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Questions About Negril, Jamaica
Your FAQs Answered

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Questions About Negril | Sunset at Rick's CafeQuestions About Negril | Sunset at Rick's Cafe

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

As one of those places on everyone’s wish list, it comes as no surprise the number of questions about Negril we get every day. Where to go, places to visit, the weather and how you get there in the first place are all questions that need an answer.

So, here you go. Your FAQs are answered.   

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1. When was Negril founded?

Negril was founded by the Spanish in 1494, back then it was named Negrillo. The English renamed it Negril but it was just a sleepy seaside village with very few visitors for many years as the lack of proper route whether by land or sea into the town was a deterrent.

After a while, the people who were willing to visit the area despite the challenges and either board with locals or pitch tents increased and the potential of the small town was realized.

In the 1960s came the first guest house but it was the road which joined the town to Montego Bay that changed everything. Now, more persons locals and tourists were able to visit the area and so it became the popular vacation destination it is now.

2. What is the capital of Negril, Jamaica?

Negril is just a town in the parish of Westmoreland. It is neither a parish nor a capital.

Negril is not one of Jamaica’s 14 parishes which means it does not have a capital. Neither is it a capital itself. Negril is located in the parish of Westmoreland.

3. What is Negril, Jamaica known for?

Negril is most well known for its sunsets, the famous 7-mile beach and the steep cliffs, the perfect springboard into the Caribbean Sea.

4. How did Negril get its name?

What is the meaning of Negril? Negril is an English corruption of the Spanish word which means “little black ones”. It is said to have been given that name because of the steep black cliffs at the edge of the Caribbean Sea or for the black eels that frequent the waters in Negril.

5. How far is Negril from the airport?

Negril is 1 hour and 41 minutes from the airport. Most resorts provide pick-ups and drop-offs to and from the airport, sometimes for an additional cost. But if you plan on renting your own vehicle, that is an option as well.

While I think public transportation will be tricky if you are travelling as a large group, with kids or lots of luggage, if you absolutely must then that is an option as well.

6. Is Negril better than Montego Bay?

Questions About NegrilQuestions About Negril

Montego Bay vs Negril? Now, the answer to this question will differ depending on what your expectations for your vacation are. Negril is a far more laid-back, casual town than Montego Bay is. While they both have varying types of accommodations, Negril has au naturel resorts as well, something not often seen in Montego Bay.

Montego Bay is the perfect resort town with great restaurants and buzzing nightlife but Negril definitely has more beaches and off-property activities to enjoy.

If a short commute from your hotel to the airport is important to you, then the better option is Montego Bay. Although Negril is only 1 hour and 41 minutes away from the Sangster’s International Airport, it is much farther away in comparison to the 10 minutes that most resorts are located away from the airport in Montego Bay.

If you are considering splitting your vacation between both resort areas, here are some good ways to travel from Negril to Montego Bay. 

7. Where is the clearest water in Jamaica?

Negril has some of the clearest and calmest waters in Jamaica. The Seven Mile Beach is perfect for small kids as well.

8. What should I buy in Negril Jamaica?

Questions About Jamaica | Craft ItemsQuestions About Jamaica | Craft Items

Montego Bay has the Hip Strip and Negril has the Time Square Shopping Mall. While you’ll be able to find craft items and memorabilia all over the town, even on the beach. But Times Square is a collection of craft items, jewellery, cigars, Jamaican branded clothes and liquors. 

Like I said before, craft items can be bought basically anywhere in Negril, but if you really wish to, you can make it a trip and head down to the Craft Market on Norman Manley Boulevard.

9. Can you walk around in Negril?

You definitely can! In fact, I strongly encourage you to. Negril is very safe, but just apply the same measure of caution as you normally should.

10. Is Negril a party place?

The Jungle nightclub is the most frequented club in Negril and was even named one of the best nightclubs in the Caribbean. Locals and tourists frequent the area and it is usually full even on weekdays. Outside of that, there are smaller clubs and in most cases the nightclub on the property of the resort you’re staying at.

Some of the biggest parties of the summer, namely Dream WKND, attract people from all over the country and the world for 5 days of non-stop partying and, if you are VIP unlimited food and drinks.

But, if you would prefer to avoid the party scene altogether and check out the other attractions, that is entirely up to you.

Watch Video! LIVE Rick's Cafe In Negril, Jamaica

Here's a short video of me with friends at the beautiful Ricks Cafe in Negril, Jamaica. Enjoy

Must Visit Places In Negril

The restaurants and breakfast spots serve up delicious local and international dishes every day and if you are vegan, Negril has quite a few “ital” restaurants as well.

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