kind of nonsense doesn't actually take place?

I don't want to pay any establishment who would even dare consider such a thing. Have you heard of such a ridiculous thing?

ANSWER: by Wellesley February 15, 2011

Hello there!

I've never heard of such story before, but that might well have been true years ago.

Every hotel have their own admission policy I assume, but I am pretty confident that (as you described it) doesn't happen anymore.

I have some personal recommendations on some of the best hotels in Jamaica here. Do check them out!

Stay in touch and please do let us know how it goes!


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Comments for Locals staying at all inclusive resorts in Jamaica

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Jun 04, 2013
resorts and hotels and locals
by: jameenah

I am born jamerican.

My fiance is jamaican born law abiding citizen,and hardworking man who happens to work at reputable resort in negril.

I happen to be visiting at a time when he is not on holiday and has to work.

We would still like to spend time together before and after work. Looking for a nice hotel in negril where my fiance can access my room unnoticed do to such strict policies.

It would be nice to have all inclusive, but I don't mind go to market and buy to cook my own food,but would still like nice accomodations for us.

We have known each other 3 years and been engaged for 1 year. Its not easy between visits,and visits are all we have right now.

Usually stay in ochi, but newly employed in negril. Please help in the name of love.

Sep 22, 2011
Local in all-inclusives in Jamaica
by: Theresa


I hate to burst your bubble but this kind of behavior DOES happen in Jamaican still today. And, sadly, it happens regularly.

I visit Jamaica (which I dearly love) at least 3 or 4 times per year. When there, I like to visit other parishes with my Jamaican friends and family in tow. It's a treat for them too to go places they've never been. Unfortunately, many hotels (AIs as well as many smaller hotels) strictly forbid you to admit "locals" onto their property. Others will allow them to visit but impose strict curfews. In one case, we wanted merely to change clothes in my room but my dear friend had to wait outside for me. How humiliating!

I personally find this practice disgusting and refuse to patronize or recommend any hotels that have such a policy. I understand the concept of trying to protect themselves from crime and vandalism, but come on... tourists can be just as bad thieves and vandals as "locals", sometimes worse!

ALWAYS check with the hotel before assuming that your guest will be welcomed. Otherwise you will be quite disappointed and upset.

- a Jamaica lover -

Feb 16, 2011
AI in Jamaica
by: Terri


If your information is true, and locals are not allowed to stay at AI resorts why not rent a private villa (with full staff), apartment or condo?

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