An Interactive
Map of Montego Bay Jamaica

Map of Montego Bay Jamaica

Thanks to Google's amazing and powerful technology, you can now view the city of Montego Bay right from your computer. I'll show you that one and two more static maps that you might find very handy.

Like most developing cities, the landscape in Montego Bay does change pretty rapidly, but despite that, Montego Bay's road network remains - for the most part, what it has been for the last few decades.

The main streets, namely Gloucester Avenue (The Hip Strip), Queen's Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Saint James Street, Barnett Street, Howard Cooke Boulevard nd Fairfield Road all remains - even after the construction of the highway.

So how can you navigate or interact with the map?

It's easy...

Simply click on the image below [Opens in a new window], you'll be taken directly to Google Maps where you will be able to do many things, including zooming in and out and making a note of significant points of interest.

In addition to the regular 'map' view, Google also provides a satellite view and a what they call a hybrid view. Look for the button on the top of the view and try them out, particularly the hybrid, it's really neat!

Map of Montego Bay Jamaica

There are two other Montego bay maps that I think you'll find useful though, one is from the Jamaican Caves Association and the other from

  • Jamaican Caves Association

    Not only does this one highlight the major road networks, it also shows major landmarks in addition to districts (communities) in the vicinity. It even shows the locations of schools and churches! Here is the Cave Association Map.

  • SeeJamaicaCheaply

    This one appears to be little older, but the benefit of it is that it provides a more 'touristy' perspective of the city. The main roads are bold and you are also able to locate some of the major hotels in the city! Here is the link to the that map.

So there you have it, three of them!

Make sure you check out the Google version though, but clicking on the image above.

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Posted: October/01/2010

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