Jamaica Photo Contest #4
-The Winners!


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Jamaica Photo Contest #4

Whew! What a contest?!

We received exactly 31 adorable entries!
Every single one depicting something intriguing about our love - Jamaica!

First, and foremost, a sincere thanks to everyone that entered this fun contest.

As with the other three, the core objective was to engage you my peeps and provide great interaction between you and my other visitors.

For that I say, ‘objective met’!

In fact, we many comments and ratings from others who viewed the photos. And so, help me congratulate the final winners!

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First place goes to Frank Tatem from West Palm Beach, Florida for his winning entry “23rd Visit To Jamaica” (photo below)

Jamaican Beauty

Frank has won a free copy of the Jamaica Insider Guide plus USD100 Cash!

2nd Place goes to Valerie of Wrightstown, NJ, USA, for her entry “Awaken to Jamaica” (photo below)

Sunrise in Jamaica

And third place to Cynthia, from Washington DC, USA, for her entry, ‘YS Falls, South Coast Jamaica” (photo below)

YS Falls, Jamaica

We also have a special (surprise) award!  The Publisher's Choice Award - that's me :-) And this goes to Seantay (Nashville, TN USA) for her entry, ‘Jamaica 2012 - The Times of our Lives” (photo below)

Jamaican Beach Ladies Photo

Second place, third place and the publisher's choice winners will all be awarded special copies of the Jamaica Insider Guide!

So Here (In Total) Are The Big Ones
The Top 10!

  1. 23rd Visit to Jamaica 2009 by Frank Tantem (Florida USA)
  2. Awaken to Jamaica by Valerie (Wrightstown, NJ USA)
  3. YS Falls, South Coast Jamaica by Cynthia (Washington, DC)
  4. Jamaica 2012 - The Times of our Lives  by Seantay (Nashville, TN USA)
  5. Jamaican Country Friends by Patrick Ambursley (Jamaica)
  6. Chisholm Beach, Lucea - A Trip Back In Time by Stanley (Montreal, Canada)
  7. Day dreaming in Jamaica, looking at sea grapes by Kathie (Woodstock, GA)
  8. Nature Scenes In Jamaica by Cheryce (Montego Bay, Jamaica)
  9. Jamaican Creativity by Lexine (Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica)
  10. Face in the Pimento Tree by Nicole (Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica)

Please, I beg of you,  take a few minutes and peek at them. You'll love them- and the story behind them.

Worthy Mentions

  1. Faith Pen Vendor by Angela (Kingston, Jamaica)
  2. Jamaica’s Homeless- Rich In Talent by Lexine (Montego Bay, Jamaica)
  3. A Fabulous Day With Rasta Ralphie by Georgia (Winnipeg, Canada)
  4. My Jamaica Moments by Barbara (Westmoreland, Jamaica)
  5. Jamaica Land Of Beauty by Nassoma (Jamaica)

It's a pity we had to narrow it down :-( they were just all raw beautiful!

All Entries

A HUGE thank you again to all participants (below) though – you made it real fun. Our judges, thank you. And thanks to you for stopping by and sharing the love :-)

We did it!  Please be sure to stay tuned for the next exciting contest!

Here Are The Beautiful Entries Received

Below are all the adorable entries received, click each below and feel free to post a comment.

Chisholm Beach, Lucea, Jamaica - A Trip Back In Time 
Contest Entry #031 - Chisholm Beach, Lucea - A Trip Back In Time You hear so many stories saying that you can't or at best shouldn't visit the land …

My Jamaica Moments 
Contest Entry #027 - My Jamaica Moments Life, anywhere in the world, holds its beauty and its challenges. But when we look around we see the beauty …

A fabulous day with Rasta Ralphie in Jamaica 
Contest Entry #026 - A fabulous day with Rasta Ralphie in Jamaica We love Jamaica! The beaches are fabulous, the sunsets mesmerizing, the Red …

Awaken to Jamaica 
Contest Entry #024 - Awaken to Jamaica Awaken to the sunlight. "Sun's up, get up!" Of course, I leisurely enjoy a couple cups of blue mountain …

Daydreaming in Jamaica - Looking at SeaGrapes 
Contest Entry #021 - Daydreaming in Jamaica - Looking at SeaGrapes I have been to Jamaica many times and each trip is different in so many ways. …

Jamaica 2012- the time of our lives 
Contest Entry #019 - Jamaica 2012 - The time of our lives In 2011 I visited Jamaica for more of a business type trip, I fell in love instantly with …

Nature Scenes in Jamaica  
Contest Entry #018 - Nature Scenes in Jamaica My photos are about nature. StarGarden The photo of the star garden located in Enfield, St. …

