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Where Do Most Tourists Stay In Jamaica?
The Best of Mobay & Negril

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tourists_at_cornwall_beachWhere Do Most Tourists Stay In Jamaica?

by Sheree-Anita Shearer | Associate Writer

Montego Bay and Negril are undoubtedly the top 2 most visited places on the island.

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The second city and the capital of casual are perfect for a tropical location.
Both are coastal towns chockful of restaurants, excursions, resorts, beaches and entertainment. Additionally, they are excellent for shopping and close enough to other parts of the island that are great for a day visit.

Montego Bay

hip_strip_montego_bay_attractionsThe Hip Strip - Montego Bay

Montego Bay is perfect for both short vacations and extended stays on the island. There are varying types of accommodations, from budget, family-friendly ones to luxury adult-only resorts.

The excursions are the same as well and while there are many water-related activities to explore on the coast, there is, even more, to do on a tour into the more rural areas, such as Croydon in the Mountains or up to Lethe for a rafting experience.

It is very easy to access smaller towns from Montego Bay such as Falmouth, Lucea and even Ocho Rios although that is a 2-hour commute. This definitely expands your access to attractions on the north coast.

Chukka has many tours that leave from Montego Bay to other parts of the island as close as the Ocean Outpost in Sandy Bay (Hanover), Eco Adventure Outpost in Falmouth and Chukka Jungle Expedition Outpost at Montpelier to as far as the South Coast for a combo trip at the Joy Spence Appleton Rum tour, Black River Safari and Ys Falls.

There is quite a lot to see and do in the town without ever leaving as well. From exploring the nearby Fort Montego and grabbing memorabilia there, to heading to the Rose Hall Great House for an electrifying journey into the Jamaica of the 1800s complete with mystery and stunning architecture.

If you would like a less formal tour of colonial Jamaica, head to Sam Sharpe Square where modern buildings and architecture of yesterday are intricately designed to complement each other. Be sure to take pictures of the Sam Sharpe Monument and learn about the history of “The Cage” should you need any clarifications, pop into the Civic Centre and someone will gladly explain its significance.

Sticking to the Sam Sharpe Square (Parade), let’s start our culinary journey there. There is always street food in the heart of the town especially towards the evenings when school dismisses and the work day has ended.

There is an ample supply of Jerk chicken or pork, festivals, hard dough bread, bad dawg carts (hot dog stands) and curried crab. Soup and porridge will also be available depending on the time of day.

Another of the many great places to try authentic Jamaican food is the Pelican on the Hip Strip or you can try one of the many cookshops located across the town.

For entertainment, some of the best places to visit are Pier 1, Margaritaville, the Casino and the arcade at Coral Cliff, Taboo nightclub and just the Hip Strip in general.

For shopping, you can head again to the Hip Strip, the craft market downtown, Whitter village and the Shoppes at Rose Hall. The Hip Strip and the Shoppes at Rose Hall have duty-free stores.

When it comes to accommodation there is a world of options. Here are a few lists to make it easier for you:

The final advantage of Montego Bay is you are never too far away from the airport. You will hardly ever need more than 15 minutes to the airport, but be mindful of traffic at certain points in the day.


attractions_in_negril_jamaica_blue_hole_mineral_spring_and_poolBlue Hole Mineral Spring - Negril

Now, let’s explore everyone’s favourite resort town and the home of Jamaica’s most famed beach and stunning sunsets. Negril is called the capital of casual for a reason. You will never have experienced a town that is more on vacation time than this and I mean this in the best way possible.

If you would love to have a late breakfast, then some restaurants serve breakfast all day. There is no shame in having pancakes at 4 in the afternoon. And after your late breakfast, have an even later dinner at Rick’s Cafe but be sure to get there in time to see the most wondrous sunset possible.

The lighthouse and the cliffs on the West End are also great places to watch the sunset.

For an alternative experience to the Negril, you have heard about, the Zimbali Culinary Retreat is the best place to be. You can visit just for the day or, spend a couple of days for the complete Zimbali experience complete with a farm tour into the mountains.

Negril is also a great jump-off point for your tour of the South coast, there are many adventurous stops to make on your way into St. Elizabeth and the commute between Negril and Montego Bay is quite easy.

The resorts leave nothing to be desired and you will be able to find whatever you are looking for when it comes on to accommodation in the area.

I hope this helps you decide where your trip to Jamaica will be.

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Where Do Most Tourists Stay In Jamaica? | Written: November 27, 2022

Where Do Most Tourists Stay In Jamaica? | Written: November 27, 2022

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