The Current Time in Jamaica

We observe Eastern Standard time in Jamaica -all year. This is the same timezone that is observed in North America.

Basically, the same way we have no autumn, spring, summer nor winter, is the same way we have no daylight savings- or anything like that. We have one climate and one time all year!

We are on the same time schedule as the East Coast of the United States - except during the period of daylight-saving time for them. Then, we are one (1) hour behind those eastern States of the US. However, for most North American travelers, the time difference is not a major change.

If you are familiar with, or observe Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT), like my grandpa in London, then we are five (5) hours behind you.

In relation to our eastern Caribbean sister countries,for example, Antigua, Barbados and Grenada, we are always 1 hour behind them.

Thanks to World Time Server, here is live clock showing Jamaica's time in real time!


By the way, if you are planning to come to Jamaica soon, you can also get information here on Getting here, as well as insight on how to Get around in Jamaica while you are here.

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