Giant Jamaica 
Contest Entry #016 - Giant Jamaica Jamaica celebrated their 50th anniversary , this year and as a result, numerous activities and celebrations …

Jamaican Homeless - Rich In Talent 
Contest Entry #011 - Jamaican Homeless - Rich In Talent Seldom do we pay attention to the helpless, hungry, raggedly clothed individuals who live …

Jamaican Creativity 
Contest Entry #014 - Jamaican Creativity With our uniqueness and creativity, we Jamaicans, are able to use our own natural resources to produce …

Jamaican Women - "Colour Me Strength" 
Contest Entry #013 - Colour Me Strength The Rastafarian community, wherever it goes, is quickly recognized as a Jamaican group, therefore, a Rastafarian …

jamaican festival dance competition 
Contest Entry #008 - Jamaican festival dance competition One cold morning I got up to prepare to go to Kingston. When I arrived on the school grounds …

YS Falls, South Coast Jamaica 
Contest Entry #010 - YS Falls, South Coast Jamaica I visited YS Falls for the first time in July of 2011. I had been to Jamaica several times before …

A Stop at Columbus Park, Jamaica 
Contest Entry #003 - A Stop at Columbus Park, Jamaica "I really enjoyed a stop at Columbus Park in St.Ann's with Don Peterkin from Ken's Dream …

Jamaican View - Paradise at Home 
Contest Entry #002 - Jamaican View - Paradise at Home This panoramic view is of the Freeport area of Montego Bay from the Reading Hill near Paradise …

23rd Visit to Jamaica in 2009 
Contest Entry #022 - 23rd Visit to Jamaica My sister and I arrived at the airport in Montego Bay and met our ride to the Holiday Inn Sunspree …

Former Jamaican Photo Contest Entries  
We took a boat ride down Black River. There was beauty at every turn!

Negril, Jamaica - November 2011 
Contest Entry #020 - Negril, Jamaica - November 2011 It was my first time in Jamaica in Nov. 2011. I had planned the holiday eight months in advance. …

The Road To Whitehouse 
Contest Entry #005 - The Road To Whitehouse I love to go for drives in Jamaica. I am always pleasently surprised at the beauty and it never fails …

Meadowbrook, St Andrew - View From My Father's House Not rated yet
Contest Entry #030 - Meadowbrook, St Andrew - View From My Father's House The house is situated right at the foot of red Hills. Well almost literally. …

Face in the Pimento Tree Not rated yet
Contest Entry #028 - Face in the Pimento Tree My boss' office is located in a small cottage outside her home. One day when i was exhausted to be …

Faith's Pen Vendor Not rated yet
Contest Entry #029 - Faith's Pen Vendor On a scenic journey through the countryside of Jamaica, you will see many vendors along the way peddling …

Beautiful Jamaica! Not rated yet
Contest Entry #025 - Beautiful Jamaica I visited my homeland a few days after Christmas . It was amazing. I stayed at a villa in Runaway …

Jamaican Catch Of The Day Not rated yet
Contest Entry #023 - Jamaican Catch Of The Day I have been to Jamaica many times and every trip is so different. On my past trip to Jamaica in …

Jamaica land of beauty  Not rated yet
Contest Entry #017 - Jamaica land of beauty This photo was taken during my trip to the Port Royal Marine Lab. This trip was apart of an internal …

Evening Sun in Montego Bay Not rated yet
Contest Entry #015 - Evening Sun in Montego Bay This photo was taken one evening in Autumn at the Dump up beach in Montego Bay. I was feeling …

Jamaican Stalls Not rated yet
Contest Entry #012 - Jamaican Stalls Architecture is one of the long-lasting essences of civilization that has escalated in development as the centuries …

MAGARITAVILLE Negril Jamaica Not rated yet
Contest Entry #009 - MAGARITAVILLE Negril Jamaica Many years ago Jimmy Buffett had his first run-in with Jamaica in Negril. It was after that …

Every Day Life In Jamaica Not rated yet
Contest Entry #007 - Every Day Life In Jamaica This photo was taken in the Charles Gordon market, downtown in Montego bay . This photo, I believe, …

Jamaican Sunset- My Favourite View Not rated yet
Contest Entry #006 - Jamaican Sunset- My Favourite View This is my favourite time of the day when I am in Jamaica. I love the sunsets, the atmosphere, …

Jamaican Country Friends -in the West Not rated yet
Contest Entry #004 - Jamaican Country Friends My photo is about two unusual friends that hang out together -mornings and evenings. These two …

My Jamaican Breakfast Not rated yet
Contest Entry #001 - My Jamaican Breakfast This is a shot of my breakfast on the Saturday morning of November 26, 2012 all courtesy of Mama Grant …

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