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What is Ocho Rios Known For?
Fun Adventures and Cultural Sites

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horseback_rides_in_jamaica_ocho_riosWhat is Ocho Rios Known For? | Horseback Riding Jamaica

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

By now, you may know that Ocho Rios is one of the major tourist hubs on the island. But while it is an area for tourists to vacation and have fun, for many locals, it is a major fishing village and source of employment.

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I however consider Ocho Rios and the entire parish of St. Ann to be the perfect mix of modern luxury and rural Jamaica.

You will find that the newer buildings are built with luxury in mind but, the older buildings have been beautifully maintained and give you a feel of Jamaica in the past. The entire area is still surrounded by lush vegetation despite new developments.

If you are unsure of Ocho Rios, here are some reasons you should visit and some facts about the town.

What is Ocho Rios Known For?

Unique Culture Tours

Watch Video! Taste of Jamaica Herb Tour

Jamaica is a wonder of spices and medicinal herbs and Mr. Broderick takes us on the ultimate herb tour in the hills of St. Ann.

Consider joining a tour to experience the sites and discover all that Ocho Rios has to offer. Unique travel alternatives are offered by numerous tour operators. Discover the tastes of Jamaica, go on a safari in the Rainforest, or discover the customs of the area. You can find some great Ocho Rios tours here.

Casual and Exquisite Shopping

ocho_rios_jamaica_craftOcho Rios Craft Market

You can find anything you desire, including clothes, shoes, spices, and more in Ocho Rios. Look through Colors' selection of stones and jewellery if you're looking for something sparkling. You can choose from a variety of precious stones, gems, Swiss watches, and other fine jewellery in this location.

Even premium Cuban cigars like the Juliana and Cohiba are available there. The Herba Kadabra supermarket, the Shade Shack, and the Island Leisure souvenir shop, which sells fashionable print T-shirts, are just a few of the many shopping possibilities at the Island Village Shopping Center.

Land and Sea adventures

dolphin_cove_venesha_with_dolphin.jpgDolphin Cove

Nature walks are a good way to learn about historical land locations, but these are not your ordinary ramble in the woods.

For instance, the Flower Forest and River Head Adventure Trail are both well-liked attractions that feature 40 acres of flower scenery inside 130 acres of tropical forest. Enjoy the river, flora, and birds of the tropics. Getting on the water is one of the main attractions that visitors to Ocho Rios eagerly anticipate.

It's understandable why many people choose to spend their days by the lake because there are so many things to do and see.

At Dolphin Cove, you may swim with dolphins and take part in shark shows, kayaking, mini-boat rides, unlimited scuba diving, and stingray snorkelling.

The Mystic Mountain Adventure Park is one is the most popular attractions in the area as well and there you can enjoy activities such as bobsledding, ziplining, ATVing, and so much more.

Here are Some Cool Facts About Ocho Rios

  • The name Ocho Rios means eight rivers in Spanish, however, Ocho Rios has 4 rivers.

  • The "capital of adventure" and the location with the most attractions per square mile is Ocho Rios. Some of the island's busiest attractions are only a few steps from each other.

  • The Dunn's River Falls Tour is the top tourist destination in Ocho Rios. Visitors can swim beneath the 600-foot waterfall, unwind in the crystal-clear water, and ascend the "water steps" that are situated on the falls' side. For the less adventurous they can also enjoy just relaxing on the beach and there is a splash pad and slide for younger children.

  • The island's most prestigious luxury hotels are located in Ocho Rios.

  • Near the hills above Ocho Rios, in the town of St. Ann, is the birthplace and final resting place of Bob Marley.

  • Marcus Garvey, one of our most revered national figures, and our first National Hero was born in Ocho Rios.

  • Indian, Italian, and other international cuisines are among the diverse restaurant options in Ocho Rios.

Ocho Rios is the perfect middle ground for those who donโ€™t enjoy the hustle and bustle of Montego Bay but want to have a bit more fun than what the laid-back, super casual town of Negril offers. In Ocho Rios, you will find the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

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What is Ocho Rios Known For? | Written: December 4, 2022

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