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The Bamboo Beach Club
The Place For The Ultimate Beach Day

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bamboo_beach_club_beachsideBamboo Beach Club | (Photo Credit:

by Venesha Johnson | Associate Writer

The beach can be as versatile as you make it, whether you are looking for a place to enjoy a day with your family and friends, or a day to “woosah” and enjoy your own company.

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It's the perfect place for outdoor events and celebrations as well.

With Jamaica being surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, your options for beaches are quite plentiful. But if you are looking for somewhere that you can do it all, the Bamboo Beach Club is a great choice.

About Bamboo Beach Club

The rhythmic sound of mainstream reggae and dancehall music creates a genuinely chill atmosphere. In white sarongs and oversized straw hats, smiling, cheerful hosts with contagious energy circle the beach with big trays of speciality foods and exotic cocktails.

Enjoy seeing amazing dancers, drummers, and performers perform energetic routines directly on the beach. Try your hand at playing the Kumina drums or join in the fun with your hostesses in vibrant line dancing sessions.

The Bamboo Beach Club has been in operation for over 30 years, providing top tier services through their numerous tours and day passes, cabanas, events, beach buses and even wedding packages.

The Bamboo Beach Club Restaurant

When you visit the bamboo beach club while you relax on the beach and enjoy the warmth of the sun or the cool sea breeze, the chefs will be cooking up a storm for when that inevitable hunger hits you.

The menu consists of mainly traditional Jamaican dishes and there are a few offerings for kids as well. Their appetizer menu includes favourites like stamp and go (fritters) and fish tea, but for your main course, you can grab some jerk chicken or escovitch fish, or even some braised oxtail.

There are also salads and sandwiches, desserts and a wide selection of juices, cocktails, organic juices and wine.

Tours and Day Passes

The Bamboo beach club offers a variety of packages that are designed to make your fun-filled day an easy gong and memorable one. There are even special packages for locals or even returning residents, but a national identification card must be presented.

Most packages include transportation to and from your hotel or resort, plus access to the beach. In addition, some packages include Jungle River Tubing, Dunn’s River Falls, Blue Hole, lunch and beverages.

VIP Cabanas

What’s the best way to step up your beach day? By getting a cabana. Cabanas provide the perfect space to lounge and enjoy the cool breeze, catch up on work if you must, and even enjoy a book all while still on the sandy beachside. The Bamboo Beach Club gives you a few cabana packages to choose from:

1. Likkle Bungalow

  • up to 6 people
  • Beach entry + VIP section entry
  • Beautiful bungalow on the water + a set of chairs on the beach
  • $220 USD credit in food and drinks
  • Extra-person $50 USD includes $30 USD credit in food and drinks

2. Cool Cabana

  • up to 10 people
  • Beach entry + VIP section entry
  • Beautiful cabana on the water + a set of chairs on the beach
  • $350 USD credit in food and drinks
  • Extra-person $50 USD includes $30 USD credit in food and drinks

3. Owner's Cabana

  • up to 15 people
  • Beach entry + VIP section entry
  • Beautiful grand cabana on the water + a set of chairs on the beach
  • $550 USD credit in food and drinks
  • Extra-person $50 USD includes $30 USD credit in food and drinks

Events At Bamboo Beach Club

Bamboo Beach Club is a one-stop event destination. For more than 25 years, the company has been organizing, planning, and hosting parties and events. They've planned small-scale luncheons or dinner parties for private gatherings as well as large-scale events and exhibitions for thousands of people.

They will organize, coordinate, and execute any scale event for you at any budget, from basic "barefoot-style" gatherings to the most sophisticated black-tie festivities, including staff fun days and unique and romantic wedding celebrations.

Services Includes:

  • Consultation and event design
  • Theme development
  • Event props and decorations
  • Company branding services
  • Catering
  • Live entertainment
  • Flexible budgets
  • Wedding planning – Including catering, photographer, flowers, décor, entertainment and more

Wedding Packages

Whether you are looking forward to a secret getaway wedding with just you and your lover or a huge celebration with all of your family and friends, the Bamboo Beach club will make your dreams come through and take care of every single detail for you. They have a few packages that you can choose from:

  • Sweet Couple
  • Island Jewels
  • Golden Bliss
  • Celebrity for a Day
  • Vow Renewal

Each wedding package starts with 1 to 10 guests, however, you can pay for any additional guests you may have. They all offer something different, but of course nothing is set in stone and you can request adjustments to your chosen package or you can develop a custom wedding package from scratch.

The Bamboo Beach Club is your opportunity to make a beach day or event whatever you dream of it to be, the sky is the limit.

Contact Information For Bamboo Beach Club

  • Office Address: Shop #4, Jamaica National Building, Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica, WI
  • Office Number: Phone: 876-975-5122
  • Location: Braco, Trelawny
  • Contact: +1 (876) 347-4213

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